Out here in Namma Bengaluru, we love tiffin or our breakfast meal and a big part of our tiffin… … experience is the dosa or the dose. In this episode, we are going to explore Bengaluru’s most popular dosa destinations. Be it a restaurant, or be it a little eatery… … somewhere or perhaps a curbside joint like this. So, what we decided was to poll you in Bengaluru to find out what your most popular, most favourite… … dosa spots were. So we asked you on Instagram, on Facebook, on YouTube and you came back with a ton… … of recommendations. So in this episode of Gourmet On The Road, I’m going to explore the most popular… … recommendations. So stick around till the end of the episode to find out… … Bengaluru’s most favourite dosa destinations. One cannot talk about dosa in Bengaluru without mentioning MTR or Mavalli Tiffin Rooms… … the city’s oldest tiffin room… … on Lalbagh main road. I began my dosa trail here. You know, it’s just past 7 o’clock in the morning and this place is crowded, it’s buzzing. Let’s order for our dosas. One Masala Dosa and one Plain Dosa. Plain Dosa. Plain dosa, okay. Masala Dosa. Thank you. Okay, Instagram pictures taken, time to tuck into the dosa. So what I’ve done is I’ve ordered two dosas here… … at MTR, one is their Masala Dosa which hugely, hugely popular. At MTR they serve this dosa in this triangular… …sort of a parcel and then the Plain Dosa. I haven’t tasted the Plain Dosa ever but I thought we were doing… … a dosa episode, so I said we must try the MTR Plain Dose as well. Well, people here refer to the ‘dosa’ as dosa but there are traditionalists who would call it a dose. Dosa-dose, well, anything goes. You know the MTR dosa is always served with a little kattori or they call it here… … a ‘butlu’ here, a butlu of pure ghee. So, there’s already a copious amount of ghee that’s on the dosa… … but then you have more ghee that you can slather over your dosa, if you’d like to. Dosa out here is served only with a chutney, there is no sambar and that is traditionally how we eat our… … dose or dosa In Karnataka it’s typically with the chutney. Go right into the centre of the dosa. Aah, you can see that ghee glistening away even as I tuck into this dosa. You can see that the potatoes are nicely tempered, there’s some turmeric… … there’s some curry leaf that I spot here, there’s some onions too. Mmmh! The dosa is crunchy and that potato filling is mild in its flavouring but delicious. I think I’m going to taste a bit of the chutney in this bite. Mmmh! Let’s taste a bit of the dosa with the chutney. Mmmh! The dosa is roasted to the perfect crisp. To many people a 6:30 am dosa at MTR is a ritual and when you… We’re going to taste the Plain Dosa now at MTR. Oh lovely! You can see that you’ve got the chutney… … that’s been smeared inside the dosa while the dosa is being roasted and that gives it that slightly spicy… … taste when you bite into your dosa and the dosa is roasted to the perfect crisp, it’s roasted to a golden… … brown outside and yet it’s soft on the inside. There’s already plenty of ghee here, so I’m not going to put any of the ghee onto my dosa this time. Dunk it… … into all that chutney. Mmmh! Oh I love that chutney and the chutney is fresh. I’m usually partial to the Masala Dose but here when you taste the Plain Dose with the chutney… Thank you, thank you. So the nice bonus here at MTR is when you have the coffee … … that is served in a silver tumbler. Roasted deep, the coffee is rich in its flavour. So good. The perfect way to end you dose breakfast here at MTR. Another South Bengaluru favourite is Hotel Janatha that goes back nearly half a century. I was here to taste… … the Khaali Dosa and a scrumptious Rava Dosa. So, I’ve given my token and I’m waiting for the dosa, this is the first time that I’m visiting this restaurant… … I’m told, it’s 50 years old. So when you walk in it’s almost like you’re walking into… … a bygone era. That’s the mood, that’s the ambience, that’s the sense that you get… … when you walk into this place. The Rava Dosa is going to take some time. Whilst my Rava Dosa is getting prepared… … I thought I’ll taste the Khaali Dosa before it goes cold. Actually, this is my first time tasting a Khaali Dosa, ‘khaali’ in Kannada means empty and that’s why… … it’s called a Khaali Dosa. Served very simply here, with some chutney. I’m going to taste the dosa first just by itself. The dosa is light and fluffy but you have that sour edge on the palate… … which I guess comes from the fermentation. I think it definitely needs the chutney. That’s a spicy chutney. You can definitely taste the chilli heat in this chutney. I can also see flecks of what I… … think is red chilli. So it’s got all that chilli heat to spike up, to perk up the almost bland Khaali Dosa. Mmmh! So it’s a very democratic kind of a setup, there are a few tables here and then if you don’t find a table… … stand and eat. That’s typically what a lot of establishments in Bengaluru, dosa… … establishments in Bengaluru are about. You go, get your dosa, you find a corner, you find a chair… … if not a chair, you find a corner, stand with your dosa and you eat. Aah! So my Rava Dose is ready now. So, this is the Rava Dosa that we’re told is quite popular here, this is not a circular dosa, it is a rectangular dosa… … so as you can see, the dosa has been folded in. Aah! It’s got these nice burnt edges… … which is always the tastiest part and you’ve got a generous amount of onion that’s in the dosa. And the dosa is served with a saagu, a vegetable gravy and of course, the chutney. I can hear this crunch as I tear into this dosa. Mmmh! That crunch. It’s going crunch, crunch, crunch! Oh, this is a tasty dosa and that onion gives it such a flavourful bite. I’m going to taste this with the saagu, it’s a vegetable saagu, I think there’s some carrots in this… … maybe some potato. That’s a flavourful
saagu, very nice. Mmmh! Loved it with the chutney but I think this dosa is tasty enough to be eaten just by itself. I love that crunch of this dosa, I love these burnt edges. I think that’s the tastiest part of most things. Mmmh! So good! You know, this is my first time at Janatha Hotel and I’m super impressed with this Rava Dosa. So my pick at Janatha Hotel would certainly be the Rava Dosa. I think it’s roasted to the perfect crisp… It’s a flavour bomb! You taste this dosa and then realise why this establishment has been around for half a century. New Modern Hotel has a history dating back to 1959 and a reputation to match. The vintage photos on the wall and the menu here are a hark back to the past. I tasted a glistening Ghee Masala and a
wholesome Ragi Dosa. New Modern Hotel again is a restaurant that came highly recommended for its Masala Dose. Don’t miss that class ‘A’ hotel. A few dishes on the menu but I think that’s what makes these restaurants usually popular because there are… … always a few dishes but they do those dishes so well. And of course, you have the kitchen that you can see through. I think we should… … try and get a table here before it gets too crowded. It’s a simple, no-fuss sort of a place. You come in, you find your table, be prepared to share your table… … order for your food and eat your food and leave. So in all the recommendations that we got for New Modern Hotel, we got the Ghee Masala Dose… … which is what we’ve ordered, it’s the Masala Dose which they do it in ghee anyways… …and he just told me that that they have a Ragi Dose as well, I thought that was interesting, so I’ve also ordered… …the Ragi Dose. The Masala Dose or the Ghee Masala Dose has arrived. And you have two kattoris, some sambar and some chutney to go with it. And the dosa visually looks great. It’s got this golden brown sort of a crust and all that ghee… …is giving it that lovely lustre as you can see. Visually very inviting, very appealing. Let’s taste what this dosa… … is like. As I break into this dosa, one thing is quite apparent of course, there’s all that ghee that’s oozing… … into my fingers. But the dosa is crisp but not thick. You’ve got the potato, lentils, you’ve got some … curry leaf as well. The first bite you taste all that ghee that’s gone into the making of this dose. No wonder they call it Ghee Masala Dose
here at New Modern Hotel. The aloo gadde palya is soft creamy, not at all spicy, mellow in its flavour, which is why you need to perhaps… …need to dunk the dose into a bit of the chutney that you see here. Dunk it nicely into that chutney. Aah, thank you. So my Ragi Dose has also arrived, but before I taste the Ragi Dose I want to taste the sambar. You know the masala in this sambar is
quite coarsely ground… … so you can taste that on your palate. It’s a gentle… …sambar, you can taste some of the lentils… … you can taste the sweetness of perhaps the jaggery that’s gone into the sambar. And the slight tartness that perhaps comes from the tomato. There you go. Mmmh! You’ve got all that ghee in the dose, then you’ve got the potatoes and then you have… … that mellow, spice flavour of the sambar. Great combination! What’s interesting here is the dose is crisp
but not too thick. Let’s taste the dose with the chutney and bit of the sambar. Lovely! Having tasted the Ghee Masala Dose it was time to move on to the Ragi Dose. So the saagu, some vegetables and some chutney. The Ragi Dosa looks very earthy as opposed to the lush Ghee Masala Dose that we just tried. As you tear into the dosa you definitely feel the weight of the ragi. You can feel the weight of the dosa even as you chew on it. This is a dosa that will fill you up. And what I like about this dose is, you can see it is studded with these flecks of onion… … you can see some chilli, there’s some coriander and that kind of breaks the bland monotony of the ragi. Let’s taste this first with the chutney. The dose feels dry on the palate. The chutney definitely helps. Let’s taste the dose now with some
saagu, with the palya. You can definitely see the carrot in this. Maybe there’s some squash, maybe some pumpkin that’s gone into it. The saagu has this tangy sort of a flavour.
It’s quite delicious. I think the Ragi Dose and the saagu is a
great combination. You can certainly feel the chilli as you
taste more of the saagu. So, if you don’t want something decadent, if you don’t want something too buttery… Coffee’s hot. In fact, I almost can’t hold that glass. Just wait for it to cool down perhaps a bit. I like the crema in the coffee. The coffee’s been pulled in the kitchen and then served to you… … so you have the coffee at the bottom and you have that airy crema, the milk froth at the top. Mmmh! That’s a satisfying coffee. I think that’s the nice thing about most tiffin restaurants or South Indian restaurants… … here in Namma Bengaluru, there’s always some great coffee to go with your breakfast or to go with your tiffin… So, you leave the establishment feeling nice and happy! An iconic breakfast spot in Namma Bengaluru, Vidyarthi Bhavan serves dosas… … that many tout as the best in the city! I was here for the Masala Dosa and the
Saagu Masala Dosa. So, I have two Masala Dosas here, they may look similar, but they are not. This one is the Saagu Masala Dosa. So, you’ve got the vegetables, the saagu that the dosa is stuffed with and then you have the… … Masala Dosa with the aloo gadde palya. The more typical, the more traditional Masala Dosa here. I’m going to wait for the chutney that will get poured over the Masala Dosa here… …which is a tradition here at Vidyarthi Bhavan. The dosa here is roasted to a crisp, you can, you can hear the crackle of the dosa. I’m going to taste the Saagu Dosa first. Mmmh! The dosa is crackling crisp on the outside but it’s soft on the inside… …that’s the unique aspect of this Vidyarthi Bhavan Dosa. Mmmh! There’s also a bit of the tartness that comes from the fermentation of the batter. I love the texture of this dosa, and as you progress towards the centre of the dosa… … it starts getting softer, it’s nice and crunchy around the edges, crisp around the edges… … and as you work your way towards the centre of the dosa, it gets softer. Mmmh! And that spice from the chutney works so well with the dosa and the saagu. In fact, this Saagu Masala Dosa that you have here at Vidyarthi Bhavan, I prefer my… … Masala Dosa with the aloo gadde palya, but with this saagu that you have in the Masala Dosa here… … you literally don’t miss the aloo gadde palya. We’ll try the more traditional Masala Dosa, and this is the one with the aloo gadde palya. I’m going to go right into the centre. I’ve
got this nice big bite! Mmmh! This is a very unique dosa, in a sense that it’s roasted, it’s roasted to a crisp… … yet you taste the soft inside of the dosa. I think it takes a tremendous amount of skill and experience to roast a dosa like this. Best way to eat a Masala Dosa always is to go into the centre, get a nice bite of the dosa… … get all that potato, dunk it into a bit of the
chutney and enjoy. So, the dosa and the palya are not too spicy but the chutney combines well with it to give it that spicy punch. You have the crunch and you bite into the softness of the dosa and then the palya and the chutney… Davanagere in Central Karnataka is famous for the Davangere Benne Dosa. A tiny, little dosa shop in… … Jayanagar, South Bengaluru serves up its version of this iconic dosa. Well, they say the Davangere Benne Dosa is the tastiest dosa in Namma Karnataka… … and we’ve got a slice of that right here, in Namma Bengaluru at Davangere Benne Dosa Hotel… … and we are here in Jaynagar. So let’s see what Davangere Benne Dosa Hotel in Bengaluru is all about. So, Davangere Benne Hotel, obviously ‘benne’ means butter… … and so butter is a very integral part of the dosa here. I’ve been told by Mr Sharmugam, who’s the owner Davangere Benne Dosa Hotel here in Jayanagar… … that he procures the butter for this from
a home in Shravanabelagola. He says, this butter you won’t get it anywhere else and that’s what makes this dosa extremely tasty. What chutney is this? Idli chutney. Well, it’s a stand and eat sort of a place. Watching all that butter that’s gone in, you know, my mouth is watering! I’m salivating just holding this dosa. I’m going to taste the dosa just by itself first. Mmmh! You know, you taste all that buttery goodness in the dosa and I’ve not even gotten to palya… … I’ve not even gotten to the chutney but the dosa just tastes so buttery. All that butter that goes in, it shows in the dosa. Taste the dosa now with a bit of the chutney. Oh, this is a nice, coarsely ground coconut chutney. I think there are flecks of chilli in this. Now one interesting aspect here, they used to make their dosa over a wood fire… … and that’s what I was looking
forward to tasting. But it turns out in the last couple of days they’ve had to switch to a gas flame because… … firewood is more and more difficult to get… … I guess in today’s day and age. So, I don’t really know the difference between the Davangere Benne Dosa that was prepared using… … firewood earlier and the one that was prepared on a gas stove. But this dosa is certainly a tasty one. Now for some dose with the palya. The interesting thing about the aloogadde palya is that there is no turmeric. So, it’s a white potato mash, I think there just a bit of onion and I think there’s some salt that goes into this. I guess they just want to you to taste the buttery flavour of the dosa over and above anything else. Mmmh! I think this is as simple yet as rich a dosa you can get. Look at all that butter on that banana leaf. Gives you a sense of the butter that’s gone in. I’m going to have this chutney, they call it the idli chutney, apparently it’s served with the idli. That’s a spicy chutney. You know, the wonderful thing about Namma Bengaluru is, you wander off into a small lane and you’ll find… People throng here for tasty tiffin “at the cheapest price” to quote a regular. The Masala Dosa at Taaza Thindi, served simply with chutney, is a hit. As you can see this place is hugely popular. It’s half past eleven and it’s still packed. You can see all the dishes here, the Idli, the Vada, the Kesari, Khara Bath, Chow Chow Bath… … but we are here for the Masala Dose. Very tasty and cheapest! Tasty and cheapest. You don’t get a Rs 25 masala dose anywhere. Correct! Absolutely! Tastiest and cheapest is what they say. Masala dose for Rs 25. Serve great food, offer great value and the place is bound to be crowded and that’s what… … Taaza Thindi, I think is all about. I need to figure out where I get my dosa. You know, when you come here, you stand outside, you look at the crowd… … you think it’s going to take sometime
but it’s super efficient. I came here, I stood in line, paid Rs 25 for a masala dose, got my token and he says in two minutes… … he’s going to give me my dosa. I can also smell the aroma of coffee in the air, so I’m wondering if whether I should also get myself a Coffee. So, if you want to have breakfast here, it’s Rs 25 for a Masala Dosa and all of Rs 10 for a cup of Coffee. This place is designed for a stand and eat meal here. So, you collect your food, perch yourself on one of these tables here or maybe one of those benches there… … sit down, eat your meal. Well, the dosa is cheap, but I don’t they’ve skimped on the ghee here. You can see all the ghee that’s oozing out liberally from the dosa. Let me see what the inside of the inside of
the dosa is like. Aah! You’ve got a bit of a red chutney that’s smeared inside and you’ve got the aloo gadde palya. The palya’s almost like a potato paste. Just by itself first. Mmmh! The chutney packs a punch. Also a liberal dose of salt in the chutney
and for good reason. When I tasted the dosa just by itself I found it a little short in salt. But when you combine the dosa, the palya and the coconut chutney it balances just right. So you have the perfect amount of salt in your bite and it’s flavourful too. You have the dose, you have the red chutney and then you have the palya. You can also see there’s some peas in this potato palya. Let’s see what this is about. Mmmh! It does elevate the taste of the dosa a bit but when you eat a Taaza Thindi dosa you need to have the chutney… … in every bite, which is what completes… … rounds off all the flavours in your mouth. At Rs 25 for a dosa, this is a steal. It’s a small dosa, not as heavy as, or not as rich as some of the other dosas that you taste in Bengaluru. Rs 10 for a cup of coffee. Unbeatable! Not bad at all, not bad at all! You know, when I heard of Taaza Thindi
first, everybody said… … it’s was the cheapest place you can go
and eat a breakfast… … the Masala Dose for Rs 25, a cup of coffee for Rs 10… …and when you hear that a place is very cheap, you wonder about the quality of what’s going to be… … on the plate and I must tell you, I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality, the taste of what I have eaten… …whether it was a Rs 25 Masala Dosa or the Rs 10 Coffee and when you look around and you see… … people tucking into their meals, you know Taaza Thindi has a winning formula in hand. You know Taaza Thindi demonstrates an important aspect of this business, serve great food… …and at honest prices, people will come. Thank you for watching. Stay tuned to catch part two of Bengaluru’s most popular dosa destinations. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe, share and leave a comment . If you’d like to support Food Lovers TV, do log onto foodlovers.in and hit the Support Food Lovers banner. Links in the description below. Happy eating!