I am really bored to cook today and wish
someone would come, cook a recipe and serve me! But who will it be? Hi Chef Archana! Hey Smita!
How come are you here today? I am here to surprise you! That’s great, indeed! Secondly, I am here invite you
and all of you.. ..for the release of my film
on 19th June 2015. It is an entertaining comedy,
‘Wanted Bayko No.1’. I am here for the same. And not just that.. ..I will also be showing a recipe to you
and all the viewers of Ruchkar Mejwani. That sounds very nice!
I too wished for the same. Something very close to my heart! It’s called
‘Vegetable Daliya Khichdi’. Firstly, let’s take some oil.
– Okay. Approximately how much is it?
– 2 tbsp. What will be next? Firstly, let’s add peppercorns. This is black pepper powder, right? No, we will be adding
whole peppercorns, 4 to 5. Smita, you said, ‘Close to my heart’,
so what makes you say that? When I came to Mumbai for the
first time, I lived alone here.. ..and there would be no time to cook. So, almost for a year,
I cooked Daliya Khichdi everyday. The only variation sometimes would be
adding paneer or soya beans. But, I have survived on Daliya Khichdi
for a year. Now, we’ll add chopped onions. Around 2 onions, right? We’ll now add ginger-garlic paste to this. It is stirred well now and
has turned slightly golden brown. So now, let’s add chopped tomatoes. ‘Pappi de Parula’ is a very popular
song amongst youngsters! So tell us something about this. To be very honest, not only the youngsters but also the kids right from 2 to 3 years
can be referred to as my major fans. As you spoke of kids, there is a cute 8 months old baby
in my neighborhood, Shubhankar. He starts shaking his head
when your song is being played. Exactly! A lot of parents share similar comments on how their kid starts dancing or
gets active when the song is played. What should we add now?
– A bit of turmeric powder. After this? Red chilli powder. And next? Garam masala. Smita, a little birdie told me.. ..that you have pursued
Hotel Management. Yes, that’s true! My father had this wish that I should
study Home Science from SNDT (Women’s University). But, I was not willing to study Home Science. So instead of Home Science,
I decided to opt for Hotel Management. Suppose I am unable to achieve
anything in future, I can at least continue the
family business of Banqueting. Keeping this in mind,
I pursued Hotel Management. This is nicely sauteed. And, it’s also releasing oil. It is very important as when oil is released, it means that tomato
and onion is cooked well and so it gives in the right flavor
or else it might taste a bit sour. Now, we’ll add
split green gram (moong) with skin. We have washed them, right?
– Yes, we did. So, here we have taken more
moong than Daliya. But this has a reason. And what is it?
I would like to know. We had a subject called ‘Food and Nutrition’
during Hotel Management course. If one consumes a balanced diet,
it helps in keeping a check on your weight. So, it’s very important to strike a
balance between proteins and carbohydrates. And obviously, some vegetables along with
vitamins and minerals are also needed. So, now it’s time to add the remaining vegetables. French beans. Carrots. We can also prepare this differently. Today we are making Vegetable Daliya,.. ..but we can also add paneer and soya beans. All that is needed for body’s intake
can be added. Everything is okay! Now, we shall add… – Green peas?
– Yes, sure. Now, let’s add corn. All the vegetables are added. Also, let’s add Daliya now. We have washed it. Now, we’ll add salt, coriander leaves and water. A bit of it. We will add water thrice
the quantity of moong and Daliya. The reason being moong takes
slightly more time to cook. Let’s stir this and let it cook
placing a lid on top. We can also prepare this
in a pressure cooker. Let’s wait for 10 minutes. Smita, please tell something about
‘Wanted Bayko no. 1’. I will tell you the story
of the film in short. This goes as, ‘Dinkar’ played by Makarand Anaspure.. is unable to get a wife as he
is the son of a mafia. And he is in search of a wife and
hence the title is ‘Wanted Bayko no.1’. It is a situational comedy. In fact, I had fun working with both the actors. They are very senior actors and
everyone gets a lot to learn from them. But off the sets, they enjoy a lot. Their one liners make everyone
laugh their hearts out! So, it’s like very amazing and
it was real fun shooting this film. Any funny experience
while shooting the film? While shooting… Yes! I will like to share one experience. We were shooting for a song sequence. So, the swimming pool which was decided as
the location was under some construction work. So, we had to shoot at another
professional swimming pool. Our camera man, Wahab Sir,
he was struck with a eureka! He managed to arrange a fish tank! He placed a camera in the center
surrounded by the cushions in the fish tank. It went under the water and the effect captured resembles that of
a GoPro camera and it’s used in the song. So, that was a very innovative way of shooting. Smita, let’s just check if it’s done.
– Yes, sure. Have a look
– Yes, it’s done! Shall I switch off the stove? So, the dish is done! And if you want to know about such
interesting cuisines and dishes, definitely subscribe to Ruchkar Mejwani! Now we are all set to enjoy this! But, on 19th June 2015,
what you ought to do is, visit your nearest theater and watch
the film ‘Wanted Bayko no.1’. I am going to ask Chef Archana
to accompany me and you’re joining us too!