– Welcome back to Kitchen
Gadgets, my name is Esther Choi, and today, we are testing
the dumpling maker. I’m very interested to
see how this could beat my 30 years of dumpling-making skills. My mom would say to me,
ugly dumpling, ugly baby. So I worked on my dumpling
skills right after that. Now I’m very confident that
my babies will be cute. Making dumplings is
definitely muscle memory, it just takes time and practice. My biggest concern is when
you cook the dumpling. It’ll just be too hard
to create those pleats. I’m afraid that the dumplings will burst. I brought some special dumpling filling, this is a recipe given to me by my grandmother, it’s pork and kimchi. So, we’re gonna be making 10 of each. Time starts now. (funky, upbeat electronic music) Oh, a little rusty. I haven’t done this in a minute. Man, I feel a little pressure
with the time clock going on. As long as they beat the
gadget, I’ll be happy. Two more. Last one, gotta make it
good, it’s the last one. Time! So, I feel like I could have
done a little bit better. Took me four minutes and 30 seconds, let’s see if the dumpling maker will beat my skill of 30 years. (funky, upbeat electronic music) There’s one. It’s a decent seal. Down to one. Time. How’d I do? Well how’d the gadget do? (growls) 10 seconds, 15?
– [Man] 15. – 15, I’m a little upset right now. The dumpling maker beat me by 15 seconds. There was a slight learning curve, you can’t just put the
wrapper into the shell, you have to actually
form the dumpling first, and then place it into the maker and seal, so this is really just a sealer. But I do feel like for
speed, definitely very fast. I did kind of make fun of the shape. This does not look like a dumpling to me. My dumpling, dumpling maker.
Pretty babies, ugly babies. True test is when we’re
cooking the dumplings, making sure that they’re not bursting, going everywhere, and the easiest way to test that is to just put it into boiling water and cook it for two minutes and see how it goes. Starting with the dumplings
that I formed with my hands. (funky, upbeat music) Right now it’s going pretty good. They’re keeping their shape, it’s intact. When the skin gets a little translucent that’s when you know that they’re cooked. You see how they are beautifully
intact, nothing’s bursting, my grandma would be very proud. I’m pretty happy with that. Moving on to the ones that are
shaped by the dumpling maker. (funky, upbeat music) You can see as they’re cooking that it’s almost about to explode,
but it’s not yet so, you know, definitely some air bubbles inside the dumpling,
which I’m a little bit concerned about, but no breakage yet. So this bubble right here, you can tell, it would’ve exploded if
it went a minute longer. Let’s compare these. These are the handmade dumplings. And these are the dumplings
made by the dumpling maker. They don’t look that bad. They held their shape,
it just has a little bit of an identity crisis because we can’t really tell if they’re dumplings or ravioli or pierogies. There’s a clear distinction with my handmade dumplings, you can tell that they’re dumplings right away. All in all I’m a little
bit disappointed because I wish that it sucked a little bit more and it kinda like beat me with speed. Honestly I would say
that it is not that bad. Of course one of the most important tests is to actually taste it. We’re using the same
ingredients but shape, sometimes you can feel
the shape in your mouth, so, gonna go ahead and
give it a little go. Mmm, good amount of filling to skin, perfect. Here is like the dumpling
gadget maker dumpling. I mean honestly, that is so ugly. It’s just not, not cute. I feel like they’re not as plump, because the shape is like very flat, so you’re getting like too much skin, not like a plump, juicy dumpling. Also as I bit into it like
all the juice kinda like fell, probably because of the air pockets that are inside the dumpling. $6 for the dumpling maker. Is it worth it? I would say that it’s, it would be a good gateway into making dumplings, but really I feel like the beauty of making dumplings is to get together with friends and family and sort of like, take your time and really work
on the shape and the skill. If you’re a true dumpling lover, learn how to make the freakin’ dumpling. For more videos like this, click here. I made something similar to sushi at my restaurants all the time, it’s called gimbap, it’s like the Korean style sushi but
it’s basically the same.