Mothers Day is coming up and we’re going to try to make pancakes for her. But shhhh…. because she might be still be sleeping. Hi, my name is Ethan. Hi, my name is Brandon. Today, we’re going to make Mothers Day pancakes. We’re going to make Mother’s Day pancakes. So we’re going to use buttermilk pancake mix, Buttermilk pancake mix You can season your pancakes with any spice you want. We’re going to use Summer Berry today from Epicure. And then we’re going to top our pancakes off with some maple syrup and butter. So that it looks like a nice professional meal, just like this picture. Just like this picture. Alright, let’s get started. (let’s get started) On the back of the package, there are instructions on how to make pancakes. We’re going to make 6-7 pancakes, so we need 1 cup mix, and 2/3 cups of water. Let’s mix it up, Brandon’s a good helper for this. Mix it until you can see bubbles. If you’re adding any flavoring in, now’s the time to add it. Now it’s time for a pinky taste. Let’s take out our pinkies! It’s delicious. Ya, I think mom will like it. Ok, let’s take the griddle and cook it up. When you butter your pan it make it so that your stuff that you’re putting on the stove doesn’t stick. Be very careful because it’s hot. I use medium high heat. Take a quarter cup scoop, and put some pancake batter in it, and then put it onto your grill. It’s good to take one pancake on to test your griddle before you put them all on. When it starts to bubble if you look underneath it, and it’s brown then you can flip it. I can flip it! You can flip it? Uh huh. Wow. I can be very careful. You can? (uh huh) Okay, let’s take a plate and put it on. Time to do the rest. These pancakes are for mom! She won’t eat all 7 so we gave her 2! The Mother’s Day surprise is so that she doesn’t have to make breakfast for herself or the rest of the family. So we’ll eat the other pancakes. We’ll eat the other pancakes. My mom likes syrup and confectioners sugar. Okay, let’s pour it on. I can? (Yup, you can) Woah, not all in one spot. Alright, my turn. But you know, I think we should taste test our own little pancake before we give it to mom, just to make sure it’s good. Here you go. This is delicious! Should we wake her up or should we wait until she wakes up herself? Wake her up! If you want to see more Mothers Day ideas Click right here (click right here) Mothers are special! We should treat them nicely every day of the year but Mothers Day is a day that we can treat them special. Thanks for watching our video, bye! (silly noises)