How you doing everyone it is barry here welcome
to my virgin kitchen hope you are well I am your self taught host and today as requested
by Nicole bird we are making some French toast super stonking classic indeed me and lizzie
had a moment there and had to think to ourselves did I do French toast before, there is over
a thousand videos so I need a bit of slack here but it turns out I have not I have done
French toast rollups that are stonking indeed I will leave a link in the description for
that video so check it out afterwards but classic French toast there are a few hints
and tips I can give you we call it eggy bread in the uk randomly but I like the name French
toast but it is quite nice to nail a classic and this is how I do it. The first step to
give you is get some decent quality bread ok if you just get regular bread that is already
sliced it is normally quite thin by getting your own stuff like that (this is freshly
baked) I went to the supermarket an hour ago you can cut it nice and thick so if you get
it about an inch thick each slice so worth it. If you use thin bread too it will soak
up the milk and egg mixture straight away and just get bread lepracy or something like
that not good my friends that basic mix our egg is going into is a combination of eggs,
so crack two eggs into a dish you can fit a piece of bread in later on and some milk,
semi skimmed milk I actually have a bit leftover and knocked it on the floor. But it is quite
thirst quenching it is completely up to you what you add a lot of people go crazy here
I quite like the classic of vanilla extract just a tiny bit there and some cinnamon, ground
cinnamon but powdered sugar like icing sugar is really good as it dissolves through if
you use finer sugar or brown sugar it caramelises more you can really play around with it more
so get it all in one dish, whisk it all together until nice and consistent and speckled coloured
and just before we cook it up two questions from my last video, Thomas herard hi barry
could you do a video on microwaveable mug cakes I have done a whole playlist on mug
recipes, click up here for it and in the description too. This comment got me a little bit is it
skarasthlm I would love to see you make baklava on the last video I did I embedded a comment
like this that said can you show me how to make baklava and I said I had already done
it and gave you a link to that recipe but this person in the nicest way is asking me
to make baklava but I have answered that in the last video ok.
Do not put your bread into that mixture just yet we concentrate on our frying pan we want
to get that slightly warm some people use vegetable oil some people use butter as it
gives it a slight golden colour and salty edge I like to use a combination of the two
so get it in there nice and melted through so then what you can do you have these thick
slices and a little bit of time with it it will not shrivel up straight away sit it in
there get it all nice and coated, flip it over and do the other side too, nice and soaked
and it is time to stick it in your pan and cook away until nice and golden brown on one
side turning it over cooking again it will cook a little faster with the pan being slightly
hotter then rest on kitchen towel. Absolutely gorgeous, repeat those steps as
many times as you need but that mixture does get absorbed the quantities I am giving you
which are all on my website, will give you two decent slices of bread. If you follow
me on snapchat you would have seen my behind the scenes of making this it is all golden
brown with a custard like filling and I finished it off with strawberries, blueberries and
maple syrup. Absolutely gorgeous. So there we are then Nicola hope that was
useful I will not eat it all as have to work my way through this old chap right there,
if you do make this recipe or any of my others send me a picture and let me know how you
get on I love to see it and some actually suggested I put a gallery at the end of my
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can form the next video and you can be the next Nicole. Oooh, see you next time, bye