[music Dr Who tribute by Jon Bruno] [music Dr Who tribute by Jon Bruno] Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann ReardonToday we are making a dalek cake to celebrate
to 50th anniversary of dr who.
Now heaps of you have put it in the requests
that you wanted a doctor who cake so you’ve got it to the top of the list and we are going
to make a dalek today so lets gets started. Make the cake, make the cake. Firstly as we do with all our 3d cakes you
need to print and cut out your template for your dalek and you can get the template on
the website howtocookthat.net there is a link in the description below the video.
You will need a strong cake board, I am using a piece of mdf covered in aluminium foil.
If you put extra squares of mdf on the back it makes it easier for you to get your hands
under the board and move the cake around. Take the base of the dalek template which
is labelled A and check that your cake board is going to be big enough for the cake.
Now we are ready to make some of the details you can do this ahead of time so you’ve got
less to do on the day that you are putting the cake together
We are going to use chocolate for a lot of the decorations on this dalek so you will
need to temper some chocolate, if you are new to How To Cook That please make sure you
watch the video on tempering first and on what chocolate to use you can watch those
by clicking on how to cook that to go to the channel.
Pour your chocolate onto either some aluminium foil or non-stick baking paper and spread
it out. The thicker you make it the stronger it will be, but you will also need more chocolate
if you make it too thick. I made mine around 3mm thick. Leave the chocolate at room temperature
until it starts to firm up, before it has set hard cut around the template pieces which
say cut from chocolate. Make sure you read each template because some
say to cut 2, in that case just cut flip it over and cut in the opposite side as well
for the second one. These are the flat panels that go around the dalek. You will also be
cutting out the housing to go around the blast gun and the manipulator arm, and also around
the eye at the top of the cake. Just read each piece of the template and if it says
cut out of chocolate then cut it out here. For the rings that go around the dalek we
want them to be a bit thicker so that they are strong and look right on the cake. Pour
out some more chocolate onto non-stick baking paper and spread it out flat using a spatula.
I have put a piece on the template to indicate what thickness your chocolate needs to be
. Again wait until it is just setting and then cut around the ring templates using your
knife. Then wait for it to set completely and take the excess chocolate away from around
the edges. If you are making these ahead then you can
store in the fridge in an airtight container separated by non-stick paper just separate
the pieces using non-stick baking paper. Now we need to make the sensor globes, there
is a circle showing what size these need to be on the template. I am using half of a sphere
ice cube tray which I purchased on ebay fairly cheaply you can buy hemisphere molds out of
silicone as well but they are quite expensive so if you just look for these they will be
cheaper. Fill them to the top with the chocolate and then either leave them solid or tip out
gently tapping on the back, so that you are left with just a thin layer of chocolate around
the edge of the mold. Scrape of any excess chocolate and leave that to set. Now what filling you want in these is up to
you. I am using dulce de leche, there is a recipe on how to make that on the channel,
or you can use peanut butter or nutella or any of the fillings that I showed you how
to make in the chocolate truffles videos. Then top up with chocolate and tap the mold
gently to level the tops. We need them to be completely level so that they stick easily
on to our dalek. Now we need to make 56 of these sensor globes so once they are set tip
them out and repeat that process to make the rest. I suggest you make a few extras just
in case you need them or you want to eat some. Now we will make some of the fondant details
for the dalek, roll out some brown fondant and cut out the smaller rectangles marked
as G on the template, and we want 6 of those. Then cut out 16 of the rectangles labelled
H. If you use a ruler and a pizza cutter it is easier to cut straight lines through the
fondant. Next take a piece of cardboard and place it
in the centre of each piece and push it down to make an indent in a rectangle shape on
each piece. Then using the tip of a piping tip you can just press on each corner to make
it look like a rivet on each of the rectangles. Now for the housing for the manipulator arm
and blast gun, you need to cut two squares out of brown fondant, and cut a circle out
of the centre of each one and use the piping tip to indent each corner just like we did
before. I will add a cut out for these to the template you.
In the centre front there is another square piece that we also need to cut out of fondant
and add the rivet marks to it and add an indent of a square using cardboard. And then we want to dust all of those using
gold lustre dust and a dry paint brush over each of them. So that we have a nice smooth
gold colour over each of them. Where the eye comes out of the head there
is a housing surrounding that too so we need to make two rounded pieces for each side and
a square for the top out of fondant leave that to dry, all of the templates for these
pieces are on the print out. The eye and the manipulator arm and the blast
gun are all going to need support so I am going to use lolly pop sticks in the middle
of the two smaller ones and a cake spike in the middle of the manipulator arm.
Lets start with the manipulator arm. Roll out some black fondant and trim each end.
The cake spike needs to be longer than the arm so that it can stick into the cake. Using
your finger slightly wet the cake spike. Then gently roll up the fondant around the spike
using the paper to help you. And give it a roll to make sure it is smooth. Trim off any excess and pinch together that
join so that it joins smoothly together. Use your template to make sure it is the correct
length for the manipulator arm. Next take some silver luster dust and using a dry brush
just dust it over the fondant to give a sliver finish. Then spike that into something that
will hold it upright while it dries so that it doesn’t get flat on one side.
Next we’ll do the same thing to make the centre of the blast gun. Roll out some black fondant
and trim to the length shown on the template. Use your finger to dampen the fondant with
a little bit of water and then roll it around the lolly pop stick using the paper to help
you get it smooth again. Trim it and make sure it seals together at the join and give
it a roll to make sure it is completely round. Adjust the length as needed and then dust
with the silver luster dust just like you did the first time.
The blast gun also has pieces that come out of it so we will make them and leave them
to dry and attach them once they are firm. Roll out a thin snake out of the black fondant
and use your template as a guide bend them into the desired shape and then trim the ends
off. You will need to make four of these. On the actual Dalek there is 8 but out of
fondant we are only going to fit four and it will still look fine. Then dust those with
silver luster dust and set them aside to dry. Repeat the process for covering the stick
for eye stalk and dust it with silver just like we did with the other two. Then leave
it upright to dry so that you don’t get the flat side. And then to make the black part
of the eye use the same sizes hemisphere mold that we did for the sensor globe and grease
it with a little bit of cooking oil spray. Roll some black fondant into a ball, place
it into one of the molds. Then using the end of a lolly pop stick put it in and turn it
around so that you are making hole into the inside and an opening at the top.
Take a tiny amount of bright blue fondant and roll it into a ball, and drop that inside
the eye and then use the end of the lolly pop stick to squash it down a little and leave
that inside the mold to set. Then roll out some white and using the template cut out
the circles for the insulators that go around the eye stalk.
Cut a circle out of the middle of each of them making sure it is big enough for the
fondant covered stick to go through and then leave those to dry out. You might want to
make a few extras of these in case they break when you are putting them on. To make the plunger for putting on top of
the manipulator arm roll out some black fondant and put it into a hemisphere mold that has
been oiled with a little bit of cooking oil. You need to use a hemisphere mold that is
slightly bigger than the one we used for the senor globe. And this one again is just half
of a sphere mold of an ice-cube tray and you can get those on ebay.
For the lights on top roll a long black snake and cut it into equal lengths. And then make
two circles in the size shown on the template these will be the ring at the base and top
of the light. You might find it easier to make the circles if you wrap it around something
the right size. Leave all those details to dry out for a couple of days.
Now that they are dry we can put the details together. Make a thick paste using some of
your black fondant and a little bit of water. Squash it together using the back of a teaspoon
until you’ve got a smooth paste. To put the insulators onto the eye stalk roll a thin
snake of black fondant and wrap it around the eye stalk and then gently put the first
insulator in place then a big one in the middle followed by a smaller one. On the dalek there
are actually 5 insulators but I am only going to use three of them here because the fondants
a bit thicker bit thicker than the real ones so it is still giving the right shape and
effect. And using some of the black paste carefully put the eye in place on top and
leave that to set. Next for the manipulator arm roll a thin strip
of black fondant and wrap it around the end of the arm, trim it to the right length and
gently push into place. Put it back into the stand so it is upright. And then remove the
plunger carefully from the hemisphere mold. Add some of the black paste to the end of
the arm and add the plunger on top and leave it to dry.
To assemble the blast gun use some of the black paste to put one of your bent pieces
on either side, you might need to use some paper or paper towel under one side just to
support it in position. Then using the black paste add one more of these bent pieces to
the top and we are going to leave that to set. We will add the last one onto the blast
gun once we’ve actually got blast gun on the cake. To make the lights they look like ears on
the top we need to attach the four uprights to the bottom ring and then balance them in
place using the top ring. You will need to use some black paste to hold them in place
and I suggest that you enlist the help of someone else to give you a hand if you are
having trouble getting it all to balance together. Now once all those details are done leave
them to dry out and you are ready to make your cakes
3D cakes always take more cake than you think, for this dalek you will need 10 quantities
of the rich chocolate cake recipe. And the recipes for the cake and frostings and the
template and everything you need is on the website howtocookthat.net and there is a link
in the description below the video. We are going to bake the cake onto 12 sheet
trays and 1 bowl, I like to use this chocolate cake recipe because it tastes really rich
and chocolatey. It also has quite a runny consistency to the cake batter which makes
it easy to pour it into the sheet trays evenly rather than trying to spread it out.
To see which bowl you need take the top dalek template and use it to check if the head fits
inside the bowl. If its slightly too big that’s fine because we can trim it up later.
Once the cakes are cooked and cooled we need some frosting to put it all together. You
can use whatever flavour of frosting you like, I am using my chocolate butter cream recipe
and I’m using orange juice as the liquid instead of milk. Once that is smooth I am mixing through
some chocolate orange ganache, you can find all of those recipes on the dalek blog post.
Now to cut our cake! Use the template labelled as A to cut out one of the tray cakes.
Place a smear of butter cream onto the cake board to hold the cake in place and then add
your first layer. If you put it onto a baking tray and slide if off by pulling the paper
underneath it will make it easier to move the cake from the cake tray to the board without
breaking it. Cover that first layer in frosting on the
top and sides and that is the base of the dalek done.
The next section if you look at the cut out of the dalek, section B-C is where all the
sensor globes are. To make that we are going to cut around the
template labelled B and add it to the cake, lining up the back of the cake with the back
of the base and smother that with another layer of frosting and add another layer. You
need to continue doing that until you get to the height b-c. So put that template piece
up against the side and check if you’ve got to the right height. Once you’ve got to that
height you need to cut one more piece of cake in the of template c, add that to the top
of the cake. Then you need to carve this section of the cake. So to do that cut from the top
right down to the bottom of shape B. And it is going to have quite a lot of cake that
you are cutting off that front section so that you are carving it down into the dalek
shape. You can use those spare pieces of cakes to
make cake pops or you can freeze it and use it in another recipe later.
To make the next section of your template which is section C-D we need to add a cake
board in the middle. So take three cake spikes and push them into
your cake. And mark the height on each one. Remove them from the cake and cut them all
to the match the length of the shortest one. By doing that you will make sure that the
cake is level. And the reason we have a cake board here is
the cake just gets too heavy and you are going to squash the cake down the bottom and it
will all go out of shape if you continue just to stack it up.
Put the spikes back in, add a little bit of frosting on your cake and then put your cake
board in place, a little bit more frosting and now the next layer of cake in the shape
of template C. So this next section is c-d on the template, is the part where the manipulator
arm and blast gun come out from. You want to add more layers until you reach the height
indicated by the template. Then move on to template D1 cut more layers
until you’ve added enough to make the height of piece d-e this is the part where the rings
go on the cake. Then put the circle template d2 on the top and carve down so that it has
got a slight slope outward slope. When you think you’ve got it about right get your chocolate
rings out and check that they are going to fit if they are not quite fitting just trim
a bit more cake off this section so that the circles will fit.
Now we need to decorate this part before we add the top of the cake otherwise the rings
aren’t going to go on. To do that cover it in a thin layer of your frosting. Then roll
out some black fondant thinly and cut the top and the bottom of it in a straight line
and wrap it around the ring section. You can use scissors to trim off any excess and a
tiny bit of water on your finger to make the fondant stick to itself at the back.
Get your chocolate rings and dust with edible gold luster dust them with edible gold luster
dust using a dry paintbrush. And then put them into place, use the one that has the
bigger hole in the middle first and then the smaller one on top of that. Then use the back
of a sharp knife to indent lines around the black fondant so it looks like the recording
screens on the dalek. Trim the head section that you baked in a
bowl to match the shape on the template and then smother the whole thing in frosting.
Roll out some brown fondant and drape it over top of the head. Gently smooth that down by
just lifting and smoothing it and lifting and smoothing it to avoid any folds in the
fondant. Trim it with about 3cm or a bit more than
an inch of extra frosting the whole way around. Then make cuts in the fondant but do not cut
it right the way to the base or you will be able to see gaps in it. Turn the head upside
down and tuck the fondant edges onto the base the whole way around. The cuts that you have
made will make it easier to get this smooth. Then add the head on top of your dalek checking
that it is on straight and it is just starting to come together.
Now it is time to cover the rest of the dalek in a thin layer of butter cream. Try to get
it as smooth as you can. Then clean up all the crumbs from the cake board and the bench
and get ready to decorate the cake. So we need to roll out the black fondant and
then cut it in a straight line on two edges and then carefully wrap that around the whole
base of the dalek just folding it over the curve that you have got there. Then we are
going to roll out another strip of brown fondant, but you only need to cut along one side so
you’ve got one straight side. Use your finger and just moisten the fondant and then add
that strip over the top. Try and line up that bottom line so that it is nice and straight
going around. Lay out all of your chocolate pieces on the
bench or the counter if you are in America. With the templates on top so you know which
is which. And then start with the two pieces that are
labelled number one and add them together at the front of the Dalek. Then find piece
number 2 and add that then number three then number 4 which is the big piece the wider
one then add piece number 5 and finally the back of your dalek and then you want to repeat
that around the other side and your protective armour is then all in place.
Roll out some more brown fondant and trim it straight at the top and the bottom. Make
it wider than you think you need and we can trim off the extra from the top in a minute.
Drape the fondant around the middle section trying to keep the base line of it straight.
Then use scissors to trim the top leaving enough to poke it in and meet up with the
black fondant that we have already got in place.
Using your template cut an extra strip of brown fondant and add it around the base of
this section on both sides. Now we want to add the housing for the blaster
gun and manipulator arm. To do that place a tray in the oven and once it is warm place
a sheet of baking paper on top and use it to melt a thin layer of chocolate on one side
of one of the pieces.. Quickly join it to the next piece and hold it in place until
that chocolate sets. Repeat that with the other side and once that’s set dampen the
fondant on the cake and push the housing into place.
Then repeat that process for the other housing so you’ve got the two of them on either side.
Roll a small ball of black fondant and put it inside the housing that we made line up
the front of the housing and use some melted chocolate to hold it into place if you need
to. Take the blast gun and then push the stick
into the centre of the black fondant ball and then into the cake. After adding the blast
gun you need to add on the fourth little prong that we have sticking out there. So just use
a little bit of your paste that we made before using the black fondant and then that will
just dry up and firm up while it is sitting there.
Roll another ball of black fondant, trim it and put in the housing for the manipulator
arm. Now add the front piece to the housing and then the arm into place through the ball
of black fondant and into the cake. Now we want to add the gold square into the
centre of the cake and then add the short rectangles over the housing for the blast
gun and the manipulator arm. Then our longer rectangles around each side of the cake. Cut a piece of brown fondant to go in the
front just below the gold square. And then use a tiny bit of water on the fondant on
the cake to make it stick and gently put it into place.
Next to add our sensor globes. Take some gold luster dust and dust them all gold.
Place a baking tray in the oven and once it is warm place a sheet of baking paper over
the top and quickly place the sensor globe onto the hot tray and then take them straight
off and put it onto the cake. There are four globes equally spaced down piece. Continue
to add sensor all these sensor globes one at a time until you’ve added all 56 of them.
And these are an important part of the cake because it is really a feature of the dalek
that stands out. Now to add the lights, Roll a small piece
of white fondant into a cylinder and using a small amount of water put it into place
on the cake. Then add the black cage that you made earlier over the top. You may need
to use a toothpick to secure it in place until it is dry. But make sure you take it out before
you serve the cake so that nobody hurts thier mouth on it.
For the housing around the eye, join the top to the sides using a little bit of melted
chocolate from your tray, let that set and then fix that into place in the centre or
to one side of your cake depending which way you want the dalek to be looking. Roll a ball
of black fondant cut the back off it and put it into place in the housing. Use a skewer
to make a hole in the black fondant and then add the eye on a slight upwards angle. Roll some brown fondant out and cut into a
thin strip and place it along both sides of the housing and a piece across the top. Using
a piping tip just gently press on each corner to make the rivet holes
And now your dalek is done. [music by jon bruno] Thanks for watching and join us next week
for a dessert recipe, then chocolate then cake the week after that. You can put your
requests in the comments below. I’ll see you next Friday