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welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today we are making dessert recipes. We are making healthy desserts, we are making vegan desserts, and we are making winter/holiday desserts. These are all really easy
to make, so delicious, and perfect for this time of year. So all three of these recipes are already up on the blog for you. So if you do wanna make them, you can find links right
down below this video. And what we’re making is a
vegan espresso brownie recipe. We’re making some almond
butter blondie recipes with chocolate chips. And we’re also gonna make
some peppermint macaroons which are vegan and so good. They’re a healthy macaroon
version/great for Christmas, (laughs) and just so good. You guys gotta try ’em. If you are not yet a
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get into today’s recipes. All right, so we are gonna start with the espresso brownies first. We’re gonna add our nut
butter into our bowl. You could use almond, cashew, tahini. Up to you. And then we’re also gonna
add in some pumpkin puree, as well as flax eggs, coconut sugar. And then you’ll just use your mixer. You could either use a spoon, or I think this works better
with an electric mixer to beat this all together
until it is combined. From there, we’re gonna
add in our quinoa flour, as well as our cacao
powder, espresso powder, which is gonna give it that coffee flavor, some baking soda, and a pinch of sea salt. And again, come in with your
beater or wooden spoon/spatula to mix this together. You can see that this
dough is pretty thick, which is why I think that it works best with an electric mixer. But again, if you don’t have one, you don’t have to use that. Once you have your dough all combined and it’s kind of thick like this, you can add in your chocolate chips. This step is optional, but I really like the extra chocolate. I mean, who doesn’t like
chocolate chips in their brownies? So just fold that all together until it’s combined into the dough, and then we will transfer that into our parchment-lined baking pan. I like to use an eight by eight pan just ’cause I like kind of higher or taller, fluffier brownies, but if you like thinner brownies, you could use a nine by nine pan. And you’ll see here how thick it is, so you’re gonna wanna just use your hands to kind of spread it out into the pan. Make sure that you press
it into the corners. If it starts to get kind of sticky, you can either switch to a spatula, or you can just lightly wet your hands, and that will make it so that
the dough doesn’t stick to it. Once you have your brownies
all into the corners and everything is smooth
and even across the pan, you are just gonna finish
everything off, again, optional, but I really like how this tastes and I like the texture it adds, but we are going to sprinkle
on some chopped up coffee beans as well as some chopped up walnuts. And then just use your hands to kind of press those
toppings into the dough so that as it rises in the
oven, those stick to the top so that they don’t fall
off when you cut them. And we will just finish everything off by popping this in the oven at 350 degrees and baking it up for
about 22 to 25 minutes. They’ll come out looking nice and kind of puffy, I guess you
could say, (laughs) or risen. And you’re gonna just let them
cool completely in the pan until you are ready to slice them. So once they are cool, you can just slice them
up into your brownies. And as always with my brownies, I like to show you guys the inside. So you can see these are
nice and kinda fudgy. They’re still soft and tender. You can definitely
underbake them a little bit if you wanted to get them extra gooey. And the melted chocolate
from the chocolate chips on the inside is just delish. (bright music) Recipe number two is our
peppermint chocolate macaroons. We’re gonna start by adding
shredded coconut into our bowl. You’ll also add in some almond flour, as well as some cooked
quinoa, cacao powder. Add a pinch of sea salt and
just stir that all together until it’s combined. If it’s kind of lumpy,
you can use your hands to press the lumps apart, I guess. Sometimes almond flour is a little lumpy. Once you get it evenly combined, you are gonna add in a flax egg, as well as some coconut oil,
maple syrup, almond butter, or you could use cashew butter or tahini or whatever nut butter you want, and some peppermint extract. You could also add some vanilla extract if you wanted a little extra flavor. And we are just gonna use the spatula to stir this all together
until a cookie dough forms. And once it’s all combined, it
will look kind of like this. And this recipe, you could do no-bake. So you could just pop
it right in the freezer, and they would hold up in the freezer. Or if you want, you can bake them, which is what we’re gonna do. And I like to use a cookie
scoop for this recipe ’cause it kind of makes
them as uniform as possible. So I just scoop out some of the dough, and then I put it onto a
parchment-lined baking sheet. And then the last step is that you are gonna wanna use your hands to kind of push the dough together to kind of form, A, an even dome, which is the traditional
look of a macaroon, but also it helps everything
kind of hold together and not crumble when it’s baking. From there, we’ll just
pop that into the oven until they’re golden
brown and baked through. And let them cool completely. And the last step is to
dip them in chocolate and drizzle them in chocolate. So I just like to use
dark chocolate chips. I just melt them in the microwave. And then I just take one of the macaroons, and I dip the bottom, and I place it directly
onto the parchment paper. And then I just repeat with
the rest of the macaroons. And then to finish everything off, I love to give them a little drizzle. And this just, of course,
adds a little extra flair, obviously added sugar and sweetness. Optional, but I think it
really adds to the recipe and makes them taste really, really good. And that’s pretty much it. The chocolate should just
solidify as they’re sitting there. And you could if you wanted, again, just keep these in the
fridge or the freezer. They also work as a
no-bake treat, like I said. And they are super delicious and perfect for the holidays
because of that peppermint. Oh, but actually one last thing. If you don’t like peppermint, you can totally just leave that out too. All right, and our final
vegan dessert recipe today is our almond butter blondies. We are going to start by
adding some coconut oil, as well as some almond butter into a bowl. And then we’re also gonna
add in our coconut sugar. Again, like the first recipe, we’re gonna use an electric mixer here. The goal is that we are
creaming everything together, so we’re not using
melted coconut oil here. We’re using softened coconut oil. And this adds a little
bit of air to the batter and helps make things
nice and fluffy and gooey. So basically just beat it all together until it is creamed together, and then we will add in the
rest of our ingredients. So we’re gonna be adding
in some flax eggs, as well as some vanilla
and some quinoa flour and some baking powder. And you could also add in
some sea salt if you wanted or maybe some cinnamon. That would be delicious. And then again, just
use your electric beater to beat it all together until you have kind of a dough forming. You’re gonna see that this isn’t coming together quite as well, but that’s okay because
we’re gonna, again, just press it into our pan later. But once you have the dough
that looks kind of like this, add in your chocolate chips and, again, fold it all
together until it’s combined. And you can see here, again, we’re having kind of a thickish dough, which is what we’re looking for. And just like the brownies,
we’re gonna transfer this into our parchment-lined baking pan. Again, I’m using an
eight by eight pan here. And just like the brownies, we’re going to press these into
the corner using our hands. And again, these are gonna
go in the oven at 350 degrees until they are baked through basically. And these are definitely
on the gooier side, so I would recommend going for
at least the minimum amount of time that I have
indicated in the recipe. And if they’re still a
little bit too soft or gooey, you can continue baking them if you want. And just like the (laughs)
brownies, again, I’m realizing how kind of similar these recipes are, we’re gonna let them cool in the pan until we’re ready to slice them up. You’ll see that because
of the oil in this recipe, they have a crispier top, so they are kind of more
like that traditional blondie where you have that crispy
top and the gooey inside. The brownies are less like that. They kind of have a softer top. But these are equally as delicious. They are so good. They don’t taste too
much like almond butter, but if you aren’t an almond butter fan, you could also use peanut butter, or you could use cashew butter,
which would be delicious. But, yes, this is a really easy recipe. They are an oldie that
I revamped on the blog, and I am so excited to finally
have a video for you guys because they’re so good. They’re a classic recipe, and I know that you are gonna make them over and over and over again. And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed our winter/holiday-inspired
dessert recipes. All three of these are fabulous. They are so easy to make, and I think they’re perfect
for this time of year. So if you wanna make any of them, the links are down in the description box. They’re already on the blog for you with pictures, ingredient
lists, instructions, everything you need to make them. If you do make one of them, please come back to this video
and let us know which one, if you made any modifications,
maybe you added something, maybe you changed something up. I love hearing how you guys tweak recipes to make them fit into your lifestyle. Makes me so happy that you can find ways to create new things that work for you. So thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to give
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