Hi you guys, it’s Laura here! Today I’m going
to show you my new favorite breakfast….(Sorry! Rico is down here because he knows I’m going
to use blueberries and I always give him some berries in the morning, so that’s why I’m
laughing…) Okay…so this is my favorite new smoothie in the morning. It’s an oatmeal
protein smoothie, like I said. I have this either first thing in the morning or within
45 minutes of getting up, or after a quick morning workout. Here’s the ingredients. So,
I have in here a cup of water. I like making this with water instead of almond milk, but
you can use your fresh almond milk that I showed you guys how to make. And then I take
like a third of a frozen banana, a half a cup of frozen berries, you can use any berries.
This is the frozen berry mix from Costco, the three berries. You can use that or any
frozen berries, or you can freeze your own berries which I do all the time. So I put
in my frozen berries and then I put in a tablespoon of flaxseed meal, this is for your good, healthy
fat…and so now we have the beautiful antioxidants in the berries, we have the healthy fat, now
we gotta have some protein, right. So I use a scoop of protein powder in there, one scoop.
I love Designer Whey Protein, it’s a very mild flavor and it’s all natural. It has no
artificial sweeteners in it. Next, a half a cup of oatmeal, a half a cup of whole oats,
whole oats. That’s what you want to use. The old fashioned whole oats. Not instant or anything
like that. And then to sweeten it a little bit, I use one or two scoops of Stevia to
just make it a little bit sweet. Now, I also like to add greens to my smoothies. Some people
don’t like that, or they can’t tolerate it, try it frist without the kale and then maybe
one day you could put some kale in it. But you really don’t notice it that much and it
gives you the great benefits of kale and the extra calcium too. So, I like to put kale
in mine. I know it seems weird, but I really like it. So it’s all in my Vitamix. And now
we’re gonna take it for a spin! Okay, so I’m back. So because I put the Kale
in it’s a little bit brown…it looks like chocolate. But if you don’t add the kale,
it’s going to look more like berries. And, you can also add some ice to it if you want
it a little bit colder. You will find this keeps you satisfied for a really really long
time. MMMM, it’s so good. And, it’s so good for you. You really don’t taste the kale.
If your afraid of it, just try it once without the kale and once with the kale. If you want
it a little bit sweeter…I know some people want it sweeter…add a teaspoon of honey
to it. I like it just like this because it’s a bit mild, and not super sweet, but you can
definitely make it sweeter with some honey, a little more Stevia or a little bit more
banana. So play with the ratios, but those are the basic ingredients that I love to use
because it gives you so many healthy good tings in one breakfast smoothie. And if you want more recipes or nutrition
and fitness tips, just click on the link below this video and you can subscribe to them.
Talk to you soon!