Today lets see how to prepare 4 different types of chutney Now lets see how to prepare coconut chutney Adding fresh and tender curry leaves will give you a good aroma and flavor to the chutney Now add the seasoning to the chutney Tasty coconut chutney is ready!!! The next is Curry leaves chutney This chutney can also be taken along with Hot rice and a perfect side dish for curd rice A handful of black urad dal. Make sure that the urad dal does not get burnt Saute well until the onions turn translucent This green chutney can also be used in sandwich to coat the bread Add little water and grind it into paste Add the seasoning to the chutney Tasty and healthy Curry Leaves Chutney is ready !!! Now lets see how to prepare Kara Chutney Its a perfect side dish for Vellai Paniyaram,Masala Paniyaram Adjust the number of chillies according to the tamarind you have taken These chopped onion to add at last to the chutney Saute well until the onions and garlic change in color and the raw smell goes off A little piece of jaggery to compensate the hot and sour taste of the chutney Grind it ,after it cools down completely Urad Dal & Mustard Seeds – 1/4 tsp each Add the chopped small onions Make sure that the sour taste does not goes a lot ,set aside a small piece of tamarind after you saute it and grind ,if required add while grinding Add the seasoning to the chutney Tasty , spicy Kara Chutney / Chilli Chutney is ready !!! Yummy Coriander Chutney !!! In this chutney we are not going to saute any ingredients in oil ,we will be directly grinding all the ingredients Lets get started Coriander Leaves – A Handful Small Onion – 5 You will not get the raw smell of the onion Green chilli – 1 (Discard the seeds) We are not adding anything for the sour taste ,so discard the seeds of the chilli before grinding Grated Coconut – 2 tbsp A small piece of ginger Instead of coconut you can also add roasted gram dal Add salt to taste Grind it into a smooth paste You can also use this chutney to coat the bread while preparing sandwich Coconut oil – 1/2 tsp .It increases the flavor of the chutney Otherwise you can also add refined oil Mustard Seeds -1/4 tsp Urad Dal – 1/2 tsp If you think that the chutney is not spicy then add 1 red chilli Asafotedia – A Pinch Curry Leaves Tasty Coriander Chutney is ready !!!