WELCOME to how to cook that I am Ann Reardon
today we are making a croquembouche This is part 2 of a video on choux pastry
and pastry cream, if you missed the first one just click on here to open that up in
a new tab. Once your pastry cream is cooled place it
into a piping bag and cut just the very tip off it, poke that into the choux pastry balls
that you have made. You might need to make a little cut with a knife to get it in and
then just squeeze the mixture in until you feel it just starts to expand. You can buy or hire a stainless steel cone
shaped mold for making this but if you are making a smaller one then you can use a cardboard
mold. So just get some cardboard. Roll it into a cone shape, trim off the base so that
you know it is flat and use some staples to hold it into place. and extra sticky tape
if your staples wont reach. and then I have made my cone 27cm tall and
10cm in diameterat the base. Check that it will standing up straight when
you flip it over. And then line it with some non-stick baking paper. Baking paper seems
to have different names all over the world, and the one that I am using has a fine coating
of silicone on it so nothing sticks to it. To make the crunchy caramel that holds all
of these little balls of yummy pastry and custard together Put your sugar and water in a sauce pan with
a little glucose or corn syrup and stir until the sugar is dissolved. The glucose helps
stop the sugar from crystalizing back out. All of the recipe quantities that you need
are on the website howtocookthat.net there is a link in the description below the video. Wash down the sides of the pan with a wet
pastry brush and leave unstirred over high heat until it starts to go golden, this will
take around 6 minutes but the time will vary depending on your saucepan. Once it has started to go golden take it off
the heat. This sugar syrup is really hot and will burn you even if you touch it for just
a second. If you wear a silcone gloves it is going to help insulate your fingers from
the heat, you can wear double silicone gloves or you can put a cotton glove under the silicone
one too for more protection. It will still feel hot so try not to get any on you. Choose a nice looking pastry to put at the
case of the cone base of the cone. nice side facing down because this will be the top of
your croquembouce. Then take another one and dip the top and side into the sugar syrup
and place it to one side on top of the other one. so that you can put tow next to each
other If you do get that is hot you can quickly
take off the glove and get a new one. These first few are the hardest to do without
getting sugar syrup on you so be careful. If you do get any on the glove that is hot
quickly take it off and get a new glove. Continue to add them generously dipping the top and
side into the hot sugar syrup to glue it to the next one each time. Once you have reached the top, leave it for
a moment to cool. Then peel back any excess paper, place your serving plate over the top
and flip it up the right way. Remove your tape and pull off the cardboard.
Then gently unwrap the baking paper. Because the sugar threads are thin they will
absorb moisture from the air so don’t do this part of the dessert until a couple of hours
before serving, especially if you live in a humid climate. Take a wire whisk and using metal cutters
trim off the loops from the end, if you don’t want to do that you can use two forks instead. Place some baking paper over a container so
that it is raised at each end and goes down in the middle. Dip your whisk in the sugar syrup and then
drag it back and forth across the baking paper to pull fine threads of sugar. If your sugar
syrup is too set you can reheat it to make it liquid again or make a fresh batch. Keep dragging it back and forth until you
have a good amount of angel hair then lift it off the paper and wrap it around
the croquembouche, repeat this process until
you are happy with the coverage on your dessert. You can then add edible flowers or other decorations
to finish it off. Thanks for watching and for subscribing and
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