I need for you to take a page from my playbook.
It’s something that drives my wife crazy. I will not go through a drive thru at a fast
food or quick serve restaurant. I just won’t won’t do it. Because you become a prisoner
to how slow that line might be, and in many cases, you’re trapped, you’re there for the
duration. So, I park the car, and I go inside. I don’t have a gasoline car, but if you do,
it saves you gasoline to park that car and go inside. And it may save you a substantial
amount of time. The industry trade publication QSR tracks what’s going on with the lines
at fast food restaurants and quick serves, and they found that the drive thru lines take
the longest they have in all 17 years they’ve done that survey. So if you really want to
save time, park the car, pick up a few of the calories that you’re going to save, and
walk inside!