♫♪Soft music plays in the background♫♪ Hey guys! It’s Angela Coriaty here and today I’m really excited Because I’m going to be making a gak recipe that only has 2 ingredients The ingredients that we are using are Metamucil and water Other optional ingredients that you can add too Like, if you want it to smell good, then you can add Kool-Aid Or if you want it to be more vibrant, then you can add food coloring And now I’m going to be making different kinds of slimes with the different amounts of water The less water you add, the thicker it’ll be The more water that you add, the more loose and… well, the more loose that it will be I’m going to be adding 1 cup of water Using 1 tablespoon of the Metamucil [Whisper] It looks really cool [Scrape] I’m going [soft chuckle] to add my Kool-Aid [Paper rips] And I’m just going to add the whole thing of it Because… I really like, kinda like, the color red and I like vibrant things. So… Wow! [scrape] Oh, I can smell it from all the way over here It kinda smells like [scrape] cotton candy a little bit [giggle] A little bit like the pink cotton candy [scrape] [Scrape] I’m going to add the red food coloring [Scraping] Even though it is very ry… vibrant [Scrape] I want to see how [tap, tap, tap] much red [clank] we can put in it It’s all experimenting here Okay… that’s enough [Whispers] There’s never enough red [scrape] sorry [Scrape] [chuckle] Okay Oh, look at that [scrape] [Scrape] It’s… it’s like a blood red [Scrape] You could use this for Halloween You could, like, serve, if you have a Halloween party You could serve this in a dish And then [chuckle] walk around saying, “Here, eat some of my blood” [Laugh] I’m kidding, I’m kidding… I’m kidding [Whispers] That’s so gross Make sure that it’s a big bowl and that it’s microwave safe Because, if it isn’t a big bowl, then the [clunk] mixture… it will bubble over I’m going to take my bowl and I’m going [clunk] to put it in the microwave But remember, all microwaves are different It can from either 1 to 4 minutes Mine took 4 minutes, but you can experiment with each time to find the goo that you like I’m going to let it come to a boil and then boil for 1 minute It’s been almost 3 minutes I’m gonna check if it’s boiling It is! So I’m going to close it real fast [clunk] Clear [beep] and then start it for one more [beep] minute Now, I’m going to take it out and then let it [clunk] cool down But, I’m using oven mitts because it’s really hot See it’s, like, steaming If you’re younger, you might want your parents to help you with it It’s really runny, but as it cools down, it should get thick Doh…Um, you know when I added the whole packet of Kool-Aid into it? This is what it does to your fingers, if you add the whole packet It may stain your fingertips, but it does smell really good, if you add the whole packet It was a success [clunk] Look at that it’s really, like [clunk], gelatin like It reminds me of, like, strawberry jam- except thicker Very, very [giggle] thick [Tap] Whew. I like it. [Clank] Thumbs up for me I can do weird things with my thumbs, if you know me in real life This is, like, my main talent that I have Okay… so look My thumbs can go back really far Viewer discretion Look… it goes I like my slime, like… this Kind of more solid Because you can mold it To make it like this We used 3/4 cup of water and we microwaved it for 4 minutes If you like it gooey, like this One cup of water for 4 minutes So, now… I get to play with it! [Scrape] Ewww…ah Eyye- ahhhh Yum, yum [Laugh] That’s so creepy I don’t know how to do it without being creepy [Deep voice, laughing] Yum. Yum Thank you for watching, but do not forget to like and subscribe [Laugh] Bye! Yuuuum [laugh] I’m sorry- that’s creepy. Okay.