The Travel 13 Hey guys, Welcome to Travel 13 my name is DJ & i am here at Kaati Express Dubai with Bunch of Filiponos trying Indian Food Have you ever tried Indian food No, not yet Have you ever tried Indian food no What do you expect ? hmm Spicy & complicated Flavor Did you eat the Indian food before ya I have tried Biryani & some sweets Did you ever tried Indian food before no not yet, this is my first time What is this ? This is called Chutny, its made of Mint What does it tastes like ? Its very hot !! Can I ask for a Spoon ???????? HAHAHAHA What ???? Oh Game ?? Game ????? I will try !! Its very Spicyyyyyyyy Lot of flavor going on Its like Filipino Food Its made of Mutton wrapped in egg Mutton !!! I think mutton in Philippines is GOAT Looks like BBQ in the Philippines I believe there is egg on it right ? YES Kathi Gosht in the Philippines is GOAT Hmmmmm This is good, very good We call in the Philippine like TORTA but its nice, its very good It tastes really really great It tastes like some kind of beef & chicken But its very delicious This is called Baida Roti made of egg & it is rolled with scrambled egg Its like an Egg sandwich in the Philippines Its called Baida Roti BAA BAA Baida is Egg & this roti means bread right ? YES Guess this is what all people are saying I think this is like a Filipino food also Its delicious, its good for breakfast Hmmmm its like Tuna Pie Flavor was good, really good Hmm its good, nice, delicious, not spicy No, for me its not, its good OK , so this is the bread & what is inside Its with potato stuffing its called VADA PAV VADA PAV What is this, this is bun, what is inside ? This is called VADA PAV WHAT????? VADA PAV Its a specialty from BOMBAY OK we have like this in the Philippines You know the name ? NO SIOPAO Speechless !! I am Speechless This is my first time potato with a bread OK Its very very delicious HMMMMMMMMMMMM Tastes nice & Sweet inside because there is potato right ? Its not spicy !! So what is this in front of us ?? Chicken with red colour This is Special Bohri Chicken Bohri Chicken Bohri Chicken Special Bohri Chicken Why is this Special ? Special because its only made when there is any special occasion basically like wedding So for us this is our special occasion, we are making our first video So we gonna start with something special Its full of flavors Its like buffalo wings Its like buffalo wings marinated in ? Marinated in what ? Special Sauce !!! Secret Sauce This is so very delicious MASALA CHAI !!!!!!! Hows the masala chai guys ? Its good, it has milk right ? YA YA it has Milk Guys Thanks for watching this video & I would like to thank our whole gang of girls here for coming & tasting Indian food I would like to also thank our sponsor KAATI EXPRESS who allowed us to come & try their food & would you like to say something ? Thank you KAATI EXPRESS Thanks for letting us taste your Indian Food Thank you for the opportunity, Thank you KAATI EXPRESS BYE !!!!!