Hello everyone welcome to my virgin kitchen
it is Barry here today we are attempting to make a frying pan pizza recently I did a baked
bean pizza using a pizza stone and some of you said �I do not have a pizza stone�
and apparently there is a method using your frying pan which can do just that if you follow
me on snapchat you will see I did my dough before we will get straight into this I am
a little hyper today hence the helium and me dancing to the queen
with the queen sorry, so lets get going. Here
is the pizza dough I made last night we will put it to one side for the moment it has to
be at room temperature we are just going for a basic margherita pizza although I am tempted
to do my baked bean one this is some good quality tomatoes with herbs already in it
you can see they are already chopped but you can use plum tomatoes if you like we are just
going to make our own sauce I quite like mine thick and chunky so I will get my spatula
and press down against it just to break the tomatoes down a teeny bit more and just a
cheeky seasoning of salt in there that is optional you could add paprika or other seasoning
so press it down mix it through and that will be our puree sauce all done of course you
could put it in a food processor if you like. The secret to a frying pan pizza is an insanely
hot pan so for the bottom we just get our hob and heat there we warm that up and get
it really hot now the heat from the top you need to get your grill or broiler I think
that is what they call it in America so you want the grill in your oven hot too so it
will cook the pizza super quick so with that warming up lets get I nearly blew on it then,
happy birthday to you lets get our dough ready sorry.
So I am preheating my grill and we get this dough out now I made this last night showed
you on snapchat about 500g of flour went into that that�s it so cheap to make I should
be able to get at least 4 portions, 4 pizza bases out of this so lets cut this up, one
and two right stick that to one side back in the fridge til we need it later lets get
this nice and rolled out. Of course flour down we do not want it sticking too much this
is lovely and smooth loving it what you can do first of all if you like is roll the whole
thing if you want to but what I quite like to do is to stretch it with my hands really
go rough on it and get that shape in there, oh yes. Here we go then folks I have just
shaped my dough and hopefully that will fit in the pan now normally you would dress the
pizza here with your sauce and that stuff, but our pan is hot and ready so what we do
is dress the pizza in the pan so we need to act fast lets do that step now.
You hear that beeping my grill is ready now just before I started doing this video I made
sure my pan was at the highest point but not so that I put the pan in and it touched the
heating element because if it does that your house is going to burn down so make sure you
get the pan as high as it can go but not too high. Here we go in goes our base so we have
a minute or so here a little window of time first thing we do is get the tomato sauce
on there spread that all in, amazing happy with that now grate on some fresh parmesan
oh my gosh so good, picking on some fresh basil leaves I do have a story about basil
leaves will tell you that in just a moment but we are working as fast as we can right
now sit in some pieces of mozzarella so you can do this with any type of pizza my personal
favourite is a bbq pizza with bbq sauce chicken and bacon I absolutely love that cheeky drizzle
of olive oil if you like. Oh my gosh can you see how much that is puffing up that is the
yeast working now sure if you can see that but the base is just starting to brown so
that is the time we take off the heat and put into our screaming hot grill alright boston
right just grabbing the camera to show you very hot grill in that goes boom so see you
in a minute now as for that basil plant I was talking about this is a real basil plant
and these are the ones you sometimes see in my videos now they are fake they are on ebay
for a pound so there you go little secret. I just realised I left the hob on please do
not do that but after we have done this one but all we do is repeat that step until all
are made or you are full up on pizza it has been 3 minutes I have a very eager pug just
hovering again oh my gosh the smell is incredible check that out we better get it out the pan
and have a little taste. Oh my gosh just like stonebaked check that out nice clean pan so
can repeat the process as I say cannot wait to have a munch of that got a really nice
crunchy stonebaked base on it and this would have been a perfect opportunity to use this
pizza gadget tool I have another one that has arrived but will save it for the next
gadget video lets have a taste. Here we go, shiver me timbers guys by the
nose of my dog boston that tastes phenomenal so authentic that real stonebaked taste so
remember if you do not have pizza stone give this method a try send me a picture if you
do have a go I love to see your attempts at my recipes that is it really remember to subscribe
let me know any recipes you want to see next down below and I will see you again next time.