– This is Alt-Baking Bootcamp, your crash course in healthier baking. (gentle music) – Today we’re tackling banana bread, but we’re gonna make it
a little bit healthier by making it gluten, grain,
and refined sugar-free. – And what I love about banana bread is that it’s moist, it’s sweet,
and it’s very banana-y and this is the OG version. – Should we try it? – Let’s do it. – It’s good. – Tastes a little processed to me. – It does. I don’t know how good you’re gonna feel after eating slice or two of this. I think we can do better though and make it a lot healthier. – For sure. – Alright, let’s do this. So first, we’re gonna start with bananas. – You want to get some overripe bananas. They don’t have to be
totally black and brown, but you do want to see that speckle because it means the starch in the banana has turned to sugar. Plus, they’ll be easier to mash. – This recipe is great because
bananas are naturally sweet so you can actually make
it without any added sugar. But we’re gonna add a little
bit of maple syrup to this just to up the sweetness a little bit and we’re gonna add some vanilla extra to accentuate the sweetness. – Maple syrup is about the same sweetness as regular sugar so you can
substitute it one for one in most baking recipes. However, because it is
liquid, it adds a little bit of moisture so you want to make sure that you have that kind
of moisture content right for your final batter. It also caramelizes a little bit slower than regular sugar so you
don’t get as much brownness on your banana bread. So it’s not all the way brown,
but a nice golden brown. – Exactly, should we add some vanilla? – Yeah. – So this recipe calls for two
teaspoons of vanilla extract and two tablespoons of ghee or as I mentioned, you
could use grass-fed butter or coconut oil. Next, we’re gonna add two eggs. We’re kind of living on the edge here. – Just cracking right into the bowl. – Cracking right into the bowl, but you may want to crack
them in a separate bowl first so that you don’t get
any shells in your dough. – If you don’t have a stand mixer, you can always mash the bananas by hand and then use a whisk
to mix it all together. – A little chunkiness isn’t
the worst thing in the world. So we love bananas because
they’re naturally sweet of course but we also love all the vitamins and minerals that they have. They’re full of B6,
potassium, and vitamin C. – Eggs are a great ingredient
because they add moisture, leavening power, and
emulsify the batter a little so you get that nice dome
on top of your banana bread and to make sure that your
batter is mixed thoroughly. – They’re also high in protein
and omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory. When I go to the grocery story, I look for organic, pasture-raised,
certified humane eggs. It can be really confusing
when shopping for eggs because there are a lot of
different labels on there, but that’s what I look for. Alright, now let’s mix this it doesn’t really matter
how long you mix it for. You don’t have to be
that scientific about it, but just make sure
everything’s fully incorporated and mixed well. Alright, this looks good. As you can see, it’s pretty liquid. Our bananas were soft to begin with so the KitchenAid mixed it up really well. If you’re not using a KitchenAid
or your bananas aren’t that soft, you can always
mash them with a fork to give it a little bit of an assist. – So we’re gonna start with
one cup of almond flour and a quarter cup of coconut flour. Grain-free flours are an awesome way to make your baked goods a lot healthier. We talked about it in our last episode for chocolate chip cookies
so you can check that out to learn more. But as I mentioned, coconut
flour and almond flour, they mix rather well to
counterbalance the kind of drying effect that coconut flour has and almond flour introduces that fattiness that you want for that nice
soft crumb in your baked goods. – And not using white gluten
or grain-containing flours will make this have a glycemic load, which means it will spike
your blood sugar levels less and make it less likely that
you’ll be craving sweet foods all day long. – And now we’re gonna go with
one teaspoon of baking soda. I’m kind of a science nerd. I love baking soda because
it’s the main leavener of our recipe, assisted by the eggs. As it hits heat, it’s gonna make these little carbon dioxide
bubbles in our banana bread, which causes it to rise. – We’re also gonna use
half a teaspoon of salt, which is gonna give us that
sweet, salt combination, which we also talked about
in our cookie recipe, so don’t forget to check that out, and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Cinnamon is one of my favorite spices and it’s one of nature’s
kind of magical things because we’re just, we just naturally want to put cinnamon on sweet foods, right, but cinnamon actually helps
regulate our blood sugar levels, which again means that when
we’re eating sweet foods, it’s not gonna spike our
blood sugar levels as much and have us craving more. So be sure the put a lot of
cinnamon on your sweet foods. Now we need a fork. Oh, good, you got one. Make sure you mix the dry
ingredients really thoroughly. You don’t want there to be any clumps because having clumps in
your bread is not good, like a dry clump of almond flour, that’s not gonna taste good. So make sure you get all
those little bits out. I think that looks pretty good, right? And let’s dump this in
with the banana mixture. Now we’re just gonna turn this back on and mix until it’s fully incorporated. It really doesn’t need that long, but if you are using a mixer like this, I still recommend that you take a spatula and just give a good whirl because sometimes there are
some dry parts on the bottom. You just want to make
sure that there isn’t any of that good egg, banana
mixture stuck on the bottom. You want to get it fully
incorporated with the flour so that our dough will bake evenly. Okay, that looks great. So next we’re just gonna put
the dough in the bread pan. The dough is thick so you gonna have to use your spatula to even it out. Depending on the depth of your pan, it should fill about 1/3 of the way up. So don’t freak out if it doesn’t
go all the way to the top. It’s really important that
you smooth out the dough and make sure that it
hits the edges of the pan. The dough is sticky, it is thick. That’s all the moisture,
it’s all the banana, the gooeyness, the yummyness. We’re gonna want all of that, but you just got to work it to the ends. And if you get any up on the sides, you can just a paper
towel to clean it off. That looks great. So last thing we’re gonna do
is decorate our banana bread before we throw it in the oven. So we are going to take a fresh banana, one that’s not brown, so
this is gonna be less sweet than our super brown ones
that we used in the dough, and we’re just gonna cut in half and then we’re gonna, there we go. I’m gonna arrange them in
a pretty little design. That’s a big banana. You want to press the banana down so that it really gets in the dough. I like this design, but you
could, you know, cut slices. You could do whatever you want. Feel free to get creative with it. So now, we bake it. We have our preheated to 350 degrees and we’re gonna bake this
for about 30 minutes. – Sometimes I eat banana
bread for breakfast. – It’s really good with the coffee right? – Mm-hmm. – Or dessert or a snack. – All the time basically. (laughs) – So you’ll know when
you banana bread is done when you stick a cake tester
into the thickest part of the bread and it comes out clean. You can also use a knife for this, but if you see any part
of dough on the knife or the cake tester, you’ll know that it
needs a few more minutes. Alright, so we’re just
gonna put the cake tester in the thickest part of the bread and it came up clean. So I think that we can eat it. – Yeah, let’s do it. What if I drop this whole thing right now? – See how it just comes
right out of the pan? So easy. Should we cut into it? – Yeah. – Alright, it’s nice and warm. Alright, let’s try it. Mmm, honestly I like this
more than the original. – It’s super soft and moist. – And it doesn’t have that
like processed oily flavor, but it’s still really sweet and you can get such a great
taste of banana in there. – Yeah, it really tastes like real bananas and not like weird fake bananas. – Totally, which are always better. Really good. It’s everything I’d
want in a banana bread: spongy, slightly sweet, not overly sweet, lots of banana flavor. I think we nailed it. Thank you so much for watching. This is Alt-Baking Bootcamp. If you want to see us make other recipes, please comment with what
you want to make below. – I’m Jenny Dorsey. – I’m Mia Rigden. – And we’ll catch you next time. – Don’t forget to subscribe. (gentle music)