Hi it’s Jaime from Guildbrook Farm. Today we’re gonna make some granola. I love granola. I eat it just about every day with my yogurt, but when I was buying it at the grocery store i was paying about five dollars for 12 ounces of granola. That’s about two or three quarter cups. That’s too expensive for me. So I started making my own Now when I make it myself I buy a lot of the ingredients in bulk and I can make about 4 cups, a little bit more than four cups, for less than two dollars. That’s a significant difference in price. Now the only thing you need to make granola is oats, coconut oil, honey, salt.. and then whatever other things that you want to add to it. Now this is a no recipe granola. I’m really really loose with my ingredients here, if you go a little bit over on the honey or a little bit under on coconut oil it’s not going to ruin your granola, and you can add whatever things you want to it as far as fruits and nuts and flavorings and spices to make it your own. So this is really a no recipe granola. I’m going to show you the basics and then you guys can do whatever you want with it. So what you need to get started are oats. I usually start off with approximately four cups of oats. Now we’re going to add in about a teaspoon and a half of salt. I don’t measure. I just toss it in. We’re gonna stir that up just to make sure the dry ingredients are well incorporated… and now we’re going to dump in some honey. I’m gonna dump in about a half a cup of honey. You’re going to see I don’t measure here… and about a half a cup of coconut oil. Now when it’s hot outside coconut oil is liquidy but right now it’s pretty chilly so we’re gonna have to melt this first. I just so happen to have a microwave but if you have a stovetop or you don’t have a microwave that’s fine… if my microwave ever broke I’m not buying another one. All right now we have some liquidy coconut oil… gonna dump that in… and we’re just gonna mix this up until all the oats are covered. And that is your basic granola. Now you can flavor it however you want. I think today I’m going to make a cranberry almond vanilla. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to add a splash of vanilla… and by splash I mean probably half a tablespoon to a tablespoon. And now i’m going to chop up some almonds and put those in. You don’t need very many almonds, i would say probably about a quarter of a cup. We’re gonna chop these up. We’re gonna mix those in. Now if I were going to have any spices such as cinnamon I would add that now but any dried fruits like my cranberries I’m not going to add those until done baking. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to make sure that our oven’s on 300 degrees and we’re going to put this in a pan and we’re going to bake it for about 40-45 minutes until it turns brown. We’re going to toss it halfway in between. You’re going to want to spread this out on the pan as much as possible and then we’re going to put this in the oven on three hundred. Okay it’s been about 45 minutes, i left it sitting there another five minutes and our granola is nice and brown. Now don’t freak out because it’s soft, it will harden. You’re going to let it sit and cool and after it cools we’re going to add our dried fruit. Ok I let it set out for a couple hours and i’m gonna bring them over here you can see it firmed up quite a bit. See we got nice big chunks there. Now if you like chunkier there is an option of when you are mixing the oatmeal before you go and put it into the oven you can mix up some egg whites and spread it on top and you’ll get bigger chunks. I personally don’t do that just because it’s an extra step but if you guys want some extra protein in there go ahead and add one or two egg whites when you’re mixing the batch up and you get bigger chunks and a little bit more protein. Now if you’re adding dried fruit or chocolate chips now would be the time to do that. We’re just going to sprinkle some on here. It’s maybe a third of a cup. And we’re just gonna go ahead and go ahead and dump these into a jar. Now I get these lids at Walmart. They were like two bucks for I think 10 of them. Really convenient for storing things like this. And that’s it. You guys can make absolutely any flavor you want you can do… let’s see… cinnamon raisin or you can do walnuts and cranberries, or you can do chocolate chips and coconut, whatever you want. Add whatever flavors you want just make sure you add your fruit and obviously any chocolates at the end there, don’t add them to the oven because that won’t work out too well for you. and one other thing to mention is I do use parchment paper and I’m gonna recycle this. I’m just going to clean it all off and use it the next time. If you don’t have parchment paper that’s okay you can just put it right in the pan itself, but i would recommend using parchment paper. It does tend to make it a little bit easier to scoop the granola doesn’t stick to the pan as easy. So that’s it guys. Really simple, no recipe granola. You guys can whip it up in no time, you know exactly what’s in it as opposed to some of the other stuff you get at the store, and you can make it for a lot cheaper than what you can buy at the store for. If you guys have experience making granola and you have any tips or tricks leave them below. If you have any questions or comments leave those below as well. If you like this kind of stuff feel free to subscribe and like and share and see ya next time.