Every time we visit a restaurant and show you its food… …but this time we’ve got something special! Guess where we are today? A lot of people have told me that if I wear a cap I’ll look like a sardar… …today I’ll know how it actually feels! I haven’t seen myself yet… Thank you very much sir! This is awesome! If food is love, then there’s no community that shows this love better than the Sikhs! If you visit their place like a guest, they’ll treat you with a lot of paranthas… …and in gurudwaras, the tradition of langar has been going on since the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji! The thought behind this initiative is that everybody eats the food with unity, no matter who you are… …no matter what your community is, nobody will go hungry out of a gurudwara! And today where nobody really cares about anybody else… …there gurudwaras are spreading love all over the world in the form of langar! Sat Sri Akaal Ji! Today we’re at the iconic Bangla Sahib, and we’re serving their famous langar! And for today’s special episode, this is my special look… …your Shashank has now become jatt Shashank! Anyway, how’s my new look? Comment down below & tell me! Believe it or not but Bangla Sahib used to be somebody’s house earlier… …Maharaja Jai Singh’s! And the full name was Jai Singh Pura Palace! And in 1664, if I remember correctly… …the eighth guru, Guru Har Krishan actually came to this very building and lived here! At that time, there was a massive cholera & smallpox epidemic… …loads of people were suffering And from the well in this very house he gave out water and aid to those who were suffering! And today that well is a tank, and they say that this well has miraculous properties! There’s a very beautiful story behind the langar… …when Guru Nanak Ji was 12 years old, his father gave him Rs 20… …and asked him to earn something from that money And what he did was he bought food of that money and distributed it to the poor and hungry people! His father asked him what he was doing, so he replied that you asked me to do something nice, so I did! And even today, gurudwaras worldwide serve food to the needy! There are numerous stories on the internet… …last year when farmers from Tamil Nadu came here to protest at Jantar Mantar… …they got the food from Bangla Sahib only! And nowadays when Kerala is suffering from floods, there also Sikhs are helping! Let’s go then! Guys, this is the massive kitchen of Bangla Sahib! Look at this, these are the rotis! This is very heavy! Use all your strength here… …don’t you have strength in your body? And now we have Gurbata Singh Ji with us who’ll tell us about the kitchen! Namaskar Ji! What kind of people come here to help? Some come out of Delhi whereas some are local residents… …they come here for 2 hours or 5 mins, their wish! What are the timings for seva? It starts from 4 in the morning and ends at 10 in the night Why do you think people keep coming back here? It’s their belief! You get whatever you ask for here! Foreigners also come here? Yes, a lot of foreigners come here to do seva They see what is happening here… …people are eating in free here… …and so they also wish to help in this noble deed! If somebody wants to help then how can he/she help? Just wash your hands and join wherever you wish to! So, everybody is allowed to help? Just wash your hands and join! That’s really good! So, you’re preparing tadka for the food right now… …yes this is for the chickpeas & dal Chickpeas are boiling there The smell of the tadka is amazing, because it’s in desi ghee Just heard that they’re making sooji halwa to serve with evening tea… …I can’t wait, I really want to try some of this! Even I want to try! Will I get scolded for making a mistake? I never felt so much pressure, even while giving my exams! They’re making tea for the people now! It feels like a competition now! I’ve seen this at home, but never tried it! Can’t believe it! Hey, where are you from? London Oh, so cool! I’m from Delhi! Okay, we need to keep quiet I am genuinely taking this very seriously, so you don’t disturb! So, guys now I am going to have langar! It’s going to be really fun! What are you guys doing? Thank you! This is honest food, food made with love! I genuinely feel like crying! Firstly, because the food is so good… …and secondly, because of our the stupid production team! This cheap production team, because of them I didn’t get anything else to eat… …except dal roti, which is very tasty but it’s 4:30 pm now and that’s all they have left now They’ll serve again at 7:30 pm now, but we can’t wait till then! Basically, because of you… …I can’t say what I feel because there are people around I have been saying that let me eat, let me eat since so long… …but you’re like no, no let’s take this shot, let’s take that shot! But anyway, I am very thankful for the fact that I could get to eat… …I am thankful for this beautiful food. It’s absolutely lovely! I am thankful and so many other people who can’t afford this food… …I mean for me this is an experience, but for them this is a necessity! You know what I mean, it’s such a different thing! We come here because we want to experience this… …they come because they don’t have any other option! I personally feel that… …once in a lifetime, everybody should eat gurudwara’s food! That needs to happen, you need to try this food… …and for once do seva I was there for like 20 mins and that was the happiest part of my day! And of my week. It was the best thing! Just wash your hands and sit there and just say that you want to help They’ll put you to work, don’t worry! And now you let me have the langar, I’ll see you on the other side! And now we are with the kitchen incharge… Sat Sri Akaal Ji My name is Harbes Singh So, Harbes Singh ji, how many people visit here daily? Almost 35 thousand people come here per day And when it’s a festival or holiday… …the number gets double or triple! By triple, you mean 90 thousand? Yes! You can check the newspaper of 31st December 2017… …they’ve shown that 10 lakh people came to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib that day! 10 lakhs! For the langar? Yes! Whoever comes will naturally have the langar here 10 lakhs! I still can’t comprehend this I really liked the system of seva here, please tell us more about it For the langar our whole team works together… …the machine operators and various other teams Volunteers are a part of this too! So, this is how we work from 4 am to 1 am every day The langar is on at all hours & everybody eats comes & eats here There’s not even a single person who must have visited Bangla Sahib and didn’t get to taste the langar! This is very good! I feel really good that I am the incharge of the best kitchen of the world! It’s such a big thing that you serve food to 35 thousand people… …so how do you maintain the quality? See, this is God’s prasad and the quality of prasad can never decrease! It’s made by heart. You see wherever the prasad is in the making, there are prayers going on… …so the blessings come in the food too! What is the recipe of Kada Prasad? Please tell us more about it! See the prasad is God’s gift, so the recipe is that… …we put sugar, desi ghee and wheat equally and then we cook it and add water accordingly! And whosoever cooks it, they keep on praying in their mind… …and then it gets ready and then we call it Prasad… …when it has blessings of Waheguru ji it’s then called prasad! I’ve heard that when it’s ready we swirl it with kirpan at the end? See, that’s our tradition we first make prasad then we do ardas… …and then we serve it to Waheguru Ji with the kirpan! Wherever you find a Sikh, you’ll find them always helping others and at their service… …you must’ve seen in Kerala where government couldn’t reach, there the Sikh community is helping! Where government couldn’t reach, sardars always would! I don’t think there’s any need to tell this, everybody knows it! Where the government fails, sardars reach to help! So, usually this the part of the video where I review the food & give a rating… …but this is not what I am going to do today Today we had Bangla Sahib’s langar and that is prasad! How can you even rate it? That’s not how it works! By the way, what’s your favorite prasad in Delhi? Write it down in the comments below! Also, please keep liking our videos as always… …keep commenting, and don’t forget to subscribe! Till then I am Shashank, and you my friends have been Served!