Today I am going to tell you , how to make Indo- Chinese Fried Rice always remember Chinese cooking is a high flame cooking So, for that let’s put gas on high flame And put 1 tsp of Oil Preferably Sesame seed oil If you don’t have Sesame seed oil then put vegetable oil And now firstly we have to put ginger Julien Yes, ginger cut in julian Now, let’s put 3-4 cloves of garlic. Toss it up Now, put red bell pepper Toss it up Add little bit of cabbage again toss it up Now add little bit of capsicum Toss it once again Now put little bit of garlic leaf or spring garlic That is a optional thing, if you have you can put it otherwise you can avoid it Now, add salt to taste. pinch of salt and toss Now add black pepper powder, toss it once again Now add a little bit of soya sauce about the tsp and toss it Add spring onion, just to give the freshness to the dish Now add a bowl of cooked rice toss it & mix it well Mix it properly, cook for half a minute And your indo-Chinese fried rice is ready So, enjoy