Bismillah Arhaman Raheem, Aslam Alaikum My name is Afzal Arshad And today we are here with a most requested recipe today we are going to make Lahori Fish which is very famoush, many people travel long way to eat this fish we will share the same recipe which is made in fampus restaurants The first thing we need is fish the trick to buy fish is i will tell you how to buy perfect fish i will show you how to buy fish now this is black rohu fish This fish is available in different weights shape of this fish is long and flat head of this fish is small and bended towards inside like you can see in video and normal weight of this fish is normally 1.5 kg or 1.75kg this is another type of fish which is larger in width this is called thela in local language this is sliver but we will only use Rohu this is black from upper side and this is shape of black rohu the fish we need is black rohu fish the names are different according to local languages but in urdu we call it rohu if you can see here this is black rohu fish black from one side and long in length now we will cut this you will find this in this condition when you will buy get it cleaned from your supplier we will cut this from center and make it flat both sides of this fishh will get flatend so what we will do is first of all catch it firmly on cutting board and cut it from the bottom side here is the bone of the fish we will cut it like this and open it like this see this cut it like this along with the bone now we will marinate this fish after washing it is flat from both sides in this pot we will make the marinade for fish the first thing is tamarind which is soaked in water for a while i have 6kg of fish according to that this is 300gm of Tamarind rub it like this and seperate the pulp in the water after that we will strain this you can add water as per requirenment this water is required for mariande of fish we will not add any water in marinade other than this now take a strainer like this and strain the tamarind water rub this and strain all the pulp we have added the tamarind water in this pot we will make the marinade in this pot now add lemon juice in this cut the lemons and squeze in this pot ia am adding everything according to 6kg fish we will add 3-4 lemons only lemon and tamarinf that we have added in this these will give us the required sour taste they will also work as tenderizer they will pull out all the moister from fish and will make the fish tender from inside the next thing in this is this is ground ajwain the smell of ajwain should be in the fish this will reduce the smell of fish we will add 2 tbs this is for 6kg fish for 1kg we will add less then half tbs next thing in this recipe is garlic this is garlic paste half tbs for 1kg and 3tbs for 6kg fish the next ingredient is basin why we will add basin? basin is not used to make any crispy coating it is used to make the marinade sticky so that spices will stick to fish while marinating this is nearly 300gms if you have 1kg fish then add 50g of basin mix it well after adding the basin basin is mixed very nicely the next ingredient is salt we have aleady added salt to fish while washing we will put less than a tbs salt in 1kg of fish we dont want salty fish we can check later and can add salt i will put 5 tbs of salt in this recipe 5 tbs salt is added in marinade the next ingredient is garam masala this is ground garam masala 2 tbs of garam masala will be added into it this is to enhace taste and improve the aroma this has very strong taste, avoid to use in heavy quantity this is for 6kg less than a tbs for 1kg next ingredient is red chilli, obviously, we need a spicy taste in fish half tbs of chilli for 1kg fish and 3tbs for six kg i have 3 tbs of red chilli powder if you have noticed, the salt this i used if also rock salt that will give better taste the next ingredient is. also chilli these are red chilli flakes we will add 3tbs of chilli flakes the spoon that i am using is table spoon you can add extra to make it more spicy half table spoon in 1 kg the next ingredient is coriander powder we will add 5 tbs of coriander coriander will give very beautiful fragrance while cooking the next ingredient is cumin cumin should be ground but not finely 4tbs of cumin will go in this recipe this is one table spoon 4tbs of cumin has been added to the marinade if you have noticed, this not finely grounded now all the spices have been added to the marinade fenugreek is optional in this recipe that gives bitter taste in this recipe mix all the spices one more thing, we will not use curd in this recipe we use curd or yogurt in many bbq recipes but in fish we will not use curd yogurt works as tenderizer that will make fish soft but we dont want that lemon and tamarind will work for us mix it well and make a fine paste these are our flavors that we have combined in one place now put the fish inside the marinade and now rub it with spices we will not fry it now, marinate it for atleast 24 hours in fridge because the trick in frying fish is to cool it while in marination avoid from freezing but it should be chilled before frying chilling and frying will give us the layers of meat in fish that we want shopkeepers put this fish on ice after taking out of fridge while frying and selling to keep it chilled put all the pieces of fish inside the spices and mix now mixing in spice is completed you can see all the fish is coated with our marinade the recipe that i am telling you, try it once if possible this is copy of many famoush fish shops in lahore this is very good and authentic recipe if you will try this once, you will remember that you have eaten fish we will fry this after 24 hours Bismillah Arhman Raheem now we will fry this this kind of wok is required to fry this fish wok should be thick and iron made this will prevent fish from burning and sticking to bottom thats why this wok is used if you see the fish which is marinated very nicely fragrent we have marinated this nearly 24 hours spices are absorbed inside the fish if you dont like layers of spices on the surface, you can remove wiith hands before frying removing the spice will not effect the taset if you fry this after cleaning all the spices, even then you will get great taste now we have to put oil in the wok don’t use ghee in this, use only oil soepeople say we should use mustard oil to fry fish that was used in homes by old women but now commercialy it is not used use cooking oil for frying the fish as i am doing lets put the oil inside thw wok flame is high under the wok and the required tempreture of oil for first time is 14-150 Celsius now the temp is at 71 celcius you can get 140-150 tempreture at medium flame while frying we will press fish with this tool to remove maximum moisture now the tempreture is reached to 150, now drop the fish in the oil flame is at medium now now remove the spice coating if you want and drop the fish in the oil if someone doesnt have this kind of thermometer, he can still cook the fish. put stove on medium and fry the fish after cooking 3 or 4 minutes, if you can see here very nice and beautiful color is coming to the fish cook at slow tempreture now press it gently very gently we will remove all the moisture fry it like this after 10-15 minutes, our fish fry will be ready noe see this at this time it is cooked from one side now we have to change its side you can remove this layer of spices we have turned the side same spices are here you can remove all this now again put this inside oil and fry this we have fried this 5-7 minutes from one side now we will do the same to other side press it gently to remove moisture now fish is ready now gently take it out very nice and appetizing color very nicely fried fish now see this fish is ready and out oil now these spices will give very crispy and spicy taste in your mouth it is very hot now, if you its layers here there should be layers in the meat of fish rather than a foamy texture see this i have broken a piece and see the layers here speciality of this fish is layers of meat after some time it will get more firm and juicy you can the beautiful texture and color of our fish very delicious taste and beautiful aroma if you try this recipe if osmeone wants my recomendation then he should must try this recipe if you will taste this trust me very delicious taste exactly the same flavour of famous lahori shops very nicely cooked marination is done deep inside and very good recipe give thsi recipe a shot and you will remeber the taste for years InshAllah many people have requested fir this recipe and also this is demand of season this is how fish is fried in restaurants and this is method of making it InshAllah we will meet in another video, till then take care of yourself, Allah Hafiz