hey everyone and welcome back it to my
channel today we’re making some tasty and delicious healthy breakfast recipes
that are gonna be so yummy they’re gonna fill you up and they’re all full of good
for you ingredients so let’s go ahead and jump in so the first thing we’re
making are these very almond butter swirl muffins I’m starting off with some
almond milk but you can use cashew milk or anything like that some coconut oil
we’re just gonna help keep you full a little bit of maple syrup for sweetness
as well as some vanilla for flavor and then we’re gonna add in three eggs now I
haven’t tried this with a flax egg we are gonna be using coconut flour which
can be a little bit I want to say temperamental as a flower because it’s
very absorptive so you can try with flax but I’m not sure if it’ll work so add
the eggs in and then go ahead and whisk all of the wet ingredients together and
then I’m gonna be adding in some coconut flour so like I said coconut flour is
very absorptive but it’s also high in protein fiber and it really helps to
give a nice texture to these so you’re gonna fold that together and it’s gonna
seem like it’s really funny but the coconut flour actually absorbs quickly
I’m adding in half a cup of raspberries mine were frozen but you can use fresh
or frozen or if you don’t like raspberries you can do blueberries
strawberries blueberries or blackberries I’m adding in a teaspoon on the tops of
each of my muffins and then I’m swirling that in a bit so it’s kind of got that
like peanut butter and jelly vibe but we’re using fresh fruit and then we are
using almond butter and I’m gonna leave all of the ingredients down the
inscription as well as bake time next up we’re making a breakfast sandwich so I’m
gonna cook an egg over-medium while that egg is cooking I’m taking two sweet
potato toasts which I’ve made a bunch of times on my channel but if you haven’t
made them before I will leave the directions for that a little bit of
dairy free cream cheese adding them out on the top with lettuce and you get this
really portable breakfast sandwich which you can actually hold in one hand I’ve
made a similar one before with scrambled eggs but the scrambled eggs kind of fall
out of it a little bit you definitely need two hands for that one this one is
one hand and as you guys can see the egg is cooked over medium and it’s perfect
next up we’re making snickerdoodle chia pudding I’ve had a thing for
snickerdoodle lately I’m using one can of coconut milk which is the secret to
the best chia pudding vanilla as long with some cinnamon and some ground flax
which helps to add fiber to this recipe and also helps everything absorb chia
seeds of course which chia pudding and we’re gonna whisk that all together so
between the flax and the chia seeds we have Omega threes the coconut milk has
healthy fats but sure are gonna help keep you full and stabilize your blood
sugar your blood sugars not stable that’s when you get hangry and get
cravings and all that and I’m just topping it with some blueberries and
some green food granola which I will leave the recipe down in the description
box for the grain free granola and then we’re making an egg pesto bowl so I’m
taking two heaping cups of kale one of my new year’s goals was to have seven
servings of green veggies a day and I’m going strong and this bowl certainly
helps so I literally just cook that down until it wilts super easy and you can
also meal prep this I’m adding in two poached eggs as well as half of an
avocado for some healthy fats so this is a very basic breakfast but I wanted to
show you guys that it doesn’t have to be complicated I’m just adding some
store-bought vegan pesto on the top because sometimes you just don’t have
time and this makes a simple delicious breakfast that you can bring to school
or work or even prep beforehand so I hope you guys enjoyed these at breakfast
recipes don’t forget I have a video coming every Monday Wednesday and Friday
and the rest of the week’s recipes are of course going to be so delicious too
so stay tuned for that and I will see you in my next video bye guys