Hi, this is Alia! and welcome back to CookingWithAlia International Edition Of course, I have a special guest for you. MY friend Savalina! Hi everyone!!! Sabrina , where are you from? I am from France France!!! But you are from from from… Armenia Originally. Yes, my grandparents moved from Armenia to France So what are we cooking today?! Armenian or french food Today, we are cooking Armenian food. This is my comfort food Oh, Yummy … I never had Armenian Food so How do you describe Armenian Food? So to let people know about Armenia It is a small country close to turkey and Lebanon So food from their very similar to Armenian food It is confusion between Middle East and it!!! Oh, Yum!!! I like Middle East’s food We are making something special today. what do you do? Yes, today we are making dolma! so let’s define dolma. Dolma is actually dish familiar with the middle east I had it in the middle East , Yummy!! and there is many types of dolma so the type we’re making today is meat paste stuffed cabbage Stuffed cabbage!!! That is very nice I had it with different vegetables Like zucchini, tomatoes where the fillings are stuffed inside the vegetables How easy is this dish? because we like easy recipes. It is very easy with few ingredients so you will see the following steps. It is very easy. so it is easy to make, Difficult to missed up. she said, Right! I promise. So let’s start !!! First, I’m going to show you how to prepare the Filling First, finely chop the parsley and the onion In a large bowl, mix the meat, uncooked rice, chopped parsley, chopped onion. spices (pepper, salt, and paprika – you can add other spices of
your choice), and plain tomato sauce. Mix well. Preparing the Wrapping Cut the core of the cabbage from the bottom then carefully remove the cabbage leaves one by one without breaking them. For each cabbage leave, cut the center vein you basically are cutting the cabbage leaf into two
and removing the thick vein in the center. Bring salted water to a boiling point and let the cabbage
leaves boil in it for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, remove the cabbages leaves from the boiling water
and place them in ice cold water for 1 minute. Then drain the cabbage leaves from the water and place them in a plate. Rolling the Dolma Take a cabbage leaf, place a tablespoon of
stuffing in the border closest to you roll the edge of the cabbage over it, fold the two sides of the
cabbage leave inward, and roll it (as if you were rolling a carpet) Repeat for all the cabbage leaves and stuffing Place each stuffed cabbage roll in a pot with
the end under so it does not unwrap Place a plate on top of the dolmas (in
the pot) so they do not open up Pour water in the pot until it reaches the top of the dolmas Cook on high heat (uncovered) until the water starts boiling Then cover the pot (leave a little opening for the steam to
get out) and cook on medium heat for about 20-30 minutes Drain the remaining water from the pot Place the dolmas. You can serve immediately hot or cold. Oh My God! This looks Amazing!! I’m going to taste one Look at this! It’s perfectly raped When you cut it in the center, you get
this beautiful filling of rice and meat You can also leave them in the fridge and eat
them the next day – they are even better!!! Bon appetit!