Hi! This is Mona for Expert Village. We are
almost done here. The last thing I’m going to do is my cauliflower and potato Indian
curry. Once it’s done, I like to add some fresh coriander to it. Freshness is good.
Add some garm masala powder. We did add some while frying, but if you add some more later
it just makes it more flavorful. The curry is very less. We ate quite a bit of it. We
were hungry, but we have enough. We mix this up and my vegetable curry is all ready. This
is the basis of how you make Indian vegetable curry. The vegetable could be anything. You
can even make it into liquid form. You can take potatoes and peas and just add more water
so it’s like a gravy. You have a gravy instead of like dry vegetable. It’s about the basis.
It’s the ginger, onion, paste, and the garlic and all the ingredients I told you about.
For presentation, I like to add a little bit of cilantro on top just to give it like a
fresh look. Today we made potato and cauliflower curry. We made stuffed potoato, the stuffed
tortilla, and we made pakora, the wonderful snack to have on a rainy day when it’s cold
outside. When it’s raining it’ll brighten up your day. You can dip it with ketchup to
make it spicier. One thing, please while cooking or eating, watch out of your clothes. This
is stuff is dangerous as far as stains. The stains are going to be so hard to take out.
Oxi Clean stain remover. Wear an apron. Not like me. I’m kind of used to it. Be very careful
the stains are really hard to come out. Thank you for watching me and try these recipes
out. They’re all vegetarian, but they’re so flavorful. You’ll really enjoy them and maybe
you’ll wouldn’t want to nice steak and you might want to try this for a change. Thank
you. This is Mona from Expert Village.