chef but here and today we’re cooking up one of camera girl’s favorite dishes ginger chicken we got some chicken right here and I’ve already chopped it up this is just three chicken thighs three thighs dark meat we like the dark meat you know you can use white chicken me to this if you want the first thing we’re going to do is flavor up our chicken marinate a little bit we’re just going to do that with a little bit of soy sauce and just a splash about sesame oil a little bit of salt but not a lot that’s all the salt I’m going to put the whole dish because so I thought that’s a lot of salt in it and a little bit of black pepper and a little bit of cornstarch maybe that much just stir it all up and then we’ll just sit it aside and then we’ll make our sauce while we got all this stuff out so we’re going to take a bowl we’re going to throw almost the same ingredients in this sauce let’s put a little bit of sesame oil going to put a couple tablespoons of soy sauce a little bit about rice vinegar well it was about 20 and then we’re going to put in some Jam we do the same way thing with a general tso’s chicken use like a fruit jam like an apricot jam because it doesn’t have an overpoweringly jamming taste like you put strawberry jam in there you know a raspberry that’d be kind of weird you know to have James or chicken with that but apricot it’s going to add some sugar but it’s not going to add a weird taste but it’s not sugar it’s Jim we’re gonna put more bit so it’s going to make our dish sweet add a little more interesting so jam is your secret ingredient jam is my jam I’ll right into this we’re going to throw in a little bit more corn starch boom boom boom now we got the corn starch on the chicken we’ve also got corn starch here in the sauce what that’s going to do is that’s going to cause our sauce to thicken up and give this kind of a substantial sauce with our ginger chicken we’re going to add about half as much water into this saw boom and then when we added into the dish later that cornstarch is going to cause us you know when it keeps up it’s going to thicken the sauce up we’ll set aside right now what’s next but okay all right at the start of the day is ginger and you want to use fresh ginger we’re going to use lots of it’s going to seem like a crazy amount this huge piece of ginger which is much bigger than this with all these above 50 so ginger isn’t that expensive buy fresh ginger especially if you’re making this dish it’s good for you too yeah super how much am I going to use let’s go crazy and I’m going to use this much with ginger and a lot of flavor has a lot of nutrition and I’ve already washed this piece of ginger but you don’t have to cut off that the skin with a knife you can just take a spoon and it will come right off like this year yeah you know in that way you’re not wasting as much and you don’t have to take off the skin you know you could cook it up with the skin and eat the skin we’re going to cut it up into slivers now a lot of time I like to cut them up and do a little shave to pieces but but amber girl likes it cut into strips and do a little stick see these are so long six so I’m going to cut them in half or we’re going to saute these up a little bit with the chicken it’s going to be a nice punch and if you didn’t want the big burst of ginger tation could cut smaller yeah you can get with putting less ginger you can definitely put in smaller pieces of ginger but this is ginger chicken ginger is the star of the dish so it’s getting top billing but these steaks you know they’re big pieces but they will saute up nicely and it will be it will be very powerful it’ll be taped how we like it lots of ginger alright so let’s go still it heated up I’m gonna put it on medium high and I’m going to use a stainless steel pan you could use a nonstick skillet you know you can use like a walk or anything you know the stir-fry but i’m going to use this stainless steel and this is a hand at things are going to stick to but I’m going to be happy that things are sticking to yeah you know the chicken is going to stick on here and a few other things are then when we put the sauce in here it’s going to unstick and it’s going to have a lot nice flavor from being cooked on the bottom of the pan all about perspective okay all right so our oil is heated up our panties up so we’re going to throw our chicken in here you can test it with one piece right see sizzle pop yeah if you like test if you work with students and you enjoy test Rock step out so let’s go ahead and spread this out so go ahead and leave it alone for a moment let it see you up there on the bottom of Sam well I mean it’s just been in here for a few moments so I’ll go ahead and give it a stir and all that stuff taking through the bottom of the pan that’s okay so that will come up later easily when we add in the sauce all right so we’re going to give it a few more moments hook up there and you’ll get that chicken a nice little sear on it get those flavors field in there I kind of got these pieces of chicken chopped up and some uniform sizes so they’ll cook evenly I think we’ve given them a numba head start like I some garlic this is like six cloves you know you four or five six cloves whatever you want to use little bit onion chopped up like I said a lot of times I’ll use a green onion so that is the nice color I’ll recommend green onions but any kind of immunity and the piece de resistance the star of the show lots of ginger a little bit of a red jalapeno but you know add add pepper if you want or don’t have ever but I like that color oh that smells so brilliant these are just very simple flavors no fish softer anything no you could ask fish sauce you can you could add it all those little touches it you want to keep it nice and playing clean and simple and the soy sauce and the sesame oil or going to are going to make it taste like your favorite Chinese dish from your favorite Chinese restaurants I think we’ve given everything a nice head start let me go ahead and throw in the carrot and zucchini we want to kind of give everything else a little bit more cooking time because I don’t want this to be too soft and I’m not going to add any more pepper or salt in here you know just what i marinated the chicken and Billy salt up for him here because the soy sauce has so much salt in it already I’ll write the total cooking time for this dish so far as a bit about 10 minutes you know we cook this we cook this shaking for about five minutes and we threw in our garlic and onions so we threw any dirt abilities Sobibor for about 10 minutes and now i’m going to go ahead and add in the sauce you’re liking the sauce I lack of the sauce turn this heat up bring it back to a bowl alrighty now here’s another optional ingredients but I think it makes all the difference in the world you know add a little crunch to your dish you know throw some cashews and there I like cash used for this but uh cashews are nice because they don’t have such an overwhelming flavor but it’ll add a nice texture see how on the bottom of this pan see how the all the foods that were stuck to the bottom of the pan have come up you just scraping with a spatula you know after putting the sauce in here so all that stuff was stuck to the bottom has now been incorporated into the sauce as great flavor now you can search this over quinoa or rice or just as it is if you want ginger chicken super duper easy to make super delicioso you know we just got a little bit about sesame oil and soy sauce in there and that’s just enough you know to give it a great Asian flavor but fresh ingredients are the key you know if you’ve got some fresh veggies you know like some broccoli you know we just had a little zucchini so I threw that in there but I really like using green onions for this dish I just didn’t have any today but cut up your ginger into little stick and throw a lot of it in there and are they going to be happy camera girl mm-hmm alrighty so there you have it you know go ahead and give this recipe a try if you want to print it out go to my food channel calm and print all our recipes there there’s a link down below all kinds of links follow me on instagram and candygram and what are the grams on our twitter twitter gram thanks for watching seeing the future will buy