Hello this is Chef Shawn Roe on behalf of
expertvillage.com I just demonstrated the pan fried method for pan fried chicken now
I’m showing a alternative way to finish the chicken which is in the oven. What we first
would like to do is again add some oil to the bottom of the cooking pan. Add our par
baked or partial bake chicken not fully baked into the pan with the oil. We don’t want to
add any other liquids at this time so we could keep the texture of the frying so it has a
nice crispy exterior and keep the bread crumbs nice and crisp. We are going to set this into
the oven because it has been partially cooked probably about 15 minutes on 350. The benefit of finishing it in the oven for
any really protein is that the radiant heat would keep the moisture in a slower cooking
process and won’t corroborate the proteins as fast and dry out the protein as much. So
this is my favorite way of finishing off most things especially chicken if you have a nice
tender piece of chicken with a nice crispy exterior.