You take a tortilla and just do this so that
the flour is brushed off it and you throw the flat bread on this flat pan on medium
to high flame. You want your flat bread, your priya, this is actually called priya, to be
crisp. You don’t want it too soft and you don’t want it to burn. For medium, a little
bit less like a low medium. Then you take some of the clarified butter and you add a
little bit to it. Now, we are going to turn it over again. Once again, this depends how
you like it. Do you like it very crisp? Do you like it half cooked? These dots on the
tortilla should not be black. The best tortillas are in which they are like dark brown. There
we go. It’s almost done. Smells good. Remember to open your window and your door. Whenever
I’m cooking come and they’ll say hey you’re cooking today. Indian cooking has such a strong
smell that people sense it from a long way off. My cloths used to smell of curry. We’re
almost done here. See the tortilla. Fresh. Let we switch this off now.