how can I get my chicken stock to have more depth of flavour? So it’s great to make your own stock because it’s so versatile and you can use it in risottos, in soups also making your own chicken stock means you can control that depth of flavour. First thing to get your chicken stock really beautiful, is get a really good chicken, your carcass. We’ve got a roast chicken from Sunday, Stripped all the chicken, because you’ve eaten it all, you then want to add your veg some celery just a couple of sticks chop them up roughly, carrot don’t worry about peeling them just wash
them of just a couple of white onions. Don’t worry about the skin’s been kept on because that adds extra flavor. Garlic as well is always a really good things to add in So if you just get one whole bulb and I would just cut it into the half so that it breaks them up. To get more
flavor I would and some herbs flat leaf parsley, some thyme and some rosemary Fresh is better because you get such a nice flavor together it’s quite a good mix of some
woody and some soft So this goes into my pot. A couple of fresh bayleaves. You can use dry too but the flavours is so much better these have been fresh they’ve just dried
out a little bit. SO maybe sort of three? Nw I’m gonna some water. Fill up your pan as much as you can you’re going bring to the boil and simmer
it for three to four hours so obviously it’s going to reduce a lot.
I wouldn’t put any more salt in because if you think about your chicken I tend to be quite generous with my seasoning on my chicken But pepper, I would use whole peppercorns. Them being whole helps give a nice flavour to your stock. So next you just want to turn it onto a heat bring it to a boil and then just let it
simmer for 3-4 hours this one has been simmering for three to
four hours so obviosuly the colour is really beautiful it’s all lovely it’s been on heat for so long everything’s
really soft You want to get a seive and preferably one that’s go a little
clip bit there. This was doesn’t, but that’s fine you can just
be careful. You can see it’s catching all those little bits on the bottom I kind of need another pair of hands. can you help me. Thanks Matt! So here’s your beautiful stock. Really nice and herby. Not too salty just a nice stock something that is quite fun idea to do if you concentrated it for ages then obviously the flavour gets really intense and into ice cube trays so I got some, I can show you. I would use these more for a risotto or a sewt and then I’d use that one for like a soup or soemthing because it’s quite a light stock That’s quite a good thing to do. if you have any questions for Jamie’s Food Team drop it in the comments box below or send
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