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breakfast ideas perfect for school perfect for work loaded with good stuff
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let’s get in to the healthy breakfast so the first thing we’re making are some
breakfast cookies these ones are blueberry and they’re perfect for
on-the-go so I’m starting off by making some flax eggs I really wanted to keep
this recipe vegan so I’m making some flax eggs setting that to the side and
then I’m using some almond butter you can use any kind of nut or seed butter
but what this does is it provides some nice healthy fats that stabilizes your
blood sugar and keeps you full I’m adding in some baking powder just to
help them rise and get like cookies and a little bit of vanilla extract for
flavor then I’m going to be adding in a pinch of Himalayan salt it’s got so many
essential minerals in it for you and it brings out a bit of the sweetness along
with the two teaspoons of maple syrup and then you’re going to mix that all
together until you get like a nice thick paste and everything is combined this
makes it really easy when you’re gonna be adding in the drive so then I’m
adding in a tablespoon of coconut flour and coconut flour is really different
than any other flour it really absorbs plus it’s high in fiber and because you
don’t need a lot it’s a lot of what cost effective because you get a lot of the
absorption with just a small amount of flour but you can’t use another flour
it’s just a one to four ratio I’m putting in some frozen blueberries
Louise are loaded with antioxidants loaded with fiber and polyphenols which
help to decrease inflammation you can do fresh as well or any other kind of berry
or fruits that you like you’re gonna need about half a cup of a fresh or
frozen fruits or whatever you have so making that into a cookie shaped and
then I’m going to be baking this off in the oven and everything is listed down
below and then you have breakfast cookies that you can have as a snack or
for breakfast all week long they’re delicious they’re warm and they’re full
of fiber and healthy fats next up we’re making a sweet potato sandwich which is
my twist on sweet potato toast and I’m using some avocado as you guys know I
love avocado and we need some healthy fat because healthy fats help keep you
full a pinch of Himalayan salt again so essential minerals in it and then I just
scrambled an egg and I put this on top this was really quick to do you put the
other side sweet potato toast and there you go you have a sandwich that you made
of sweet potato toast so you basically just put them together I also want to
show you guys a couple of things that I like to carry in my purse on my Clank
bag so mushroom coffee and then matcha ecology and viral proteins because you
just need to add hot water to it and then I also always carry some brain
octane and lastly we’re gonna make some raw porridge so I’m starting off with
just a few strawberries I already washed them and then I just keep them in
container because I know I’m gonna get comments about that so you take the tops
off you can also do this with blueberry with raspberry cherry and then I’m gonna
be adding in a cup of soaked cashews so I soaked them overnight and then I’m
adding in the splash of vanilla and then I’m adding in some buckwheat into a bowl
and I soaked the buckwheat groats overnight as well to kind of have them
sprout and soften a bit and then they are easier to digest and what’s great
about buckwheat this is actually grain free even though it looks like it’s a
grain it’s actually a fruit seed so it’s paleo so I blend the cashew with the
strawberries and then I fold that together and you get this wonderfully
decadent strawberry porridge type mousse pudding thing and then you could put
that into jars and you can have different jars for the week I put on
some green frequent olla you can put on whatever toppings you like and then each
jar you can just take to school or to work I show you guys this in a bowl so
this is just the porridge with bee pollen some green figure NOLA Emma
strawberry so I hope you guys enjoyed it these healthy breakfast ideas if you try
them out be sure to tag me on Instagram I love seeing all your creations and let
me know down below what other videos you’d like to see whether it’s breakfast
lunch snack dinner or anything like that I hope you guys are all having a great
day and I will see you in my next video bye guys