Cut the green onion in half and slice it It’s more delicious with lots of green onions. Add a bowl of rice and eggs in the bowl I like eggs so I add 2 eggs Add a little salt I add some cooking oil. Mix ! The ingredients are ready ! Dududududu Please add cooking oil Add green onion and fry Frying green onion in cooking oil makes fried rice taste better. When the green onion is about 50% cooked Add the prepared rice Let`s fry ! Turn off the heat when the eggs are cooked How is it? It look delicious already. Magic source! Add oyster sauce
(add salt, If you don’t like oyster sauce^^) Mix with remaining heat in pan. I’ll eat it! It’s delicious ! It ‘s delicious, so once more! Ta-da! T T I’m ok Yum-yum Mmm ~ Good Yum-yum Savory harmony of green onion and egg ! Anyone can cook it and eat it Let’s meet again ^^