– Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to Kids
Cooking and Crafts, I’m Ava. – And I’m Axel. – And today we are going to
make frozen yogurt bites, argh! – Argh! (upbeat music) Alright guys this recipe is
really easy and healthy too. – These are so much fun to make
because we get to use these molds, made by Rosanna Pansino, she is one of my favorite cooks. Shout out to you, Rosanna! Guys, look at these,
they’re like diamonds. – These are the same molds we
used for our Rapunzel cake. You can go watch that video next. – These are the ingredients
that we are going to use. Some strawberry, blueberry
and vanilla Greek yogurt and some toppings. – We got blueberries,
we got star sprinkles and we got mini chocolate chips. Oh and one more thing, we forgot
our natural food coloring. – The red is made from the
beet powder, blue is made from sprelina extract, that’s
a funny word, sprelina. So now I’m going to add
this red food coloring into the strawberry yogurt. – And I’m going to be adding
this blue food coloring into the blueberry yogurt. Whoa! Ava, look at this. – [Ava] Whoa! – Now we can dump our
yogurt into our molds. – So I think it should
go red, blue, white, red. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – A little quick tip for
you, if you grab a toothpick, and then just kind of like
stir it in, it makes it level and also gets rid of all the air pockets. – Alright guys, here comes the fun part! – We’re gonna put on the sprinkles. We’re gonna add the chocolate
chips to the vanilla yogurt. – I’m gonna put sprinkle stars
on the strawberry yogurt. And just like tap it in a little. Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle. – Last but not least, we
are going to add a single blueberry to the blue yogurt. It’s going to be like a little surprise so you kinda gotta bury it. No! Now let’s go pop ’em in the freezer. – Guys, they’re all done. – Look at these! These are so cool! This looks like cookie dough. Okay, let’s pop ’em out. (upbeat music) – [Kids] Whoa! – Guys check this out! – Which one do you want to try first? – I’m going to try the blueberry. – I’m going to try the chocolate chip. – Ready, set, go! Oh, that’s cold. Oh, they’re so cold! – Creamy, very cold. – Tastes like blueberries. Oh guys, look, there’s
my blueberry inside! – Guys look, it’s gone! Those look so good. Let’s try a strawberry. The strawberry’s so good. – Oh, it’s cold. – Yeah. – Whoa, that’s good. – I found my blueberry. – The little sprinkles on the top give it the perfect texture. Alright guys, we’re gonna put the rest of these in the freezer for later. This was a great snack, it was so good. – And it’s so easy, you can make ’em! Before you guys leave, don’t
forget to like, subscribe and comment down below what you would try, the strawberry, the
vanilla or the blueberry. – Ooohh. See you guys next time, bye! (upbeat music)