Hello everyone today we are going to make
some amazing chocolate and avocado brownies hope you give them a go. Surprise! It is mrs
barry here aka becky you guys can call me either I really do not mind today I am taking
over the kitchen you guys asked for this on a Q & A that me and barry did the other night
on snapchat barry is here in the background I am just for emotional support but I am with
chloe but you have done a good start you have the lens cap off and the little screen has
gone, yep so I do not keep looking at myself that is a novice error a lot of youtubers
still do that anyway but you must look there that is where the people are, right we will
leave you to it so barry is keeping the girls quiet today like I normally do and I am just
going to give this a go because I am no master in the kitchen I am a virgin in the kitchen
too so hopefully I can inspire you guys just like barry does to have a go at cooking something
a bit different and yeah lets go and give this a try the first step we are going to
do is melt our dark chocolate and coconut oil we are going to do this over a pan of
low simmering water or if you guys want you could do it in a microwave it is up to you.
So I am going to get this pan of water on, yep just checking it is on and pour in the
dark chocolate chips and I need to add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil here we go, 1 and there we
go so I am just mixing together the coconut oil and chocolate chips the coconut oil will
break down and the chocolate chips will melt until it looks like a lovely melted chocolate
mixture. So for this next step we need 4 avocados 3 for the brownie mixture and 1 we save later
for the frosting to prepare the avocados it is nice and simple we cut them in half take
the stone out and scoop the flesh into a bowl then mash it up so it is nice and smooth you
could do this in a food processor or blender which will probably make the job a lot easier
and a lot quicker for our next step we add the cooled chocolate into the avocado mixture
be sure to scrape down the sides and get every little last drop in with the avocado.
Once it is all there mix well until the chocolate has completely covered the avocado.
Next up we add our eggs one at a time making sure each one is well mixed in before we add
the other *music plays* so now it is time to bring it all together and we add in the
rest of the ingredients so in goes the maple syrup oh that looks sticky the vanilla extract,
I am going to give this a good mix together ooh that looks gooey, in goes the cocoa powder
ooh there we are and fold this through oh the mixture is getting quite stiff oh and
getting messy too. Our next ingredient is coconut flour, this
will make the recipe gluten free and is high in fibre, it is also very expensive as mr
barry found out, if you saw our snapchat I was ranting last night � five pounds, it
is supposed to taste amazing though. I think it will be worth it, lets pour it
in I am going to mix this through the mixture has gone stiff do not know if it is meant
to be like this, I hope so. All we do next is push the mixture into the brownie tin and
then smooth it out so that it is all level so I have poured it in and found loads of
coconut flour I did not quite mix right at the bottom of the bowl, I am just going to
give it a quick mix in the bottom of the tray to try and get it mixed in. I don�t think
I am meant to do it like this but nevermind. I am sure it will work out alright. These
brownies are now ready to go into the oven for 12 minutes, whilst in there we can make
our frosting. To make our frosting we blend together avocado
cocoa powder and maple syrup until smooth. One final mix with a spoon just to make sure
it is stirred together well then we can add it to the top of our brownies, these are out
the oven now I am going to let them fully cool down now before icing them.
I think these brownies really need this frosting as they may be a bit dry without it so lets
hope it adds to the taste, now I am just going to cut these up into squares. So we can eat
them. I am really intrigued to find out what these
taste like lets have a try. I am loving this as it is now roles reversed but I think mrs
barry has done great so let us know down below what you think, bottoms up right, lets go.
It does actually work, hmmm I like it. It is very dense and does need that icing on
it it is very chocolatey and rich it would be dry without that but it does work yeah
I like it. Well I will let you finish the video, ok right
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you next time