It’s time to celebrate Independence Day. Check out this American Flag made of stackable gummy JELL-O candies. Hi, I’m Theresa Chong and welcome to Chewable Structures. Today, I’m using a candy mold by The Modern Gummy. I like this specific mold because on the backside there are these little divots that allow your building blocks to stack up on top of each
other. I’m going to put links to everything that
I’m using today in the description box below, so let’s start building! First, spray vegetable oil on the base and
lid of the brick mold. Stir the coconut milk, then add 1 cup to a
bowl. Add 4 packages of gelatine and whisk until combined. The mixture will get a bit clumpy like this. Pour it into a small pot and use low heat. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and whisk for a few more minutes until it’s a smooth consistency and the gelatine is melted. Pour it into a small bowl and remove the top
foam. The Modern Gummy mold comes with a small eyedropper that you can use. But, I like using this plastic dispensing
bottle. It’s just a lot faster and doesn’t leave
little bubbles on top. When you put the lid on top, make sure “The
Modern Gummy” logo lines up. Then, squeeze out any excess liquid. To speed things up, I’m using 2 Modern Gummy brick molds. If there’s extra gummy along the edges,
just use a sharp pairing knife to cut it off. Repeat this process to make the cherry and berry blue gummies. For the full recipe, check out the Chewable Structures website. It’s time to start building! Arrange the gummies so that they look like this. Thanks for building with me today. Remember to subscribe to my channel and check out these other videos of Chewable Structures that you can make at home. See you next week!