(chill music) – Hi, friends, welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. And today I’ve got two
cozy soup recipes for you which are so delicious,
and they are actually made using my newest favorite
appliance, which is my Instant Pot. So I’ll admit I was a little bit hesitant to buy an Instant Pot because I felt like it was just gonna
be another appliance that I probably wasn’t
gonna use all that much, but I have to tell you, I love it. This has been so much fun
experimenting with it. And I actually bought it mostly because I wanted to start
cooking beans from scratch more, and you can cook them
really, really quickly in the Instant Pot. I actually did share a video last week that shows how to cook
beans in the Instant Pot, so if you’re interested
in checking that out, I’ll link it down for you below. But aside from just cooking beans, I’ve also been loving
experimenting with soups, and I’ve done curries and all that stuff. These two soups are both
vegan and gluten-free, and they are the two things that I have loved making the most. They are absolutely delicious. We are making a creamy
coconut mushroom soup, and we’re also making my new lentil chili. And this is a really fun
spin on classic chili because it doesn’t have those
traditional chili beans. It just uses lentils. So it’s a little bit of a finer texture, and it kind of has that
texture of ground meat because the lentils are
small like ground meat. So it’s great for those of you who have meat-eaters in your life who are a little bit resistant
to eating plant-based meals. This is a great option
because it tastes delicious and it kind of has that meat-like texture. Of course, I’ve linked
all of the recipes for you in the description box below. And I would love for you to subscribe. If you have not yet joined our community, tap that red button before
you go and subscribe. And without further ado,
let’s go ahead and dive in. We’re gonna start by making
our coconut mushroom soup, and we’re gonna turn the
Instant Pot to saute first. So just turn it to the saute function, set it for whatever time. It doesn’t really matter. Once it’s heated up, we’re gonna add some
olive oil into the pan, and then we’re gonna saute some garlic as well as some onion or some shallot. Season it with a little
bit of salt and pepper, and then you can just saute
it for three to four minutes. And this is one of the things that I love about an Instant Pot over a slow cooker is that you can do the saute function so you can cook and get
a little bit more flavor into your things like soups. So once those are softened a little bit, we’re gonna just add the
rest of the ingredients, which are a bunch of
chopped up button mushrooms, as well as some rosemary. And again, you are going to saute that until the mushrooms have softened and started to get nice and brown. It takes another maybe two
to three minutes or so, and then you can add in the
rest of the ingredients. So the soup really is so simple. It just uses a can of
full-fat coconut milk, as well as some vegetable broth
and a little bit of quinoa, which adds some thickness to it. Also adds a little bit of a nice texture and amps up the protein a little bit. You could also stir in some beans if you wanted to amp up
the protein even more. And you’ll just stir that all
together until it’s combined and then just pop on the
lid to your Instant Pot. Make sure that the thing is sealed, that the vent is turned
to sealed, not venting. And we are going to
cook it on high pressure for two minutes. I swear, (laughs) that’s
all it takes, two minutes. So just cook it two
minutes on high pressure. It’s gonna take some time
to build the pressure up. Once it does, it will turn on, and it will cook for two minutes. And then you’ll let the pressure release for about 15 minutes or so and just release the rest of
the pressure after that time. It should release a little bit. If it doesn’t, totally fine. That means it’s already done releasing, so you’re good to go. And then you can just remove the lid. And we are going to add
in some lemon juice, as well as a bit more salt and pepper. I just recommend tasting it and
seasoning it to your liking. And just give it a quick stir. Make sure everything’s combined, and then you are good to go for serving. I love just serving this as is. You could do a dollop of
coconut yogurt maybe on top to make it extra creamy if you wanted, but it’s a really delicious soup. It is on the lighter side, so I’d say this isn’t
necessarily a meal-sized soup because you’re not getting
in a ton of protein or anything like that. So I would serve it as a side dish maybe with a nice salad or
as a nice lunch option. It’s really, really yummy. You guys have seen me make this in a What I Eat in a Day video, and it’s definitely one
of your favorite soups that I’ve made on the channel so far. And then our second soup, like I mentioned, is the lentil chili. So we are also gonna be
using the saute function. And I’m actually using my
mom’s Instant Pot in this one, which is the Instant Pot Plus. So it’s a little bit different-looking, but it still has the same functionality. So we’re gonna saute in the beginning, and once it’s heated up, we’re gonna add in some olive oil again, and we’re gonna saute some red onion as well as some peppers. And we’ll just saute those
again like the last soup until the onions are kind of translucent. It takes two to three minutes or so. And then we are just gonna add in the rest of our ingredients. So for the rest of our ingredients, we are going to use some green lentils, as well as some red lentils. And then the spices are
gonna be chili powder, cumin, coriander, smoked
paprika, as well as salt, and two cans of fire
roasted diced tomatoes. You could use regular
tomatoes if you wanted. As well as some tomato sauce
and some vegetable broth. And you’ll just give that a quick stir to make sure everything is combined. And again, pop on the
lid to your Instant Pot and make sure that the vent
is sealed instead of venting so that it can actually build pressure. And we are gonna cook
this chili for 12 minutes. So just set it to high
pressure for 12 minutes. Let it come on, let it
build up the pressure, and then let it, again, naturally release for about 15 minutes or so, and then release the rest of
the pressure if there is any before you remove the lid. So just press the button and let the rest of the pressure release. Then you can just remove the lid and give your chili a nice stir. And it should be nice and thick. If it’s too thick, you can add in a splash of
vegetable broth if you wanted. And I think that it tastes good as is. I don’t really think that
it needs much more flavor, but I would just of course
always recommend tasting it before you serve it so that you can adjust
your seasonings as needed. Once you are ready to serve it up, you will just transfer it into your bowls. And for toppings, you can just use regular
standard chili toppings like cilantro and avocado, but I’m doing some sliced jalapeno, as well as some chopped up cilantro. And one of my favorite things is adding some crushed
up tortilla chips on top. Adds a really nice crunch, some saltiness, and tortilla chips and chili
are just the best combo ever. So you can just dig right in. Like I said, this is a
great meal prep option. You can freeze it. It keeps in the fridge. Both of them keep in the
fridge for five to six days. Tastes so yummy. People have already been
making it from the site and sharing it on Instagram, and everyone loves it so
far and I know you will too. And there you have it, my friends. Those are my two favorite Instant Pot soup recipes as of late. I know you guys are
gonna love these recipes. And if you don’t have an Instant
Pot, that’s totally fine. You can still make these recipes. They work on the stove, and
they also work in a slow cooker. So if you want to use a slow cooker, I would just recommend
cooking them on high for like four to six hours. And then if you’re gonna
cook them on the stove, I would just let them simmer
for about an hour or so. Otherwise, don’t forget to get the full recipes up on the blog. I’ve linked them down in the
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