Today I will be making Dosa. This is a popular South Indian delicacy. Dosa is a crisp and thin pancake made of rice and urad dal batter which is fermented. Traditionally dosa is served with sambar, aloo masala and coconut chutney. This recipe will serve 3. To make dosas we will need: 1.5 cups rice 1/2 cup urad dal washed 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds (methi) 1 tsp of salt About 5 tbsp of oil To make dosas you can also use
clarified butter or ghee. I have mixed the rice, dal and fenugreek
seeds, washed and already soaked it for about 6 hours. I am ready to make the batter. This is a very important part of making dosa. First thing, do not throw the water you have soaked the dal and rice. We will use the same water to make the batter. Other thing, when you are blending just use enough water what you need to blend the dal because if you put too much water batter will not be smooth. And for dosa batter should be very very smooth. So let’s start. So just when you are taking it, take the water out. And you have to blend this on high speed. Just add little bit of water. So you have to keep adding slowly rice and little bit water. And blend it and add it again. Just scrape the sides. And as you see the batter is looking very thick. We will add the water after we have blended the mix. So I have used all the dal and batter is thick. But it needs to be little bit more soft. So this time I will add just little water and blend it again. And as I said, blender should
be on high speed. Batter is ready and it is a very thick paste. And very very smooth. In the batter add the salt. Mix it and batter is very thick. So I am just going to put little
bit more water. And mix it. Batter is looking right. Now I am going to keep this for fermentation. This will take about 1 day and make sure you keep it on warm place. And here I have a batter which
I have made it day before and it has fermented and as you see
it has bubbles all around. And I will have to add little bit more water before I am making dosa. Hey, I am ready to make dosa. Before making dosa, let’s check the batter. It is still a little bit thick. So I will use little water. And whip it for about 10 -15 seconds. Batter should be pourable
consistency or pancake consistency. Heat is on, medium. Use the heavy skillet. So to check if the skillet is ready just drizzle the water. And it should sizzle right away as you see. If the skillet is very hot then you will not be able to spread the dosa evenly. So just before adding the batter just wipe it with a wet paper towel. And pour about 1/2 cup of batter. Now from the center just keep going around in a spiral. This is looking good. And wait for about 1/2 minute. You will see the batter has started drying up and you can see little bit browning happening. So at that time we will put the oil. So as you see top has all dried up and it has started coming up from the side. So its time to put the oil. Just put the oil all around. About 2 teaspoons. And just wait till it gets brown and you should be able to see the colors just right from the centers. So dosa is looking good colored. So it’s time to flip and see how easy it is to take it off. And It looks beautiful. From other
side you do not cook for more than 15-20 seconds. Dosa is ready. I will just make it into half. Dosa tastes best when you serve them as you cook. Dosa is ready. Looking nice and crispy. And I am ready to serve. I like to serve dosas with sambar, coconut chutney and aloo masala. I have done all these three recipes before. You can check it on my website. Enjoy. Thank You. Till we meet again, check out more recipes on