out here in India for a lot of people in the left hand is still toilet paper Sara has the idea that every vlog I shoot she’s in eating I’m wondering why … This vlog is about food. Indian food. Dangerous Indian food and my favorite restaurants in Agonda. In 2010 I came for the first time to India to do my first yoga teacher training. I got sick like most of my co students. I think it’s part of the India experience. Second time I came to india was 2012 again to do yoga teacher training. This time i got sick twice and the consequences were disastrous. I’m on my way to school for breakfast. I’m late but I wanted to do that class because that’s the one I’m teaching tomorrow morning. If I do it myself once or twice I feel it in my body I can teach it. Empty, empty, almost empty. How much is there on the other side? Nothing. Look at it. Just this. This is what you get for being late. The problem is that for a lot of people in India hygiene is something else than we used to in the West. Out here in India for a lot of people left hand is still toilet paper. That’s why they have those hoses. And that’s not a problem of India and maybe it’s even a problem of the West. I think we’re actually two hygienic. So our immune system can’t handle anything anymore. In my case I had food poisoning twice then I ended up getting a parasite. Normally your body can get rid of the parasite, but because I was so weak after food poisoning twice the parasite stayed in my body and it was about a year later before they discovered it and by then I was really really sick. We’re on our way to Zest now. I have a meeting there. There was not that much breakfast anymore so it is a good reason to eat chocolate cake at Zest. We come here at Zest because of the whole of Agonda they have the best chocolate cake. The shitty thing is she likes it as well. So there goes my Chocolate cake. The parasite destroyed the mucus layer in my intestines. As a result my intestines couldn’t take up any nutritions anymore. No vitamins, no food, no nothing. So I became weaker and weaker. As a result my whole hormone system was devastated and I could only sleep for half an hour in a row. So at night I would sleep 25-30 minutes, wake up fall asleep 25-30 minutes wake up all night again. So when I woke up in the morning I was totally necked. door and they prefer a special sauce for me if you like inaudible oh darling mins and ginger be good there was an amazing new again I love the tikka often here at fatty mass and if you need then make everything taylormade depending on the diet you’re following a lot of hospital visits later they found out it was the parasite they gave me antibiotics it killed the parasite but I learned a very lesson my co-teacher and good friend rachel has a row no soap in the toilet is probably no soap in the kitchen don’t eat there agonda is full of restaurants but they’re only five where I eat mostly and that’s just because I want to go safe I trust these restaurants and at the same time they have the best food anyway when I started here at were the early days of some point we had to take care of our own breakfast lunch and dinner nowadays when students study here everything is taken care of also for safety we just come here right at evening for a meeting go over the schedule these things because they have the best no one took me about a year and a half to recover and I’m not still not healed totally I still have some problems with some types of food so the end of this trip I actually going to go to an Ayurvedic clinic and see what they can do and we’ll see this in this flock as well okay meeting none on my way to fatimas corner for a quick bite it’s one of my other favorites here so if you come to India full of Rachel’s rule and we probably safe enjoy last place from the top by white you