hey everyone if you know me you will know that I like to have my
morning toast we jam and so I was in the market the other
day and there were so many different berries at a really low price and so I thought
you know what it’s the perfect time for me to make my
own health jam with seasonal fruit and so here I present to
you my really easy and healthy jam. Summer berries and tropical goodness. the traditional
jam is made from one part sugar and one part fruit. it takes about
an hour-long to cook and it is just full of sugar this recipe however only requires too
main ingredients and it’s really easy it takes less than twenty minutes to cook
there is no added sugar or thickener and is extremely healthy for you the first ingredient is obviously your fruit or fruits pick your favorite fruit I’m going with
frozen mixed berries second ingredient chia seeds. yes this amazing superfood is the secret to bind the jam together as it cools down. i can film an
entirely video just on the health benefits of chia Seeds. these seeds provide the maximum nutrients with minimum calories. some of the nutritional benefits include
only get that the st. antioxidants high-fiber and it is
gluten-free set out to make my summer berry jam the
ingredients I’ve used are 300 ground all fresh of frozen mixed
berries one-and-a-half tablespoons of justice and I added extra flavor sweet jews from
hot 11 half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1
tablespoon of honey in a pot seemed a very simple five to 10
minutes under low heat until the mixture loose
syrupy don’t forget to step because early next let me measure the berries either
with a hand blender national of all if you like chunky
texture then eat some berries a chance that’s
totally jus from haha 11 chassis honey and vanilla extract could the gym
although he is anti it is for about five minutes they should
disturb the gym three police so it doesn’t stick remove
from heat and love the gym to cool down to room temperature then transfer it to a glass job is still
in the fridge the job will continue to be good in the
fridge this Jan would last for two to three weeks in the fridge all you can choose to be
up spread this delicious Joe on toast pancakes at into oatmeal you get ice cream or it directly at a/c cheat once you know
this eat there is no reason for you to buy
Jess anymore make your own instead I also made
another job of tropical beaches Jianhui 150 gram of hannibal and one hundred
fifty grand all name goes so stick to the basic
ingredients and you can change the routes to whatever that’s currently
easy then make your own health regen show you don’t need you with me on Facebook and Instagram for new
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with me thanks guys