(orchestral music) – This is what I hope to see when I die. – I mean, I don’t know who
doesn’t love fried chicken. – If you wanna seduce me,
just offer me fried chicken. And I’m (snaps) like that. (orchestral music) – Everyone’s gonna win today
because it’s fried chicken. – Except like your cholesterol
levels and your arteries. – This tastes like some off brand chicken. – It’s good. – It’s buttery. – It’s good. – This one necessarily
doesn’t have that much of a crunch to it. – It’s dark meat, it’s fatty, it’s rich, it’s luxurious. – That was pretty good,
I’d give it like an eight out of 10. – I like really, really crispy chicken, so I’d give it a five. – Oh this smells good. – Like the outside isn’t really that oily, but once you go inside,
it’s like a vat of oil. – The chicken is a
little dry for my taste. – Oh, it’s so spicy. – It feels like the skin
and the chicken are two different things, and I don’t like that. – I feel like this is– – I think it might be Popeyes. It’s got that nice little Popeyes flavor. – Five out of ten, would not eat again if these weren’t in front of me. – Already 100% sure this is KFC. – You know your chicken. – Oh, I just got a huge bite of grease. – This one made my spit
really stick to the chicken as I pulled away from it. – I dig this one. This is probably first
place for me right now. – I don’t know, this is pretty good, but I don’t think it’s as
good as Roscoe’s or Louisiana. – No. – This tastes to me like
the most processed so far. – It’s mostly breading. – You know what, I’m just
gonna take another bite because I might not eat dinner tonight. – (muffled speaking) – Did you say “take me to church?” – I like this one. – This one is very, very greasy. This came like straight from the fire. – I hope I don’t get diarrhea. (laughs) – This is definitely the
best wing I’ve had so far. – It’s too wet. – Yeah, it’s really wet. I don’t like it. – I don’t know what this
brand is, but I’m not… Maybe this was the church one. – That’s too much… It’s not even chicken
anymore, it’s just fried skin. You have some skin on your lip. (laughs) – Smell that. – (exhales excitedly) – I like the skin. – Mhm. – Mm, that flavor, damn! – This one was like the perfect dessert to the rest of these. – Look at how much chicken as well. Like this came from an
animal, you can tell. – This one is seasoned
really, really well. (muffled speaking) – Winner winner, chicken dinner. Boom! – Boom! – That one. – Louisiana, Popeyes, KFC, Church’s, Roscoe’s. – Roscoe’s, Popeyes, KFC, Church’s, Louisiana. (screaming excitedly) – [Both] We got it right!? – We got it all right? – [Both] Yeah! – Boys, we’re boys! We’re boys who like chicken! Boys, we’re boys, who like (bleep) fried chicken! Pick the chicken up, take a big bite, let it down to the floor,
and have a good night, woo!