Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and today we’re making a giant Toblerone. In this series, we make giant chocolate bars
and give them to people who are doing giant things.
And I’ll link you to the rest of these videos in the series at the end of this video and
below. To make our giant Toblerone first we’ll need
to make some honey nougat. And for that you’ll need egg whites, sugar,
glucose or corn syrup and honey. And I’ll put all of the recipe quantities on the HowToCookThat.net
website and I’ll link to that below. Place the glucose syrup, sugar and honey into
a saucepan and place that over a high heat. Stir it, now at first it will seem quite dry
but you don’t need to add any water. As the syrup starts to melt, the sugar will go into
that and it will become thick. But if you look at it you can see it still has grains
of sugar so keep stirring it until it’s all dissolved.
Turn the egg whites on to whip up and add a candy thermometer to the side of your pan.
And when it reaches 250F add three big scoops of the hot mixture into those whites with
the mixers still running the whole time. Return the sugar to the heat and let the temperature
increase up to 300F. Then immediately pour the rest of that hot syrup into the egg whites,
obviously being very careful not to get any on your skin.
Now this will become very thick, very quickly so remove it from the mixers, you don’t want
to break your beaters. And then mix through the roast almonds.
You can add in whatever you want but this Toblerone, I’m just doing plain almond.
Pour that into a tray lined with non-stick baking paper and then top it with another
sheet of baking paper and use your hand to flatten it out to the corners of the tray.
And then you want to leave that at room temperature to cool so that it can firm up. Once it is
cool, you can peel off that top paper and the nougat will be quite firm, like this.
Now we just want to split that up into pieces that will fit in our triangle mould. Use a
knife to push down and cut through it, you will have to use like a rocking motion to
get through it. And there you go, doesn’t that look yummy with the almonds all the way
through. Keep cutting it up into smaller pieces until
you have bite-size chunks. For our triangles I’m using real milk chocolate
and a stainless steel triangle and I’ll link you to where I got this one from below.
Place the triangle on a sheet of acetate and then line the outside edge with more acetate,
just cut into strips. Pour in some tempered chocolate and then if
you look at a Toblerone there’s lots of nougat pieces spread through the middle but you can’t
really see much of it on the outside. So I want you to add a triangle of chocolate
into the base, just push it down there. I just cut this piece from a block of chocolate
and then pour some tempered chocolate onto that and spread it out and add a generous
amount of nougat over the top. Now because we’ve got that block chocolate
there, they won’t just sink to the bottom of the triangle.
Pour on some more chocolate and use a spoon to make sure the chocolate is covering all
of the sides and the nougat hasn’t just gone to the edge there.
Add another triangle of chocolate and more nougat so this triangle of chocolate that
we’ve put there is just stopping the nougat again from just sinking to the bottom and
being one clump. We want it spread through the whole block.
Pour on more tempered chocolate and make sure your acetate is going right into each corner
and then place another sheet of acetate on top and something flat on that. And then leave
that to set. Once they are set, lift off the triangle and
peel off the acetate from around the outside. And you will need 12 of these triangles so
I suggest you buy more than one of the stainless steel triangles. I only have one so the thing
that took the longest was waiting for each one to set.
Next we need to make a frame so that we can put the chocolate in between the pieces. And
you see how it needs to be angled in like this so it fits around the triangles.
And then I’ve just covered the whole thing in tape so that the chocolate doesn’t stick
to it. Arrange your segments in a straight line and
then put the frame over the top and then move those along so they’re evenly spaced.
Put some tempered chocolate into a piping bag and pipe the chocolate in between each
piece trying to get it roughly the same in each one.
And spread that out just using a knife so it goes all the way to the edge.
In the middle, the frame might tend to push out a bit. Just use some tape to tape it across
and keep it together. And then leave that to set.
Once it is set you can remove the frame and then neaten off the extra bit of chocolate,
see how it sort of oozed out here a little bit further than the triangles. Just use a
knife just to shave that off and neaten it up.
Then you want to cover the whole thing in foil, you may want to put it on a strong base
because this thing weighs 8.7kg or 19 pounds of Toblerone.
Then I’ve just wrapped the whole thing in card and stuck the letters on the front.
Today I have with me Jordan Bartlett, a 24-year-old musician and basketball enthusiast who has
an interesting job. Hey.
So Jordan what we’re going to do is some rapid-fire questions today, so let’s start with …
Cats or dogs? Dogs.
Coke or Pepsie? Coke absolutely.
So what’s with the beard? I would say it’s a conversation starter.
One that I can’t do. What do you do for a living?
I’m a youth worker, a creative director and I love to innovate as well.
What sort of youth do you work with? I work with homelss youth.
I have read that 50% of the homeless are under the age of 25, what are some of the causes
for that? Yeah so, in Australia the top two reasons
for homelessness amongst youth is relationship and family breakdown and unfortunately the
second top reason is domestic violence. So they have to leave home?
Yeah they have to flee that scenario. So you’re not just feeding them, you’re giving
them somewhere to live and what else are you doing?
So we run a 6-month program. We have 4 goals in our program and that’s for them to get
back into their own independent accomodation, employment, training and we would say a link
to the broader community, maybe back to a soccer club or their local church or something.
And how do you get the money to run all that, I mean housing’s not cheap and food’s not
cheap? We get the majority of our funding from community
donations as well as an event that we run called Ride Around teh Lake and we use this
ride, as a charity ride, to raise money for our program.
Awesome. Can people donate? Yeah, they can just on our website.
I’ll put the link here. And on your Instagram I’ve seen it says up
the top “I believe in everyday people and their potential for greatness”. Have you got
an example of a success story? Yeah absolutely, I won’t name the guy, but
I work with a young guy and he had come from a very rough background and suffered a lot
of regret in his younger years and it just began to change my thinking actually. When
I started working with homeless youth I used to think I was working with rebellious youth
but I began to discover that I was actually working with long-term survivors of abuse
and that they actually needed my attention and my time and I needed to view them just
the way that I would view myself. They are just as worth it as I am, the time I put into
myself. I like what you said there about how everyone
is worth it. I think a lot of people don’t feel that though, especially if they’re in
that situation. They’re homeless or they’re in a rough patch, they feel worthless … what
would you say to them? Yeah I would say that they just have to lift
their horizons and they have to begin to look beyond their current situation and begin to
see some of the good things in life. And if they can’t see anything good around them,
maybe they could find within themselves some of their own strength and things that they
love in life and begin to take a look at that. I believe that everyone has something unique
to their own life that’s worth fighting for. Definitely, that’s awesome.
Well, I think that you’re doing a great thing for these people and on HowToCookThat we have
a special way of saying thank you to people who are doing giant things as a way of encouraging
other people to go and do giant things with their lives as well.
So … as a last question, do you prefer Snickers or Toblerone?
Ah, Toblerone absolutely. Great, just as well you said that.
Oh good. We just have a little gift for you.
Oh my goodness! That is massive.
We have a giant Toblerone for you to eat. How am I going to eat this all by myself?
Oh my gosh. Do you want to open one end and we’ll get
you to take a bite. Oh wow, oh my gosh … Holy Moly look at the
size of that! You might need to snap a piece off before
you take a bite. I don’t know, I think I’m going to have to
try my strength, see if I can snap one of these things, oh yeah. My goodness how do
I even approach this? That is the biggest piece of chocolate I’ve
ever eaten in my life! That is very heavy.
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Make it a great week and I’ll see you all on Friday.
Woo, a big old Toblerone. I’m not going to be able to finish it all
by myself, so I’ll take it back to the boys at the youth house. They’re going to love
this, it’ll be awesome.