Hello my name is Hiu Yau on behalf of Expert
Village I’m going to show how to cook general tso chicken. We can test the heat of the wok
by putting our hands if you feel hot after 3 seconds it should be at appropriate heat.
Then we add 3 tablespoons of cooking oil for stir fry make sure we make the oil go evenly
around the wok. We can add the green onion and the dry chili peppers first then the onion
and the garlic. Make sure you stir fry the vegetables really well so that all the aroma
has came out. Whisk the sauce first and then we would put it back to the wok. Let it boil
for about 1 minute and you could see the sauce would start getting thickening. You see the
sauce right now it is already thickening then that is when the time you add the chicken
back. Gently stir the chicken into the sauce we don’t want to break the batter, we can
float the wok a little bit and you see the chicken is almost done. You see the sauce
is combined with the chicken really well. So we just stir for one more second.