I am Shawna Coronado and I am standing next to Ryan Hutmacher, “The Centered Chef”.
And he is going to cook for us today a meal for ten dollars or less.
Tell me all about it. Well Shawna, today we got a little Moroccan
chicken going on and we also are going to serve that with a really nice Mediterranean
pasta salad. Wow!
So. Sounds wonderful.
So let us start off with this Moroccan marinated chicken.
I am going to have you help me out with this one.
Okay. So what it requires is I am going to have
you hold. We have two chicken breast inside this zip
top bag right here. Alright.
What we are going to do is we are going to put in a little bit of garlic inside of here.
We are just tossing right inside. We have got some olive oil.
It is not a science to this at all. That is what is great about this style.
Then we also got some cumin and we got some paprika, which we are gonna push right inside
of here. So let me show you a little trick with the
ginger. I have never done ginger before.
What I did was I took a spoon, just like this. I turned it in toward myself, and I am just
scrapping the skin off, just like this. It is like a potato skin.
See that? I am not cutting big chunks.
I am not wasting, I am just getting the skin off, which we do not want.
So now that we have this cut, we have it peeled, we are going to cut this.
So what that looks like is, we are going to go very thin pieces.
Just like this. Wow!
It smells real fresh. It is very, it has got a really nice citrusy.
Exactly. Smell to it.
Now all I am doing is, it is on my cutting board and I am smashing it, just like you
would smash garlic. Alright Shawna, now that we have smashed and
chopped this fresh ginger, we are going to put this right inside this Ziploc bag.
Let us close that up and let us do a little shaky-shaky and a shifty-shifty.
Shaken-shaken. So that is not very difficult.
No, it is easy. It is easy.
We want to make sure we coat everything nice and evenly.
Oh boy, that is going to be a challenge. Now we are going to let this sit for about
thirty to sixty minutes. Alright.
It will work really fast as a marinade. Okay Shawna, so we have our Moroccan chicken
going on the grill right now. Awesome.
And what we are going to do is put together this pasta salad.
But what is cool, we got some items from your garden right?
Wo-hoo! We sure do.
So while I am putting together the lemon and olive oil based vinaigrette, I am going to
have you start to break up the parsley and fresh dill.
Okay. And that also comes from my garden.
And the thing is, is that the only real gardening that I do in the garden is rain water cistern.
And so here we are. Doing this.
Reaping the benefits. Exactly.
Here we got a little bit of garlic going in here along with the lemon juice.
The Dill. And the dill and the parsley.
And then I am also going to add some olive oil right into here.
My onions. Toss the whole thing in.
All those ingredients in here. Alright.
We have everything mixed in here, but we need the pasta in there.
Go ahead. Wo-hoo!
Let me toss that in. Go ahead and toss that in there.
Now this is great because this was actually left over from another meal that was in the
fridge. So.
Exactly. This is already paid for.
We are recycling and reusing. Look at how beautiful that looks.
It is. Right there.
All gardening, full of garden love and ten dollars or less.
Now before we get ready to plate this up, let us go take a quick peek at our chicken
back here. Okay.
So, once again we have some Moroccan chicken right here and we have a beautiful pasta salad.
So all of this for ten dollars or less. Mmmm!
A full meal. Delicious!
You did it! He did it again.
He is fantastic. Alright, well, you are going to have to come
back. I will.
Okay. We will see you next time.