[door creak] Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode
of BrutalFoods. My name is Ian, and today, I’m here to talk
to you about CHIPS! [musical movement] Chester: It’s not easy being cheesy. [Very weird noise] Okay, so we’re not talking about chips exactly. We’re actually gonna be talking about spin-offs
that chips have. Chip companies are always trying to branch
out and reinvent the chip. Maybe it’s just because they feel like the
general public isn’t stoked about chips as much as they should be. But for whatever reason, they always come
up with these new, different chip ideas or random chip concoctions. In fact, I’d wager that a lot of us have our
own favorite unique chip product. I would think that the Doritos Locos Tacos
from Taco Bell would be a popular item. I remember eating those in college and liking
them, I don’t know about nowadays. I think my favorite nostalgic Doritos throwback
is the Doritos 3D snacks. They were like these – they were Doritos,
but they were in 3D. [sexy music] Ai, chihuahua! Doritos 3D snacks. Look out, they’re coming soon! As far as Cheetos go, I think my favorites
were probably the X’s and O’s they did for a while. They did some pretty funky shapes. Announcer: What letters represent offense
and defense? Chester: X’s and O’s. Announcer: Yes! I would imagine that some of those are probably
still around. Like the curly Q puff, that one’s still gotta be around. The things I’m trying today, though, aren’t
actually chips. At least, I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed
to be chips. We’ve got Mac and Cheetos: some type of frozen
Cheeto thing. And then I’ve also got Doritos Loaded. I’ve got Nacho Cheese AND Cool Ranch, which
– I dunno – I’m assuming that these are kinda like mozzarella sticks, and this is kinda
like a mozzarella stick with mac and cheese in the middle? I’m not totally sure. Let’s – let’s go with Doritos first. We’ll come back to Mac and Cheetos, but first
we’re gonna make Doritos Loaded. Doritos Loaded! I just recently got a toaster oven. [applause] Actually mostly for these kinds of videos,
because it doesn’t make sense to heat up a whole oven to make a Dorito. [a hip grandpa’s elevator music] While that’s preheating, let’s check out the
boxes a bit more. I did not do much research; I saw them at
the store, I grabbed them, and now we’re here. Doritos Loaded: Cool Ranch! Crispy Doritos flavored crust loaded with
Melty Cheese. Ready in just minutes! Yeah, I’m pretty sure that this is gonna be
like a mozzarella stick. It’s gonna be like a mozzarella stick with
a Doritos outside, which honestly doesn’t sound too crazy? I mean, it sounds a little crazy, but maybe
not TOO crazy. I’d probably say that these are more sane
of an idea than the Mac n’ Cheetos, though they could still be terrible. In fact, they’re probably gonna be terrible. [a hip grandpa who thinks he’s a spy music] [ripping] While I’m opening these, where do we all stand
on the Cool Ranch versus Nacho Cheese debate? I like both. If I had to give it to one, though, uh… I’d probably give it to Cool Ranch. But let me know how you feel! Vote in the comments. Who will win? Cool Ranch, or Nacho… huh. [grandpa is dancing] Well, these are definitely triangles. They’re like little frozen triangle squares. Let’s get the Cool Ranch warmed up. [“Honey, go get grandpa off the dance floor” music] So, they just look like big Doritos. I mean, really weird big Doritos, but still. They did nail the Doritos look-kinda thing. Y’know, they are triangles on the front of
the package, but for some reason it’s still really, really bizarre to see these giant
frozen triangle chunks. [rip] [dramatic piano] [sniff] You know, they smell just like Doritos. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising. They smell just like Doritos. I would not be surprised if they actually
just crushed up some Doritos to make the breading of these things. Now, if I’m going based just on smell, I’m
gonna say that Nacho Cheese smells better. But I think that Cool Ranch looks a little
less scary. For now, I’m just gonna go with one of each,
’cause I got some Cheetos to eat later, so… [crash] Whattaya think? Which one would you rather eat? Which one d’you think you would rather try? I still think that based on smell, I’m going
Nacho Cheese, but… if I saw these two things sitting there and I had to pick one to eat
– I couldn’t smell it – I would go with Cool Ranch. [airplane noises] [light, dinner-piano music] [tick tock] Now these guys kinda went full circle in the
smell department as they were cooking. Started off smelling pretty good, about 3/4s
of the way done they just started smelling really, really bad. I’m assuming that’s when the cheese spilled
out. Now that they’re out, they smell pretty good,
y’know? They smell like a snack I would try voluntarily
off-camera on my own time. Maybe. Something interesting to me is that I think
the cheese looks different. The cheese in the Cool Ranch is kinda light;
a lighter yellow. Whereas the cheese that’s leaking out of Nacho
Cheese is a darker yellow. And I kinda wonder if that means there’s different
cheese on the inside? I guess it does. I’d consult the back of the box but I took
one glance at it; it’s a novel. I’m just gonna, y’know. I’ll let my taste buds decide. Seems pretty crispy on the outside. [playing musical drums] Think I’m gonna go Cool Ranch first, I feel
like the Nacho Cheese might be more overpowering. Let’s see what we got here, guys. Very triangley, it does remind me a bit of
the Doritos 3D which I’m into. [crunch] Well, it’s a little disappointing to look
into. I admit, I kind of expected it to be… more
loaded with cheese? A little disappointing to bite in and just
see this empty cavern where a bunch of cheese could go. That said, it doesn’t taste terrible. [crunch] Well, it doesn’t taste great either. The cheese, as you can probably tell when
I’m pulling it away, I kind of expected a mozzarella stringy cheese. This is just kind of like a goopy, goop goop
gooperino cheese. [Goop goop] Maybe it’s because most of the cheese spilled
out of the snack while it was cooking, but… it’s mainly the outside. The inside is really – I don’t even know if
I taste it, or if I mainly taste the outside crunchy part. Full funky, though. So it doesn’t taste like a Cool Ranch Dorito
at all. I don’t taste any of that Cool Ranch flavor
that I was hoping for. It also doesn’t really remind me of a cheese
stick. The outside – the breading does. The outside of the Dorito reminds me of the
outside of a cheese stick, but instead of being filled with nice, stringy mozzarella
cheese, it’s just an empty cave of sadness. Let’s give Nacho Cheese a try. So, the cheese is different in here. I’m almost positive the cheese is different. I don’t know if that makes me excited or not. I think it makes me nervous. [musical crunch] I don’t know about that. I just don’t know about that. [bossa nova? I guess?] I don’t like this one. This one tastes familiar, but I can’t put
my finger on it. And it’s not just because I’ve got Doritos
stuff on my fingers, which I do. I don’t like how the inside looks. I don’t like – I don’t know. I don’t know what kinda cheese they used. It just tastes so processed. And I know that that’s to be expected in a
food like this, but… Man, it tastes kinda burned, too. They both taste a little burnt. And I didn’t overcook ’em, I didn’t actually
burn them. But for some reason or another, I don’t know,
it’s just got this burnt flavor to it. I would say that in the battle of Nacho Cheese
versus Cool Ranch, Cool Ranch wins, but, I mean, only barely. It’s still not something that I would actively
seek out to eat or even to try. The question I have right now is, “Would I
recognize this as a Dorito product if I didn’t know?” The shape would definitely give it away, but
if you ignored the shape and you just ate these? I don’t think that you would know that it
was a Doritos product. The Cool Ranch flavor is not really there,
the Nacho Cheese smell is there but tastewise it just has this really burned, fake cheese, nasty, nasty, burned, nasty, burned flavor. Of burned. We’re not gonna take just my word for
it, of course. Let’s see what the Internet has to say. [cool, retro music] Looks like the Loaded Cool Ranch Doritos maybe
originally came in a very Nacho Cheese-looking box, which doesn’t seem to make much sense. It’s also only got one review on Walmart.com. And it is not a good one. I gotta say, doesn’t really look like the
Nacho Cheese variant is trending much better? Here’s a review from DaddyToadsworth titled, “Don’t
let the devil consume your bum bum.” Plop! [applause] And that was, “Don’t let the devil consume
your bum bum” by DaddyToadsworth. I hope that… was… interesting? Y’know, the Doritos don’t seem to have faired
very well, but what about the Mac and Cheetos? Mac and Cheetos! [music] [chair squeaks] It’s crispy, it’s creamy, it’s the new Mac
and Cheetos! Mac and cheese snacks that are somehow both
made with real cheese and creamy cheddar-flavored. Has Chester always looked basically the same? I feel like a lot of mascots get rebranded,
but I feel like Chester still looks pretty similar to how he did back in the day. I am not into those teeth. He kinda looks like an animal character that
a dentist’s office would have. [noise] Though the box looks a bit different on the
front, looking on the back you can tell it’s cut from the same cloth as the Doritos Loaded
snacks. Toaster oven’s already at 450 so all we gotta
do is “remove it from package” and let it bake for 10 minutes. And our reward is gonna be this thing that
definitely doesn’t look like a nice, steaming poo. Plop! [music] Oh, baby! You know what these look like? These look like the Cheeto-type snack from
Put-Put Saves the Zoo. I wanna say that they’re called Cheese Squigglies? Put-Put: I’ll have some Cheese Squigglies,
please! Truck: Excellent choice! It says creamy cheddar in the middle and it’s
supposed to be Mac and cheese, so we’re not gonna get that mozzarella string cheese unfortunately,
but that would’ve been nice. What is this? I feel like there’s something in this bag
that’s wrong. See how long it takes you to spot what I’m
looking at. Well that just looks like a normal bag of
Cheese Squigglies, uh – excuse me, what is that? It looks like bugs. I know it’s not bugs, but it sure does look
like a bunch of bugs on a Cheeto. I want to make a different one, I’m not gonna
make that one. So all we’ve gotta do is bake it for 10 minutes! Easy peasy. [intense music] Unless I’m wrong, this isn’t the first incarnation
of Mac n’ Cheetos. I think it was a Burger King thing at first and then became a frozen food item. On top of that, I wanna say I remember someone
suing Burger King or alleging that Burger King stole their Mac n’ Cheetos idea? If that’s correct, that means that Mac n’
Cheetos have a rich history, so maybe that means that they’re a little bit better. And that’s about as optimistic as I can be
right now. [SO INTENSE, THE MUSIC] It smells mac and cheesy. It smells, uh… It smells similar to the Doritos, I think. [sniff] Even the cheese kinda looks simila- [burps]
Ooh. Haven’t seen any advertising of this product,
but it kinda seems like the type of product where they’d have a commercial where someone
takes a bite and then they’d be surrounded by cheese. Ai, chihuahua! Well, that was interesting. Unlike the Doritos, you definitely taste the
Cheeto in this one. It’s like the outside is just powder, the
Cheeto powder you get on your fingers after eating them. It’s like it was coated in that. It tastes just like it! [bites] [jazz] [violent violin vibrations] The filling is actually more… it feels more
loaded than the loaded Doritos. It fills up the entire… Cheeto puff? And I mean it – it kinda tastes macaroni-y,
it’s been a while since I’ve had cheapo Kraft macaroni or something, but this does remind
me of Cheetos and mac and cheese, for sure. [gross chewing noise] It was a bit surprising to me, but I think
the Mac and Cheeto was better than both of the loaded Doritos. Easily. They all kinda have the same texture – you
got the crunchy outside and the gooey inside. But the Mac and Cheetos are better filled. It reminds me of the product that it’s using,
so it does taste like Cheetos. And it also tastes like mac and cheese. If that’s something that you’re into, maybe
this is the snack for you. It’s not for me. I do not want to eat any more. It just, to me, feels kinda like baby food. Like I ate it, and I was like, “Man! I probably really would’ve liked that when
I was in elementary school?” As a kid I think I would’ve been all over
these. As an adult, I think I’d rather snack on something
maybe a little less aggressive. So much fake cheese flavor in that. I bet the reviews reflect this. I bet that Mac and Cheetos are gonna have
way better reviews than the Doritos. I bet they don’t even mention bum bums. [retro retro music] I don’t totally get what Angie is trying to
say here, but it sounds like they’re at least reminiscent of the Burger King snack. She compares it to a frozen mozzarella stick
but without even eating a Friday’s mozzarella stick, I can pretty much guarantee that that’s
not a super fair comparison outside of the general texture. But it does not taste like a mozzarella stick. So I’ve tasted all three and I’m here with
my ratings. I give Loaded Doritos Nacho Cheese a one. Loaded Doritos Cool Ranch a two. And I give Mac and Cheetos a score of four. Which is of course, on a scale of 10. Twe- 25. 25. 30. Let’s go with 30. I think I’m most disappointed by the Cool
Ranch Doritos. I thought it was going to be like a Cool Ranch
mozzarella stick, but it was neither of those things. Didn’t really taste like Cool Ranch. Didn’t have a mozzarella stick texture. I think the picture on the box is lying a
little bit. Some pretty gooey looking cheese, there. But that disappointment really just made me want
to try an actual Cool Ranch Dorito mozzarella stick. So why don’t we try making one? Seems like it’s time for a Brutalmoose BrutalFoods
BrutalFoodExperiment. Today we’re gonna try to make a Cool Ranch
Dorito Mozzarella Stick by modifying an existing mozzarella stick recipe. I’ve never made mozzarella sticks before,
never done this before, just thought: Hey! Maybe it’d work. To prepare this hopefully successful recipe,
you’ll need an egg, an 1/8th a cup of water. Special thanks to Writing Squiggle for sending
me some new measuring cups; I appreciate it. All purpose flour. Corn starch. Vegetable oil. A stick of mozzarella cheese. And, of course, Cool Ranch Doritos. Once again, I’ve gotta say, I’ve never done
this before. Don’t get too excited. It could be a really bad idea. Okay, so first we’re gonna try and make the
breading by crushing up a bunch of Cool Ranch Doritos. Feels like it could be a little difficult
to do this on my little table here, but I’m gonna try anyway. [music] [stabbing of chips] [good mixing, Ian] Y’know, might’ve been a smarter idea to crunch
these all up while they were still in the bag. I wasn’t thinking. You definitely wanna make sure that the Doritos
are small enough, you don’t want too many really big chunks. Okay, well, this is probably not as small
as it should be, but I don’t wanna do it anymore. So, it’s done. Okay, put that aside. Is that the egg? Oh, thank goodness. Okay, now we need to make the flour and corn
starch mix. So we’re gonna do a third of a cup corn starch. Two thirds of flour. I can already tell that I’m making too much
of this, but it’s a bit too late to turn back now. [cheerful musicians imitating sheep] [music sped up] Put that aside for now… Now we’re gonna combine the egg and water,
so water in here… The egg… Beat that egg up. Unfortunately, that’s all I can do in this
specific location, but I’ll see you over there. Hey, we’re over here now! We’re about ready to start frying our mozzarella
stick. First off, we gotta fill up our little fryer
here with oil. I know you can do this kinda frying on a stove
with a pan. I’m more comfortable using a little mini-fryer,
so that’s what I’m gonna be using. First I’m gonna fill it up with some vegetable
oil. [oil pouring] Then I just plug it in like this… Connect the plug like that… And we’re gonna set it to heat up to 350 degrees. And then once that’s done, we get to the fun
part. I gotta stop calling things the fun part. We get to the… fuuuuun par- All right, now that the oil is hot, it’s time
to get frying. [rip] If you’re following along with me at home,
basically what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna dip it in the flour mixture, dip it in the
egg mixture, dip it in the Doritos, and then drop it in the oil for about 30 seconds. And after that, we should have a nice, delicious
Cool Ranch mozzarella stick. That’s what we’re making. I forgot for a second. Here we go! [cheerful, dancy music] That looks about right. Coating it in the egg mixture… Looking good. And then we go right into the Doritos. That’s, uh… Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know about this. Why don’t we double dip? We can go back into the egg, and then back
into the Dorito. There we go. And then we’re gonna drop this right into
the oil. [sssss] Looks like we’re losing some Doritos. Hopefully that’s not a problem? Okay, it’s been 30 seconds. We’re gonna go in after it. [pleasant jazz too fancy for Doritos] Well, hey there! That looks pretty good! Surprisingly, that looks kinda like a mozzarella
stick! [laughs] All right! What do you think about that? This looks like the best thing I’m gonna eat
all day. It looks really edible. I dunno how long I should wait between frying
and trying. I can’t even pick it up without the cheese
stretching. Oh, baby. [crunch] Well, that is undoubtedly the best thing I’ve
had today. For sure! It’s definitely more loaded than the Doritos
Loaded. [stretching rubber noises] [oh my god it keeps going!] So, I think this is better than any of the
frozen snacks that I’ve tried. I think actually making this is gonna make
you happier than just buying the frozen ones. It’s really not too much effort, and it just
tastes a lot better. That said, it is nowhere near as good as a
regular mozzarella stick. You CAN taste the Cool Ranch AND the mozzarella. Whether or not those flavors go together well
– that’s up to you. I think the fact that it actually worked and
that it worked out better than the frozen stuff – that all together is better than the
actual taste. So while it is the best, it’s still not very
good. [laughs] The victory is very nice. The taste? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Meh! Ah, the chip and cheese combination. I dunno. Kids might like that. Kids might actually like that. Maybe make that for your kid and then tell
me what they think about it. And that’s all I really got to say about Ian’s
Original Cool Ranch Mozzarella Stick. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video,
it’s been really fun making the stuff. I’m sure it’ll be fun to edit. Um, Editing Ian, was it fun to edit this video? Let me know right here. Whether it’s food, games, movies, any of the
stuff I try out, I just wanna make videos that you guys like to watch. So give me some feedback, let me know how
I’m doing, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Thanks again for watching. [meh!] [ending music]