Hello ladies and gents it is Barry here welcome
to my virgin kitchen I get tons of requests for homemade style takeaways in particular
Chinese so today we are doing a really simple lemon chicken recipe it is made in a flash
so lets get going, good times, alright then folks first step we are just going to get
our thickening of the cornflour on the go so that is our cornflour going into a bowl
and we are just adding some teeny bit of water, daddy chloe is off school can I do the video
with you, well you already are now she is not very well she has an ear infection Chloe
has an ear infection you want to stand there, come and stand there all I am going to do
is mix that cornflour into a bit of a paste, do you want to try that Chloe, yes good girl
that needs a little bit more water, mix it through then I hate water, why because it
is not very good for me I do not like the water when I have my snack. Oh ok, mrs barry
was like she is off sick you are not supposed to show on camera so but she has insisted
right, nice cameo. So chloe has made this into a paste for me,
she is about to go to the doctors otherwise she would be in the video and has an ear infection
anyhow lovely content right there what we will do is get our pan onto a medium flame
and chuck in a little bit of sunflower oil all of my ingredients are available on myvirginkitchen.com
and the full steps so you can give it a go, lets get the oil nice and hot, alright so
lets fry up the chicken about 5 minutes or so these are small chicken fillets sliced
up just to make them nice and even this is enough for 2 people at the max guys so you
can always adjust the quantities, and if you are wondering Boston is here like normal.
Aren�t you mate. So as you can see it is getting nice and browned
on the edges want to keep it going until it gets a nice brown colour all over, with the
chicken cooked I am just putting it on the kitchen towel to one side but the pan we are
going to put back on the flame. Alright I am just going to move you as this pan we have
put on the boil to one side but anyhow right here is that pan still on a low flame that
we just cooked our chicken in, first thing we are going to do is add in the water this
is 250ml this will start to make the lemon chicken base, we are grating in the zest of
one whole lemon and also the juice of a lemon too so the whole juice and zest of 1 lemon.
And this is some fresh ginger a cube of that from the supermarket this stuff smells amazing
it feels very oriental in my house right now. So just gonna grate that off some of it gets
a bit wet so wipe with a kitchen towel or something like that check that out see it
is all caught there so get that all in really adds to the flavour. That mixture on its own will be more bitter
than a youtube troll but first we add the cornflour slowly add that mixture in there
because that will thicken it up we will work it through in a moment but we also need to
counter that bitterness with some sweetness, so some nice youtube followers. Never thought
I would reference ingredients as youtube subscribers but in goes the sweet we will bring that up
over a low heat and it will start to thicken up, that will be our lemon all done. Alright
just starting to bubble you can see how much that has thickened up already so I am not
grabbing my chicken and I am going to chuck it in there, like so we will keep it on the
lowest flame and mix it round so it coats that chicken in our lovely lemon sauce but
meanwhile we need to quickly move on to our other pan which is just over there for our
veg, so lets do that. So in this pan which is pretty much nearly
boiling we add the spring onion just to sort of bring it to life really this is some frozen
beans the long beans and soya beans nice chunky things and right here is a sheet of dried
egg noodles, I nearly said egg noodle pasta rice then I do not know where that is going,
so we just let that warm through takes about 4 or 5 minutes for that to cook all the time
that will cook and the chicken will be looking good and ready for serving. Ok welcome to my sink, I am just going to
drain off that mixture and if you are eagle eyed right at the top, you may not be able
to see it because of the steam oh my gosh look at that gorillas in the mist, look at
that, that is my mini food kit up there lets put this in a bowl and give it some flavour. We give it some flavour with about 2 teaspoons
or as generous as you like really of light soy sauce and just mix it around randomise
it let the soy sauce stain the noodles and get the veg all mixed through alrighty when
it comes to serving it up simple old dish noodles and veg on there make sure nice and
randomised still then it is ready for the chicken so we just sit that chicken on there
see the lemon gripping to it will go for three pieces like that do not worry about some of
the lemon dripping down like that the heat will help it seap naturally down lets finish
with a bit of chilli yeah a sprinkle of freshly chopped red chilli on there that�s optional
you could add other stuff like water chestnuts remember this serves 2 people (not the bowl)
2 portions worth in total lets have a taste. Oh my gosh that is so tasty there is a really
lovely lemon zing in there remember you can tweak that if you want it a bit sharper or
sweeter have a go, let me know down below any more recipe suggestions you have guys
if you try this recipe send me a picture @myvirginkitchen do not worry chloe is fine it is just an ear
infection we will get a lot of comments she is just chilling but thanks for watching guys
remember to subscribe and I will see you again next time.