Hello this is Chef Shawn Roe on behalf of
expertvillage.com I just want to review all the things that we learned today. I like to
also reinforce the fact the chicken is unique as a meat because it is the only meat that
could only be cooked well done. It has to be cooked to a 165 degrees internal temperature
unlike pork, beef, or fish which does not have to have that. Please make sure that you
cook your chicken all the way through. Cooking your chicken all the way through does not
mean it has to be dry as long as you use the cooking methods that I have shown you today
your chicken should always turn out moist and tender and delicious. Here finished product
just take the thermometer in the chicken length wise so the thermometer is 100% barred. 165
perfect. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson in chicken today as much I have enjoy giving
it. We would see you next time on expertvillage.com.