Hello friend ! Welcome to my channel “CookWithNisha” Todays recipe is chicnesses Special DRY Veg Manchurian I am making this with Dry Gravy if you want you can make this with Gravy also Before watching this Video do subscribe to my channel For this we need First we will prepare manchurian balls for that in a mixing bowl add all veggies like cauliflower, carrot Green chilli, Capsicum, beans and spring onions add salt and black pepper and mix it well as we have add salt Now allow it to rest for 10-15 min as it will leave water after 15 min gently squeeze the water from the veggies we have to remove little water only as we have to keep them little moist don’t press it too hard and once it is done add 3 tbsp corn flour corn flour act as the binding agent because we have kept veggies little moist no need to add water If it is not binding you can add little more corn flour to it now start making balls out of it keep this in mind that do not add too much corn flour as it will result in hard balls make rest of the balls now we will fry theses balls for this we will heat an oil in the pan on medium flame once the oil is hot start frying 2-3 balls do not touch the balls allow them to fry and with the help of spatula pour oil over it once the are fried from below flip them on medium flame it will take 3 min to fry and turns dark brown take them out in the tissue paper likewise fry the other manchurian balls you will see balls are fried from inside with the help of tooth pick makes holes in it so that gravy goes inside For its dry gravy take a pan add 2 tbsp oil in it and heat it add 1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste once it is sauce add chopped green chilli and spring onions and cook them now in a bowl take 1 tbsp corn flour and make paste on medium flame in 2 min the onion turn golden add 2 tbsp soya sauce and 1 tbsp tomato setup add salt as per taste and mix it add 1/2 tsp red chilli and 1 tbsp vinegar allow it to cook for 2 min on medium flame and now add add corn flour paste cook for 3-4 min on medium flame add manchurian balls and cook it with gravy for 2-3 min turn off the flame and manchurian is ready now