I am at Brennan’s in New Orleans and I’m about to have the Steak Diane this is quite a unique tableside service. I mean obviously it’s something that traditionally in America has always been part of fine dining but it lost currency by like the nineteen eighties right? It really has! I mean I think chefs have always taken care in their food but as menus have gotten a little bit smaller they want to have more control over the food and what the guest is dining. So that’s one of the things that we’re trying to find a little bit. As guests like the entertainment value of going out to eat yeah there’s something… interactive about the experience. So tell us this is four ounces of fillet? Correct! These are two four ounce medallions of full length beef tenderloin it is our most popular additions not even off the menu. This is an off the menu item? This is an off menu item. But people— obviously the reputation precedes it. is it also one of those instances where somebody see that cooking across the room and like you see it you certainly you want it right? Between this and bananas foster you know you’re at Brennan’s with all the smells in the room. Getting those dark caramelized– Absolutely get you a nice crust so you get the different textures. You get the softness of the of the tenderloin, but also you get a little bit of that crust for ya. We sell somewhere between forty and sixty of these at either breakfast or dinner. The beef industry is a big fan of Brennan’s. And these are mushrooms? Just good old button mushrooms. Little butter, little garlic and a little thyme. I think those are the most special effects we’ve had on the Meat Show. This is the Steak Diane sauces. The traditional red wine and veal. So supposedly named after the a Roman goddess Diana?
Correct goddess of the hunt. That originally this dish or at least is thought by some to have started with venison?
Yes! I’ve heard that too—- well look at that! Thank you chef! All right thank you that— that’s beautiful and what a great experience actually have that cooked table side For all of the modernity and all the great things that we enjoy in the modern world, It’s kind of nice to have some of this traditional… like this Steak Diane perfect ah look at that! Beautiful, beautiful pink hue. I mean I’m not the biggest filet mignon fan to be honest but when you give it such a viscous obviously flavor imbued sauce like this– I guess it doesn’t really matter so much wow! What’s so great about this dish is you get all those positive attributes of the steak. That really intense you see in exterior that juicy light in the flesh— but the sauce is sort of like almost like a braise like a long stew . So you get those really deep deep flavor notes. There’s a real nuttiness there but there’s also the sweetness and that’s the  veal stock I’d probably say more but i’m lost in the Steak Diane. I am tongue tied if you have a head table side service I highly encourage it it really is part of the hospitality of  fine dining so I’m glad that it’s here at Brennan’s I encourage you highly to come down here the Eggs Hussarde is a great way to start the meal Steak Diane is a great way to finish the meal for more Meat Show Nola click here now and I’ll see you in the next episode