– Hey guys, welcome to
iFOODreal YouTube channel, where we make healthy
dinner easy and delicious. And today, we’re starting
healthy Instant Pot series because so many of you are afraid of Instant Pot and I love it, and I want you to love it the same way. Instant Pot is great for busy moms because prep takes minutes. It’s completely hands-off cooking method, you can walk away and do something else. Ingredients are simple, and
food comes out so delicious. Today is episode one and we’re
making Instant Pot spaghetti. And stay tuned for the end
where I’m gonna tell you the pasta you can use. Let’s do it. Press Saute and wait
until display says Hot. It will take between
three to five minutes. Add a little bit of oil
if you’re cooking lean, ground meat like turkey or chicken. If you’re cooking beef, it has enough fat not to stick to the pot. Now add ground turkey and
cook until brown in color, breaking into pieces constantly. Instant Pot doesn’t really brown the meat, and it doesn’t have to be cooked through. If cooking ground beef, I drain the fat in the middle of cooking. It’s up to you, but I find it healthier. Now add spices, salt and pepper. You can also use Italian
seasoning and two cups water. And stir, scraping the bits
off the bottom of the pot. It’s especially applicable
with ground beef, because it does stick to the
pot more than ground turkey. This will help to
prevent the burn message. Now we cancel the Saute mode, take noodles and break in half, and lay criss-cross in about six layers. Adding pasta this way
helps to prevent noodles from sticking to each other. Now add tomato sauce
on top and do not stir. Whatever you do, do not stir,
and I’m using just simple, low sodium canned tomato
sauce, without any spices. It’s the cheapest, can find anywhere, works like a charm, and I also add a touch of maple syrup or honey. It does help to offset
the acidity of tomatoes. You can also use sugar. And now we close Instant Pot with the lid, and press vent to sealing, and
we’re going to pressure cook on High Pressure for five minutes. While Instant Pot is coming to pressure, it is normal to see a little bit of steam coming out from the valve. Eventually this pin will pop up and the pressure will
be sealed inside the pot and it will start cooking. So don’t panic, don’t be
afraid of your Instant Pot. Instant Pot is mom’s best friend. And I’m gonna share another trick with you right now, watch this. If you press on the lid, the pin will pop. Magic, Instant Pot magic! So while we’re waiting
for spaghetti to cook, we have about five minutes
to get really personal. I’m just kidding. No, I’m gonna talk to you about two versions of Instant Pot spaghetti. So you can use 10 ounces of spaghetti, or eight ounces of spaghetti. And the one 10 ounces is
gonna be thicker and less meat because I found with eight ounces, there was a little bit too
much meat versus spaghetti and it’s totally personal preference. And another thing,
before five minutes is up and we’re gonna go open the pot. Once you open, it’s gonna
be a little bit liquidy. Don’t be terrified, don’t panic, we are gonna swoosh it around,
and close the lid again, and it’s gonna sit and pasta
will absorb the yummy sauce, and you will be totally happy. Okay? So now after five minutes is up, just turn that valve to venting. (Instant Pot vents) Yee-haw! And sometimes I go around
like this with a towel, so it splatters less on the counter. (upbeat music) So now, put the lid back on, and let spaghetti sit
for three more minutes, just to absorb all that extra
liquid and become more saucy. (upbeat music) So you see how spaghetti
absorbed all that water after sitting for three extra minutes and now it became more
hearty and more consistent. (upbeat music) And a sprinkle of freshly
grated Parmesan cheese and of course, parsley or basil. Freshly grated pepper. (upbeat music) And we need husbands to test the recipe. By the way, husbands can
really use Instant Pot. Put them to work. – Yeah, all the way. – Let’s do it. This is not fattening at all. – Did you just steam it? – Don’t say that to yourself. All right, ah, wait for me. Mmm. – I cannot wait. (chews food) – This is so good. Honestly– – I’m going for second one. – Guys, you don’t have to
go to Italian restaurant. – No.
– Instant Pot replaces restaurants, take out, forget all those boxes that, what? Like, they chop everything and
you cook, whatever those, no. Instant Pot. – No boxes, no boxes, eat some. – This is so, it is hearty, it is saucy, it is healthy, it’s delicious. It’s honestly one pot you would
never think that is one pot. Pasta sauce and meat, all cook in one pot. (chews food) And for the pasta you can use. So, you can use spaghetti. You can use white spaghetti,
I will not judge you. You can use linguini, and
I’m using whole wheat, but you can use white again. You can use fettuccine, and again I’m using whole grain. And you can use gluten free pasta, which is like quinoa, brown rice, just know that it cooks three minutes instead of five, I would do that. And you can even use small
shaped pasta like elbow macaroni, or those seashells, or honestly,
anything, you can use that. The trick is only five
minutes cooking time for the wheat pasta versus
three minutes for gluten free, so that’s it for today
and I hope you enjoyed and come back next week. – We’re gonna continue. – We’re gonna continue. – Our series.
– Yeah, he loves Instant Pot. – Instant Pot series. – Yeah. – And that’s the way it is, guys. – Yeah, that’s all we do.
– Keep watching. – Bye.
– Bye. (upbeat music)