– [Chris] I’m really sure. (laughs) Yeah! ♪ It’s Vlogmas Vlogmas and
it’s time to celebrate ♪ – Okay, it looks really weird. I’m doing my nose. I’m gonna be pretty scary. I am doing my eyebrows! I am pretty scary. James Charles, I’m after your job. (orchestral music) – Good morning, everyone! Today we are kind of getting back into the groove of things. We had such a crazy day yesterday. I don’t know if you saw the
vlog of us at Universal, but you have to check it out. So many amazing surprises. Such a crazy day, but today
we’re kinda back to normal. And we’ve got baseball
practice, and a cooing baby. What are you doing cooing baby?
– He’s talking every time you say anything. (laughs) – [Chris] Are you saying things? Do you wanna, yeah, you
wanna be the one that’s– (cooing) saying good morning, everyone. Okay, you can say it. (cooing) Very good job! Very good job. (laughs) – Cannot handle it. – As I was saying before,
today is baseball practice for the kids, and we
are in charge of snacks. And we can’t just do regular snacks. It’s Christmas time. We gotta do something ridiculous! And I brought some buddies
with me to the store. These buddies. (laughing) What are you gonna pick out? – I don’t know. – You don’t know? What are you gonna pick out? Did you pick out some corn? Is this your corn teether? Duncan’s working on some teeth. They’re gonna pop out any
day now, I’m sure of it. Of course I’ve been
sure of it since he was, like, a month old, he
seemed like he was teething. But now I’m really sure,
now I’m really sure. I’m really sure. (laughing) Yeah! This is something that
Jessica and I have been doing a lot lately, actually, is
I’ll take the younger two kids, or maybe Jacob or maybe
Bailey, and she’ll work with the other kids on their schoolwork. It’s just a nice way for them to get their schoolwork done without being interrupted, I get some fun time with these guys. We go to the park sometimes. – Yeah. – And we go – [Both] To the store sometimes. – And we talk at the same time sometimes.
– Yeah. (laughs) – And we, what else do we do? – [Both] Um. We go to the… We go to the… We go to the… (laughs) – Yeah, we go to the laughter sometimes. – [Both] We go to the our house. (laughing) – [Chris] Oh yeah, that’s what we need. We need a lot of those. Look how big those are! – Yeah. – [Chris] Those are huge! – I know. – [Chris] They’re like
the size of your head! – Look at that, look at that one. – [Chris] Look at that big one. Oh my goodness, these’ll be good. We’ll grab two bags of these. – Let’s get two bags of those. Now we need to get a
lot more yellow apples because we ran out of yellow apples today. – [Chris] You ran outta yellow apples? – Oh, yeah! I can. (playful music) Get a lot more of those, oh. Oopsies! I’ll pick it up. This one. – [Chris] Did you get the best ones? – Yes. You only have four. – [Chris] You wanna get two more? – Yeah, that’s six. – [Chris] Good adding. – Now we have to weigh it. – [Chris] Okay, now we’re
gonna make our snack. We’ve got some grapes. What we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna cut the grapes. Parker’s gonna pick them off and Jacob’s gonna cut ’em in half. You’re gonna cut ’em in
half this way, like this. Good. Jacob’s doing the cutting. And then we’re gonna put them into a bowl. (salsa music) Okay, on here we’re gonna
set these up like this. Are you stealin’ blackberries? – Mhm. – [Chris] What are you doing? Don’t steal… Oh no!
(laughing) Oh, you ate all the ornaments. Are they good?
– Mhm. – [Chris] Alright, there it is. The finished product. We’ve got a cheese star,
cheese presents, carrot stem. Good work, high five. No, just kidding, don’t high five me. You gotta hold that.
(groans) You need to take it over to the table? – Sure.
– Okay. For those of you who
are new to our channel, Jacob is in a homeschool
baseball practice thing. It’s not an official league
or anything like that, but they come to the park and it’s a bunch of kids and they all play baseball together. Bailey and Parker sometimes play baseball, but they’re not super interested in it. So a lot of the time they’ll
play in the playground that’s back behind me here. So I’ll be kind of going back and forth between Jacob playing baseball and them playing in the park. Where did you get this hat? Are you eating Cracker Jacks? That’s the most baseball thing you can do aside from playing baseball. (laughing)
– I got this one. – Oh, nice. They still put crackers
in the Cracker Jacks box? Little things like that
that just make me happy. It just makes me happy to know that they still put prizes in there. This is Silas, by the way. He’s our friend. This is his brother, Isaac. Isaac has a cast on right now because he walks on his toes, or he used to, and these are supposed to
help out with that, right? Cool. – Or I was hurt in a light saber battle. – Or hurt in a light saber battle, whichever one of those
seems more realistic to you go with that one.
– Or he jumped of a cliff and he was trying to fly. – Okay, so you got three options now. Tell us in the comments
section which one you believe. (rock music) So you’re deciding to
play on the playground instead of play baseball today. Yeah?
– Yeah, I’m hungry. – [Chris] You’re hungry? – Yeah, I want to eat that whole thing. – [Chris] You want to
eat the Christmas tree? – Yeah. – [Chris] Well, we gotta
wait ’til baseball’s done. – Why? – [Chris] Because it’s for
the people playing baseball. That’s who we made it for. – Can we make it for the people who didn’t go to baseball? – [Chris] No, cause we already made it and it’s for the people
who are playing baseball. – So you’re not going to
give it to me and Bailey? – [Chris] You guys can have some, but not until after the baseball people. – Okay, oh well. My favorite thing at the playground is… Follow me. – [Chris] Okay. – That’s what I like at the playground. (rock music) – So that’s your favorite
thing on the playground? Yeah, cool. (playful music) Isaac is swinging the bat with casts on and it’s crazy (laughs). You gotta check it out. – [Umpire] Safe. – Oh man, he casted ya. Now you need a cast. – [Fan] Go, go, go! (cheering) Yeah, woo! Nice run, dude. Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned that sometimes, for fun, Parker and I will talk
at the exact same time. We learned not to let Parker
alone with the ornaments ’cause he’ll eat them. And finally, we learned that
if you try and make a home run be careful of getting casted. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. (laughing) Before you go, I wanna play a little
bit of Ballinger trivia. At the end of all of our
vlogs, Parker hits the camera. What vlog is that originally from? Tell us in the comments section down below and I’ll give someone a shout out tomorrow who get is correct. Also, I wanna point out the
video that’s next to me. It’s from last year,
and the video above me, it’s from the advent calendar. So click either of those.