Hello everybody. Tonight we make Chicken Florentine. And what we need for this already the breast chicken, already I was clean up everything and I cut a piece like this, and I prepared already with the
salt and black pepper. *speaking Italian* I use a paper towel and I was dry good. And I put all the spice on this. And what
we, I need oil, I’ve got a couple of cloves of garlic,
salt, black pepper, parmesan cheese, and I got spinach. Now, the cream I prepare already before. I used whip cream and milk. I don’t like to use too much the
whipped cream because what happen, it’s too much rich. I like to mix together all the time. I got already in the pots. Now, we start to cut the chicken. Take the piece like this and I like to cut a piece like that. And this after, I put on the pot over
there on the stove, because it gotta be nice saute to make a nice color. And look at
this nice chicken. This now, this chicken it’s like seven ounces the breast of chicken. I use. Okay, we put the gas on, we put not too much oil you, like maybe three spoon of the oil. I want to wait for it to warm up really nice
so when I put the breast chicken it come nice. I want a nice color. Okay the oil I think it’s hot. Let me taste. I taste, you see I taste the oil. okay good I want to make a nice color on this. Lets lower down the gas a little bit. Okay now, we turn this because we don’t want to burn everything. Alright! Okay make sure that each one is turned. Okay, this is the garlic. Like this the taste is really
good together. Okay, a little bit more. I like to use a little white wine. Okay We let it simmer in the wine Let is cook a little bit like that. Okay now, the chicken is okay now. And we saute the spinach, together. But I washed and dried the
spinach. I see a lot of times that somebody
takes it straight out from the plastic bag and cooks with it. I washed this and I dried it. I don’t care if it says it’s clean already, or that it’s washed. I don’t trust it. I want to do it myself. Okay now, the pasta I got penne,
and you gotta cook this for 10 minutes. I want to cook. Okay now, this is the cream I made for this, and I pour it right inside over here. Okay Give it a nice little turn because now the chicken has to cook a little bit the more. And by the time the pasta is ready, this will be ready too. Okay, let me taste the gravy over here to see if it’s good. I want to put a little black pepper. A little salt. Not too much. That’s all. And we give it a nice stir. Okay, now, the pasta is ready, but I take it out more al dente. Because I want to show everybody why I do it like this. Okay now this is ready. Now, the pasta, it goes over here, Jeremy, in this pot over here. I take the pasta, and I bring it right over here, like this. Okay? Now, we take this and we pour it right over here. Like that. We let it boil together. So that the pasta takes in the flavor, cook it like maybe five more minutes. For five minutes, like this. Okay, now, I put some parmesan cheese. Okay, and after if we need more cheese, you see? Now. it’s the way it gotta
be. Okay Now, we want to use the big dish maybe?
We put everything in one big dish. Okay. Okay now, I want to taste this. Put one piece of chicken over here, like that. And if you want, you can put a little extra cheese on the top. It’s really, really good! Mhmmm! The chicken is so juicy and tender. It’s what I did with the pasta. You take the pasta out three to four minutes before it’s done cooking and then you cook it together with the chicken gravy I made. It’s delicious! It’s really, really good. I hope somebody makes this dish. I hope everybody likes it. It’s really, really good. Thank you very much, everybody. Like I said, I’m sorry. but I can’t drink no wine for one week. I’m taking medication and can’t drink wine. Maybe next week. Okay, thank you very much. Have a beautiful day, everybody. And I hope everybody is good. And give to me good feedback on what I cooked tonight. Thank you very much and I’ll see you next recipe. Thank you!