Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale, and on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen I’m going to share with you my desert pizza. Now, in a recent pizza video, I made a BBQ
chicken pizza here recently that if you haven’t seen, make sure you check out. I asked you in that video what pizza you wanted
to see next, and I have gotten an overwhelming amount of people ask for desert pizza. So today, we’re basically going to be making
a giant sugar cookie, then we’re going to just spread on top – spread some cream cheese
and frosting kind of thing on top, and then top it with beautiful fresh fruit. And It
is beautiful to look at. It’s delicious to eat and it’s really fun to make, so get the
kids involved, let them pick their own fruit that they want to put on it. It’s just a really fun activity to do as a
family or if you’re like me, a really cooking – or a food/cooking nerd, then you would enjoy
doing these things by yourself as well. The ingredients you’ll need for the basic
– you know for the giant sugar cookie is all purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder,
salt, granulated sugar, some unsalted butter that has been softened at room temperature,
an egg, and some vanilla paste. That’s it. At this point you want to make sure your oven
is preheated to 375F, and what I have here is a 12 inch pizza pan – or this is a non-stick
pizza pan, it’s really nice and thin. I have this sprayed with some non-stick spray, and
it’s ready to go. I’ve got my big mixer on, fitted with my paddle
attachment, and we are going to get going on creaming together the butter and sugar. Just going to get my butter out of there,
it’s nice and soft at room temperature, get my sugar in there. Don’t worry if my sugar looks a little bit
lumpy, I just opened up a new pack – package – and I didn’t want to sift it. Going to cream those two together really well
and then we’ll go on adding the next ingredient. Just going to add my egg and vanilla paste.
You can also use vanilla extract, of course. I just have a tinsy wincy weeny bit of vanilla
paste left, I did get a new bottle though, and I wanted to use this up so I can get rid
of the container. Just make sure you scrape the sides, you can
see my vanilla paste went all over the place, but that’s ok, it’ll all end up at the right
spot, you’ll have to scrape the sides a bit, just because it gets stuck on the sides of
the bowl and I want to get it all mixed in there well. Alright, just going to quickly mix together
my dry ingredients And I
am going to add these in, and just mix everything
together until it’s combined. Just getting all my cookie dough out of the
bowl, and now I have a little bowl of flour here because I want to flour my hands, otherwise
they’re going to stick really bad, so you just keep flouring your hands and then you
press the dough into your prepared pizza pan, but make sure that you keep flouring your
hands because otherwise they’re going to stick really, really bad. Try to make this as even as possible, and
now you’ll notice that we didn’t roll this out because we are not using pizza dough,
we’re just making something that looks like pizza, and there are so many different variations
you can do this, I mean technically my cinnamon roll pizza is considered a desert pizza and
that’s made with pizza crust. I’m also going to show you how to make Nutella
pizza in the future and that requires pizza crust as well, so there’s lots of variations
of it, but this I think is the most common and it’s one of the – you know it’s delicious,
so I wanted to share it with you. Now this is ready, I’m going to pop this into my oven
that’s been preheated to 375F for about 10 to 12 minutes, or until it’s beautiful lightly
golden brown, and then we’re going to let it cool completely before we top this with
a gorgeous creamy topping. My cookie base was in the oven for about 12
minutes and it looks magnificent. I have let it cool completely, you want to make sure
you do that, otherwise the frosting will just kind of melt all over the place. To make the
frosting, you’re going to need some cream cheese that is softened at room temperature,
some confectioners sugar, a slash – splash of vanilla, and what I have here is my homemade
lemon curd, if you don’t want to use lemon curd, or you don’t have it on hand or you
don’t want to make a special trip to the supermarket just to get it or to make it from scratch,
just add a zest of a lemon a little bit of lemon juice, maybe like a teaspoon or so,
and it will do the trick – just wow. Here I’ve got my fruit that I’m going to top
this off with. I’ve got some kiwi, I’ve got some star fruit. I’ve got blackberries, raspberries,
blueberries and strawberries, and a couple of extra. Ok! Let’s go on making our frosting, or whatever
you want to call it, I guess our sauce for our desert pizza. I’ve got my cream cheese
here and it’s really important that it is softened to room temperature, otherwise you’re
not going to be able to spread it on, and it will just be a giant mess. I’m going to
add in the confectioners sugar, a little tiny splash of vanilla – not a whole lot, you don’t
need too much. and then we’re going to add it the lemon curd. This is my homemade lemon
curd which I have shared with you in a previous episode and it is just phenomenal and very
easy to do, and – best lemon curd you’ll make, I promise! Mix this all together until you have a really
lovely and creamy micsure – micsure?! mixture! Pour our sauce evenly over the top, going
to spread this on really nicely, I’ve got a little offset spatula here just to make
the job easier, and then just spread it even and smear it all over, and the smell is fantastic
by the way, you can smell the lemon curd, you can – don’t worry if you’ve got bits and
pieces of the powdered sugar that hasn’t blended in together really well, it’s all going to
get covered with the fruit anyway. Don’t give yourself a nervous breakdown wondering
why your powdered sugar has bits all over the place, it just does. As you can see, mine
does too, and I’m perfectly okay with that! Just spreading this evenly, kind of from edge
to edge, probably should leave a little border, like a normal pizza, right?! And now it’s just about decorating, I’m just
going to cut off the tops of my strawberries, and then just slice my strawberries, just
– you can do this in any pattern your heart desires, I just mix and match, I’m going to
do probably just a row of strawberries, and then just mix things up and you can do this
with any kind of fruit that you prefer. You can use just one kind of fruit, one kind
of berry. You can use bananas, although do be careful because bananas turn brown, so
you might want to toss them in a little bit of sugar beforehand but really, the world
is your pickle. You can put in some orange slices on here, orange segments, that would
be really lovely as well. You know, it’s completely up to you! I just
love a lot of color. I love how this looks. I love that green against the blackberries
and the raspberries and the blueberries just looks beautiful, so that’s why I do it this
way, but by all means don’t feel like you have to stick to what I’m using just because
that’s what I’m using. Use what you got, use what you like, and use what’s – you know – available. I think that’s how I’m going to keep mine
for now, but I do want to sneak in one little piece of kiwi right there, I feel like that
just – I don’t know, I just feel like that looks better. What do you guys think? How are my decorating skills?! Do you approve? Now you know that it took me – It took quite
some, some, like some meditating in my head in order to do this patiently and make this
look really pretty, because normally – you know – I’d just throwing everything on there,
and make it look beautiful because the fruit is beautiful, but I took some time, and I’m
really proud of how it looks, so now I need to cut myself a slice, for the hard work,
you know? Going to cut, umm, I really hate to mess up
this fruit but you know, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Woah, whoah.. Look at that! Look at the crust, holds together really beautifully.
A lovely layer of our sauce, not too thick. Beautiful fresh fruit. That’s a pretty beautiful desert pizza, wouldn’t
you say? I really love that. Okay, I’m going to get this very first bite
right here. I was going to do this, because I’m so used
to burning the roof of my mouth. Mmm, that! See, it’s a feast for the eyes, it’s a feast
for the palate as well, that cheesecake, cheesecake? cream cheese topping tastes like cheesecake,
tastes like a really beautiful cheesecake kind of flavored – it has a cheesecake kind
of flavor to it which I love. The sugar cookie isn’t too sweet and it’s
balanced really, really well both of those, the cream and the cookie, is balanced really,
really well from the fresh fruit, which is why I don’t put a glaze or anything on top
of my fruit tart, or my fruit desert pizza, on top of my fruit, because in that way you’re
getting sweet, sweet, sweet. I want sweet, sweet and fresh, slightly tartness
from fruit. That’s kind of like the perfect balance in my opinion. I’m going to slice Joe a little slice, and
then I’m going to wrap the rest up, and tomorrow I’ll take it to my sister-in-law’s and I think
we’re all going to enjoy it with the kids, because it’s really delicious with a nice
cup of coffee and the kids are going to go nuts for it. Go to laurainthekitchen.com to get this recipe,
hey let me know what recipe – what pizza you want to see next, I mean I’m definitely going
to be going and checking the comment section for future pizza inspirations because they
all come from you. Hope you guys have enjoyed spending time with
me, and I’ll see you next time. Bye Bye!