When you look around South LA what you see is mostly unhealthy foods because of the economic reality of different communities People everywhere want quality food. Because you can’t get anything for four
dollars and fifty cents that’s the least bit healthy. We think that everyone, everywhere is equally deserving of not only access to healthy food, but access to all the other things that ought to be human rights. I’m Craig Hopson and I’m the Executive
Chef at Everytable. In the past I’ve worked at high fine dining restaurants. Three star Michelin in France. Le Cirque in New York is
obviously a very famous restaurant. The opportunity came with Everytable the chance to do something completely different but I’m sort of a creative type, so I like to create things, so I can still have those creative juices fulfilled. It ranges from salad, like a chicken caesar
salad made with kale so it’s really healthy. And then we have cold bowls like a Vietnamese noodle salad, we have a tex mex style salad, we have a pork red pozole, we have a vegetarian chilli, and we have a chicken tinga with chayote and grains. But yeah we run the full gamut
from salads through to entrees. The pricing at Everytable, everything is under four-fifty. Depending on where are stores
are located we charge different prices. Whether you’re a mom in South LA where per
capita income is thirteen thousand dollars a year or you’re on the Westside, the number one thing that people blow their budgets on is actually their food. We try and price our meals at a level that’s
affordable for the local community. It’s been a real real challenge to create meals like this at a low price point at a good nutritional value. This is a Jamaican jerk chicken. So this has been And then smoked in the smoker for about two hours Every day in the kitchen we have our culinary team and our chefs prepping out a big quantity of each meal. Those are finished off literally hours before
they get dropped off at the stores. We sell through everything from eleven to eight. Whatever’s left over on the shelves
is then donated to charity. I work for an organization known as Ella’s Foundation. We provide transitional homes for
guys coming out of prison. And we get the donations that
Everytable finishes up with. We take them and we provide the meals for
the guys at the two sites that we have. The community here definitely needs these
types of prices because of course as you can see we’re a developing community where a
lot of the individuals in the community may not have the resources to pay for the
food of this type of quality. Most of the people here in the community they have low income, and they are always you know working, and running from the work to the house. So really, it makes that option they didn’t have before. Obesity is prevalent in our community so we’re
really excited that there’s a place like this that can provide healthy food for the
families in our neighborhood.