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I’m doing something really fun today I’m taking part in a hang out with the locals, Japanese cultural experience kinda thing Basically you can sign up to hang out with the locals and they will teach you something about Japanese culture Today we are going to be learning Japanese cooking One other awesome thing was that you could choose for it to be vegetarian or vegan As you know Japanese food always includes fish and meat Always fish because of the dashi stock But they adjusted the menu today so that it will be all vegetarian friendly I’m gonna show you the cooking process and everything that I’m doing today At the end of the video I’ll explain a little about the website in case you guys wanna sign up too The basic Japanese meal consists of steamed rice, miso soup and 3 side dishes This is called ichijyu sansai in Japanese Ichijyu meaning “one soup” and sansai meaning “3 dishes” An interesting fact about Japanese cuisine is that you’re supposed to finish all of the dishes at the same time So you eat a little of each dish so that you finish them evenly instead of finishing the dishes one by one This is what we’ll be cooking today We’ve got teriyaki tofu, fried eggplant with miso sauce spinach tofu salad, and miso soup Here are the ingredients we’re gonna be using today I will link a blog post down below with the full ingredient list and the full recipe So make sure to check that out Many Japanese dishes contain dashi or fish stock But today we’ll be using this konbu instead so our dishes will be vegetarian First you want to soak the konbu in cold water for a few hours and then bring it to a boil Let’s start preparing our second dish Take your freeze dried tofu out of the package and lay it on a tray Cover this is water so that the tofu absorbs the water Miranda is mixing the sauce for the spinach salad and I’m peeling the edamame which we will also add to it Once the sauce is mixed you can add 150g of firm tofu and mix thoroughly Combine your boiled carrots, spinach and edamame into the mixture and carefully mix, you don’t want to mush them up This completes the spinach salad Next we will move on to the eggplant dish You want to peel the eggplants in alternating strips and then cut them into 1.5cm thick slices For the sauce we will be mixing miso, sugar and sweet sake Heat this in the microwave for 1 minute We are going to fry the eggplants in sesame oil So put a generous amount of sesame oil into a pan Once that has been heated you want to add your eggplant slices Flip them over as they cook until both sides are nicely browned Our freeze dried tofu is ready so you want to squeeze all the water out of it It’s very strong and sturdy so don’t worry, it won’t break We use freeze dried tofu instead of regular tofu because it will absorb the sauce more and also it keeps it shape better while cooking Next you want to cut the tofu into large cubes like this Place your tofu cubes in a bag and cover with potato starch Sprinkle that in there and shake it up carefully Keep shaking until all sides of the tofu are covered. I will look something like this! Next we are going to dice the tomato to use in our teriyaki tofu Adding the tomato will make the flavour a little less strong But it’s completely up to you, you don’t need to add it Using the sesame oil that was leftover from when we fried the eggplant you can use that to fry your tofu cubes Arrange them nicely in the pan so that they’re all laying flat in the oil We’re going to cook the tofu for 3 minutes, and then flip it over and cook for another 3 minutes Get rid of any extra oil that is still leftover once you’re done cooking them Now we want to reduce the heat to low and add our teriyaki sauce mixture which is made out of soy sauce, sake, water and sugar Also add in your tomato Shiso leaves make a nice garnish for this dish So if you have any, you want to slice those up into thin strips Now we want to cook this on low until the tomatoes are nice and cooked and it looks like the tofu has absorbed some of the sauce Next lets slice up the ingredients for our miso soup We’re going to be using some abura-age and also some green onion You’re welcome to put whatever you like in miso soup, it’s totally up to you Make sure to remove the konbu before adding in your other soup ingredients You want to boil your soup until the ingredients are fully cooked Then you want to turn it down to low and add your miso Once you’ve added the miso make sure not to boil the soup again or that will kill any of the good bacteria in the soup Now it’s time to arrange our dishes on the plates We will start off with the fried eggplant and miso sauce Next is the spinach salad Finally our teriyaki tofu garnished with shiso leaves So you’ve got your main dish in the middle Your two side dishes at the top Soup on the right and rice on the left And chopsticks down at the bottom We are all done cooking so it’s time to eat! Everything smells so good and I’m so excited to eat it Doesn’t it smell amazing? Okay let’s eat! Itadakimasu! Everything that we cooked today was so delicious And it was really easy to make! I’m definitely not a cooking pro But it was a lot of fun and really simple So I know that any of you guys can do it too I will have the full recipe down below, so check that out if you wanna try this yourself If you would also like to participate in this Japanese home cooking experience I will list the website down in the description box that I used to sign up Let me know if you guys do it as well, and what you thought I had so much fun and the family that was teaching us was so sweet and it was just such an awesome day So I really recommend that you guys participate in this as well Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon! Bye guys! Subscribe for more videos every week!